red shirt khaki pants


Fred Jones
Race: White
Age: 17
Hair: Blond
Height: 5"11
Weight: 185 lbs (All Muscle)
Eyes: Brown
Dress: Red and White Hoodie Shirt, Jean Jacket, Khaki Pants, Brown Boots, Brown Watch
Ambition: To be a successful Inventor
Likes: A Challenge
Dislikes: Phony Spirits


Daphne Blake
Race: Hispanic/White
Age: 16
Hair: Red
Height: 5"7
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Dress: Purple Cropped Hoodie, Faded Skinny Jeans, Neon Green Nike’s
Ambition: To be a famous Author
Likes: Looking Good, Solving mysteries
Dislikes: Being Bored


Velma Dinkley
Race: Black
Age: 15
Hair: Brown with Blond Tips
Weight: 95 lbs
Height: 4"9
Eyes: Brown
Dress: Orange Sweatshirt, Jean Jacket, Plaid Skirt, Black Tights, Black Combat Boots, Red Lipstick
Ambition: to get into MENSA
Likes: Science, Logic, Mysteries
Dislikes: Being So Young


Shaggy Rodgers
Race: Asian
Age: 17
Height: 6"0
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Dress: Green Sweatshirt, Khaki Joggers, Black High-top Vans, Black Bracelet
Ambition: None
Likes: Whatever’s Edible
Dislikes: Being Scared


Modern Day Scooby Gang outfits
I had a dream about Netflix making a Scooby Doo show and having a diverse cast, and modern clothing, and now you have this

Day Thirty-Seven

-I noticed a woman look around and, accepting that there were no self-checkout lanes at our store, resigned herself to coming through my lane. After seeing the stack of steamy romance novels she had with her, I fully understand her plight.

-In response to my compliment on a woman’s purchase, she informed me that ”They’re cute. They’re convenient. They’re cheap. That’s all that I look for in socks.” I am glad that we were able to live up to her justifiably high sock standards.

-I looked down the line. I saw a man in sunglasses with no nose, no mouth, no facial features, only a smooth, pale face. He then raised his head and I realized he was just a bald man resting his sunglasses on his forehead. I felt safe again.

-A woman was wearing a shirt with the slogan “Always Lead A Life Of Hope” along with a satchel, the strap of which covered the “P” in “Hope,” resulting in a very different albeit equally admirable message.

-For the duration of the transaction, a woman switched back and forth between singing to herself in a high voice and talking to me in a deep monotone. This vocal range was impressive but I want to know more about her motivations.

-The tally of elderly women who animatedly reenact the sound of the card reader beeping for me continues to increase each day.

-A guest brought their Pomeranian to accompany them during their transaction and I have made a new best friend. This pup and I have bonded for life.

-My reputation seems to be spreading. Other team members at my store have begun to share their strange stories with me. I am just grateful that I am not the only one, although I am somewhat disappointed that I am not some sort of magnet for these experiences.

-A guest brought through a basket full of items, each covered in a fine layer of what was either dust or cocaine. I do not know which it was, but my lungs were not a fan either way.

-A group of three college-aged girls came through towards the end of the night. Whether they were drunk, high, or simply having a grand old time is unknown, but one of the girls was stunned to see my manager and myself. She loudly exclaimed that we looked exactly the same. When prompted for details, she explained that we were both wearing red shirts and khaki pants. She had a point. This seemed far too unlikely to be just a coincidence. This had to have been planned ahead, like some sort of uniform. This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my most fun transaction of the night.

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personally my favorites are thug story, red shirt khaki pants, that time she covered drops of jupiter, her backup vocals in TIWYCF, stupid boy, i'd lie, actually every unreleased song

Ok this is so accurate. Um All Night Diner? Classic masterpiece

Four Sword Middle School AU! This post was inspired by Ask-Ravio-Stuff’s HS AU! Note: This combines several Zelda Universes.

“Please! This has to stop!”

That voice…was definitely not the voice of a kid. Red, the poor child in tears now, pushed his hands onto the pavement, wincing as the raw skin rubbed against the dirt floor. He turned to look over his shoulder, able to make out the form of a…rabbit man?

“Begging your pardon little guy,” the rabbit said, looking over his shoulder at the boy on the floor. “I hope you don’t mind if I intervene. But…you…well, you looked like you needed some help.”

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Live performances of 세븐틴 - 아낀다 

150526 Debut (all white)
150527 Show Champion (white & pink)
150528 M!Countdown (black & white)
150529 Music Bank (blue & white stripes)
150530 Andromeda Broadcast (just because)
150531 Inkigayo (shirts & shorts)
150602 The Show (black & white)
150604 M!Countdown / Ch.MPD fancam  (red & black)
150605 Music Bank (blue & white checkered) 
150606 Music Core (baby blue & white)
150607 Inkigayo (blue & white)
150609 The Show (black & red)
150610 Show Champion (blue & white checkered)
150611 M!Countdown / Ch.MPD fancam (baby blue & white)
150612 Music Bank (yellow, black & white)
150613 Music Core (black & white polka dots)
150614 Inkigayo (floral patterns)
150616 The Show (blue & white stripes)
150617 Show Champion (floral patterns)
150620 Music Core (white casual suits)
150621 Inkigayo (yellow mickey mouse)
150623 The Show (black & white ft. polka dots)
150624 Show Champion (blue mickey mouse)
150625 M!Countdown / Ch.MPD fancam (white shirts/khaki pants)
150628 Inkigayo (simple white ft. tassles)
150701 Show Champion - open stage (red & black) [fancams]
150704 Music Core (red, white & blue)
150707 The Show (blue/white ft red)*
150708 Show Champion  (white shirts/khaki-black pants)
150709 M!Countdown - open stage (yellow, black & white) [fancams]
150712 Inkigayo (pink, blue & green)
150714 The Show (black & white checkered)
150715 Show Champion (formal casual polka dots)
150719 Inkigayo (black/white checks ft. red & blazers)

< official promotion period over >    < mainly fancams of performances/member focused available >

150728 Sukira - Open Broadcast (black & white)
150730 Hwaseong Marine Festival (floral outfits)/FIREE 
150801 Prime Concert / Shining Diamond - sans Hansol (yellow & white) 
150804 Summer K-pop Festival - The Show (all white) 
150806 Cheorwon Snail Festival (dark blue) 
150807 SBS Cultwo Show (blue & white stripes)
150808 Wanju International Rally Night (black/white checks & blazers) 
150818 The Show (all white)

150711 Brand New Day Concert 

Fansigns & Fanmeet  [fancams only]

150613 Yeongdeungpo (black & white)
150614 Yongsan Park Mall (floral outfits)
150621 Hapjeong (yellow & white micky mouse)
150627 Busan (mix / assorted shirts)
150628 Myeondong (simple white & tassles)
150705 Jung-gu [‘Adore U’ switch ver.] (yellow & white)
150718 Yongsan (dark blue)
150719 Inkigayo Mini Fanmeet (black & white checkered)
150725 Incheon (blue & white denim)
150726 Daejeon & Daegu (blue & white stripes)
150802 Gwangju &  Guro (pink, blue & green) 

(let me know if any links are broken!)

A drabble in which Katniss works a shitty retail job and has to help a lost little girl find her dad. I bet you can guess who the dad is. Basically I’m just prompting myself at this point.

“Hey Catpiss,” Clove greeted with an ugly smile.

Katniss scowled but said nothing back. Twenty-two years old, and it was like she had never left high school. She had hoped once she graduated and entered the working world, there’d be less catty girls, but it seemed there would always be girls like Clove.

“So rude,” Clove chastised. “Have fun this afternoon.” She wiggled her fingers and drifted off toward the backroom.

Katniss groaned when she saw the mountain of unsorted clothing sitting in the shopping cart. Clove hadn’t bothered to hang anything up. Katniss inspected the dressing rooms and found three still full of clothing.

Damn it. Clove was useless. She had likely spent her entire shift sitting on her ass, playing with her cell phone. There was a rumor that Clove had a trust fund, and her father had made her get a job to learn the value of hard work before she inherited millions for doing nothing.

It didn’t seem like the message was getting through.

The only reason Clove hadn’t been fired yet was because she was sleeping with their manager, Seneca Crane. He was alright looking, but he was almost twice their age. Katniss was pretty sure Clove had some daddy issues to work through.

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nothing says “I played football in high school and called people faggot on xbox live” than khaki pants, a blue shirt and a red tie as your formal wear

A Predator Amoungst Them?!

Noah’s reflection, broken glass at the door of his house….it’s fragmented…a disjointed picture of reality….or even a fractured personality….

This has been pointed out, kudos to who did this…but this is Noah in the bedroom and he’s telling Tyreese to hold on, he’ll get help…..

but this is what we see leaving the room……..much smaller though.

this is one of pictures on the boy’s wall….hopefully you can see what I mean…red arrow, this person…blue shirt and khaki pants…and in their right hand is ticket…kind of holding like the boy’s in the front….

We have a boy-mummified on the bed…and we have the walker-boy right? But when Noah is talking with Tyreese in the truck, he made a comment that still bother’s me….“…. still got a Mom and a couple of twin brother’s…”  I had commented on a post with this….the way he states it just seems odd…a couple of twin brother’s….?? So, unless the boy-mummified on the bed IS Noah’s twin…..are we ‘seeing’ the possibility of triplet’s?? ……..

This is on the shelf unit….it’s an eye-ball…umm…ball…I find this weirdly ironic…because how Tyreese kept saying that he kept his eye’s open to things around him…..but it also tells me WE aren’t seeing things correctly that may be actually  going on around us……

And this is one of the many shark pictures or little toy sharks in the room….at first and some what still, they represent the Governor and Martin….both of them preyed on innocent people and eventually 'striking’ out at them predators…

but this is also telling me that a 'predator’ might be living in this home……sharks are very intelligent….every move thought out….they study their prey and find their weaknesses before pouncing….they have been known to 'use’ another species of fish, or even other predator’s in the water, to help get the ending they want…..

Sound familiar?? 

He smiled and talked to Beth….giving her a lollipop…..he had  flattered her, offering her everything MOST people didn’t, and using her own 'need’ against her, someone to acknowledge her strength…..and her willingness to help other’s……he figured our girl out and knew her better than even her sister did……

Noah is dangerous……to other’s… our Family member’s….we’ve 'lost’ two, one really…and I think he may be responsible for more in the near future….I don’t like him…not going to lie….and I’m worried…..does this mean more death???, Maybe…..and we have 6 more episodes to get through!!!! 

I seen on the tag someone saying he could be the Judas we’ve been debating about….this is a huge possibility to me….especially in the light of things I’ve been thinking and seeing….

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Fic: Surface Tension (3/5)

Words: 3500 this chapter, 20,000 total

Summary: Kurt, a graduated junior from Lima, Ohio, is looking forward to just being part of the crowd at an arts based overnight camp in the Catskills - as far from Lima and as close to New York as he can get himself at age 17. It’s perfect - Everyone dances and sings and comes from places that are distinctly not Lima. He can blend in without being ‘the gay kid’. Sexuality irrelevant. Finally.

And it’s blissful, it is. Until he meets the laughably cocky head of canoe staff, Blaine Anderson. Camp veteran, athlete by day, performer by night, every camper’s crush, every staff’s confidante. He’s only Kurt’s age, but he’s in charge of his section. And also, it seems, is proudly, non-chalantly, and totally, a perfect gold star gay. The out-est boy he has ever met. He is infuriating.

Notes: This fic is complete. I will be publishing one chapter every other day for 10 days.

A huge thank you to my beta, the wonderful buckeyegrrl, for the excellent editing and absolutely gorgeous cover art that captures the setting of this fic so perfectly. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Again, Blaine is true to his word.

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