It only takes watching a few episodes of Star Trek to notice that Enterprise crew members dressed in red shirts tend to meet horrible fates, and fairly quickly too. Their untimely and numerous deaths were used to illustrate the jeopardy faced by the main characters.

Cosplayer CaptCash attended this year’s Comic-Con dressed as a redshirt, a brave yet reckless choice, because his uniform pretty much guaranteed that he wouldn’t make it out of the convention in one piece. Sure enough, he met with plenty of peril, ranging from malfunctioning transporters and dangerous Klingons to Rule 63 Han Solo, powerful Mutants and even a surprisingly aggressive Tribble.

Although he certainly looked worse for wear, somehow this redshirt managed to survive every potentially deadly encounter, which either makes him the luckiest or longest-suffering redshirt ever.

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[via Fashionably Geek]