Has anyone else ever noticed how when Dean wears this particular red shirt bad shit happens? 

For example…

10x03 … Deanmon!!!

10x17… Threat of Deanmon returning! (also Rowena tries to kill him)

10x23… Dean almost kills Sammeh! (also the darkness is released)

11x17… Dean attempts suicide and Sammy almost dies!

I’m sure there are more but my point is, if you see this shirt… Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be a rough episode!!!


Star Trek - Rest In Peace - Part 3

All but one of these crewmen are Red Shirts. Two (Mallory & Rizzo) died in prior episodes under different names. Two died as noted but appeared in later episodes under the same names (perhaps twins?). According to several Star Trek reference guides, Thompson was the only female Red Shirt to die on the show.

“The Apple”
- Hendorff
- Kaplan
- Mallory
- Marple
“The Deadly Years” - Galway
- Rizzo
- Unknown (2)
- Leslie
“By Any Other Name” - Thompson
“The Ultimate Computer” - Harper
“Omega Glory” - Galloway