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Miles: (hears about that journalist couple that went missing in fucking cactus hell arizona)

“What the fuck.  He dragged his wife out into the middle of nowhere for a story?  That’s fucking stupid.”

Waylon: “Actually, the article says the wife was the journalist, and the husband was the cameraman.”

Miles: “….”

“Why would she do that?”

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17. Who gets extremely competitive playing Mario Kart? 

Kitty! She started playing the game one weekend when her grandkids were visiting, at first she started to play the game in order to spend some time with the kids but soon but by the end of the weekend she found herself unable to give the game controller up and the game ended up staying in basement for the rest of the week. However as much as Kitty plays Mario Kart, she’s really not very good at it. It’s one of the reasons she plays it so much, she’s determined to beat the game and win first place at least once on Rainbow Road.

It’s really annoys her how good Red is at the game, even though he’s never played it before! But the thing is he’s had practice playing other games like pinball machines, Pong, and some of the other video games their grandkids have left in the basement. Of course this doesn’t stop Kitty from accusing Red of cheating whenever one of his red shell ends up hitting her car or threatening to make him sleep on the couch if he ends up winning first place again.

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Shiro: Come on Pidge, I didn’t drink that much last night.

Pidge: You were flirting with Keith.

Shiro: So what? He’s my boyfriend.

Pidge: You asked him if he was single and started crying when he said he wasn’t.

  • Chuuya: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
  • Kunikida: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
  • Atsushi: Tackle him.
  • Yosano: Dump him.
  • Ranpo: Kick him in the shin.

I had to get this out of my system after the trailer of S03 <3

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