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Haim Saban: So everyone is shipping the Red Ranger and Pink Ranger right?
Saban Executive: Actually sir, they’re shipping Pink and Yellow, & Red and Blue.
Haim Saban: Why would they be doing that? What happened to the Red/Pink kiss scene??
Power Rangers Director & Editor: *Smiling Mischievously* No Idea…

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sorry, like, ships in other quadrants. do you have particularly strong feelings wrt shipping in quadrants? do you have any favourite ships in other quadrants?

i cant fully understand quadrants tbh bc i skipped the fuck over that page bc the text was tooooo long so i just kinda have red ships

but i mean johnkats cool black i guess? i think thats the only black quadrant thing i have?!!?

And I see colors when I hear your voice
Grab your wings, they’re putting gravity on trial
I see colors, I don’t hear the noise
Because we’re only flying for awhile

I think I will only accept a lion shuffle if it’s literally everyone ends up with a different lion.

Like, oops, Allura was actually TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG about EVERYONE because she had literally just met them 20 minutes ago.

Black - Lance (sure okay why not let’s give it a shot I’m down to clown, develops leadership qualities, this is reminding me of the pirate captain from Stardust for some reason, ‘the heart of the team’, Will listen to everyone and make the right call (eventually))

Yellow - Keith (Really works with his impulsiveness tbh?, The yellow lion makes him slow down and think b/c he can’t just bolt in, Will pull back and make everyone think twice, Sees the Big Picture better than everyone else on the team, No your family/Allura are not more important than the rest of the entire universe guys)

Green - Hunk (nosy, interested in learning, wants to touch EVERYTHING, will steal and read your diary and go through your files, crazy smart and eager to question)

Red - Pidge (I’m gunna BREAK INTO THE GG and SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER AND READ YOUR FILES then SCREAM AT YOU, openly impulsive and quick to temper, often takes the bullheaded approach, Will do her own thing regardless of what others think)

Blue - Shiro (The one that keeps the group together and calm, Moral support and there to listen, Will encourage you and make you feel like you can do anything)

i really don’t want to do that again 


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