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Today was emotionally draining, but it was an incredible thing to see … the mounties in their red serge, from all across the country in their thousands. I’ve never felt more proud to be Canadian. There are too many words to express the gratitude and sadness we all feel towards those who died to keep us safe last week. Even the Prime Minister had some powerful words.

Our little city changed 6 days ago, but there rest of the world was there to support us, and slowly Moncton will rise again.

1.  When Benton Fraser wears his Stetson and his red serge uniform, he is basically Superman.  Or Captain Canada (since calling him Captain America would be something like blasphemy, either way you look at it).

2.  When Benton Fraser wears his Stetson and the RCMP brown uniform, he’s a Badass Cop.

3.  When Benton Fraser wears his Stetson and Civilian Clothes, he’s a BAMF who will still be unfailingly polite and thank you kindly.

4.  The Stetson effectively renders Fraser invulnerable.  Or it’s like a magical amulet that confers super powers. 

5.  It is totally okay to ship Fraser with Vecchio, ship Fraser with Kowalski or ship them as an OT3.   There are no Ray Wars allowed in the Blanket Fort.  (Personally, I designate Vecchio as Fraser’s Bro and Kowalski as the Boyfriend but that’s just me.) 

6.  Because Diefenbaker.  Also Dief is the Most Adorable Fluffy Puppy Ever and he is a Half Wolf Who Totally Deserves ALL THE TREATS.

7.  One has not lived until one has seen Benton Fraser on a horse, literally charging in to save the day with the legendary Buck Frobisher (who bears an Amazing Resemblance to Famous Canadian Actor Leslie Nielsen™ ** ahem ** ) and the rest of the RCMP backing him up.  “Here comes the cavalry” takes on a whole new meaning.

8.  The Dead Mountie Peanut Gallery is composed of only one member but is terribly entertaining nonetheless.

9.  It only takes a second to be courteous.

10.  When taking your boyfriend on your romantic Arctic getaway to find the Hand of Franklin, one must be prepared to find frozen American super soldiers instead.  Also, somebody should have warned Stanley Raymond Kowalski that Benton Fraser and Steve Rogers were never meant to meet. 

11.  ….. Evil beware, for Captain Canada and Captain America are on the trail.


The Things I Have Learned from Due South (so far) with Bonus Plot Bunny

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looking back at due south

This is still @tygermama‘s fault btw.

So I really regret coming late into this fandom, mainly because there’s so much good fic out there and there are so many interesting stories that are lost because they were around in the days when we didn’t have AO3 and it was pretty much personal websites that include Angelfire and Geocities and there’s only so much that the wayback machine can do to retrieve those lost gems. 

I remember seeing snatches and the odd episode of Due South as a teenager.  I have eyes; of course I thought Benton Fraser was cute even then.  And his Fluffy Puppy. 

But there is something to be said for coming into an old fandom and rediscovering this gem of a show. 

a.  They Can Write Actual An Good Guy™ And Not Make Him Boring AF - Anyone (read: people who want to “gritty up” Superman and Captain America - whether you’re referring to Steve, Sam or Bucky) who claims they can’t write Actual Good Guys such as Cap and Supes because they’re “bland” and “uninteresting” and “Grimdark and Gritty Batman is so much cooler” should be smacked upside the head several times and made to watch this show.

Benton Fraser is an actual good person.  He’s kind and he’s courteous and he’s respectful and earnest and he believes in Truth, Justice and the Canadian Way™ and he’s not fucking perfect. 

He can be snarky and impatient and occasionally arrogant and stubborn as hell and even the inevitable storyline where he would fall in love with the Evil Snow Bitch From Frozen Hell (Victoria) just makes him all the more interesting because you realize he’s vulnerable.  He’s lonely.  And sometimes, he does need to step out of the red serge and take off the Stetson of Invulnerability™ and be recognized as a human being who needs love and affection and have someone to come home to.

(Which is why Fraser staying in the Consulate for the later seasons is kinda heartbreaking, now that I think about it.)

Fraser is good and he’s interesting and I wish we had more adventures or at least one more TV movie in which he and Ray Kowalski end up finding the Hand of Franklin or a certain Frozen Super Soldier (cackling) but hey, I’m still happy we got the show as it is. 

b.  The Rays

I’m gonna get THAT out of the way right here, right now.

So I love Ray Vecchio. 

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Steve Rogers is giving Kowalski The Look.

Bucky’s familiar with That Look.  Since he’s been on the receiving end of The Look exactly 7,677 and a half times over the years of their friendship and not even HYDRA mind whammys could have completely erased that fact from his Swiss Cheese brain.

Also, he’s figured that it’s time to duck and cover.  Oh, hello, Steve’s shield.  You’ll do just fine.

“Stanley Raymond Kowalski – ”

Oh boy, the full name treatment.  Where’s the popcorn when you need it?

“ – if you seriously think that Constable Benton Fraser – ”

Kowalski was beginning to appreciate the Enormity of what he’d just done.

“ – has any intention to get his hands on my ass – ”

“That Ass happens to have Property of Bucky Barnes stamped on it,” Bucky supplies helpfully.   He cringes when Steve directs The Look at him but Steve plows on.

“ – you are a complete and utter eejit, a moron, a fucking dumbass, a numbskull and I thought you were supposed to be a hotshot detective, huh – ”

Kowalski has the grace to actually cringe at this point. 

Whoops, there goes his Irish firecracker and he’s in fine voice too.  Also, even at the temporary height of five foot and change, Steve hasn’t lost the battlefield command in his voice. 


“Um, what, soldier?!”


Steve facepalms.   “Ray Ray Ray.”

“Please don’t do that, you sound exactly like Fraser when you do that – ” Kowalski babbles.

“This big lug right here is my fella.  Has been since 1939. Will love him ‘till my dying day." 

"Stevie."  And at that, Bucky gets an actual Steve smile.  It’s pure sunshine. 

"There’s a certain very fine looking fella out there in red serge who’s probably feeling very confused and very hurt right now, Detective.  Think you ought to let him know where he stands?”

Kowalski hangs his head.  “I’m a fucking idiot.”

“You’re not a 'fucking idiot,’ Ray."  They all turn to see said fine looking fella at the door.  Heh.  Who knew the Mountie actually had a mouth on him?

Also, Bucky’s quite familiar with that specific Look on the Mountie’s face.  Grief.  Loss.  Despair waging war with hope.  Hope’s gaining an upper hand for the last few moments.

Bucky should know - he’s worn that same Look a time or two.  Usually in relation to his tiny, adored bit of sunshine. 

"I’m your fucking idiot, to be honest.” Kowalski actually has a brain in his skull.  He’s taking an actual step forward.

“Ray Ray Ray — mmmph!”

Well, those were some smooth moves from Kowalski.

Bucky feels Steve lean against him and since he’s not an idiot, he pulls in HIS fella for a snuggle.  Also, they’re both hungry and Buck Frobisher’s caribou stew was smelling mighty good right now. 

The two of them leave the Mountie and the Detective to their kissing.

—  THIS IS ALL TYGERMAMA’S FAULT - Darth Stitch’s Official Story and She’s Sticking to It

sooo I don’t really normally do personal stuff on this Tumblr but you will probably hopefully understand this time

this is an authentic Review Order tunic, dating from around 1971/72 according to the inside tailor’s label. The collar closure is made of metal, rather than the slightly more friendly part-velcro closure used by Gross in the show. The sleeve bears a pistol sharpshooter patch, which is looking a little worse for wear, but there are no service stars, which means the wearer either quit the Force before their first 5 years were up or just got a new one.

I will never look as awesome as that GQMF Paul Gross does in it tho

but it’s mine all mine all the same

Due South, look what you do to me

2012 Château Musar “Musar Jeune” Blanc

I’m a huge fan of Château Musar and everything Serge Hochar made. I’m nursing this bottle of his white wine in honor of the winemaking legend. As its name implies, this wine is bursting with youthful flavors and aromas. Lots of stone fruit, lemon, pear, and sage. Hints of custard and a scintillating waxy green note. May you rest in peace, Serge Hochar. You will be sorely missed. 

4/5 bones


Viognier, Vermentino, Chardonnay

13% abv

Bekaa Valley, LEBANON