red secret messages

rampion crew aesthetics

Cinder: complicated gears, silvers and greys, sleek designs, the autopilot setting, faint music, checking boxes, fresh ink, glass sculptures

Kai: elaborate stitching, arched doorways, flags, stacks of papers, trusting your gut, rich reds, secret messages, handwritten notes, silk

Iko: lipstick, concert tickets, diaries, gel pens, high heels, emojis, ornamental jewelry, red carpet events, trust falls, jewel tones

Scarlet: cooking smells, worn wood, campfire, plaid linens, faded colours, picture frames, steering wheels, spices, staring contests

Wolf: flannel, slow dancing, torn paper, high ceilings, changing leaves, rough sand, rafters, animal eyes, rocky beaches, running for fun

Cress: constellations, pastels, knitted blankets, freckles, fruity scents, chess, marble, braided rope, ballet, stained glass, watercolour 

Thorne: maps, graffiti, bandannas, leather, smirking, cards in spades, boots, stubble, loud music, undone buttons, target practice  

Winter: gauzy materials, wide eyes, good posture, acrylic paint, inspiration, picture windows, gilded mirrors, sketchbooks, gardens

Jacin: high collars, wood carvings, collecting coins, leather cords, epaulets, wry smiles, bare tables, equasions, neutral colours

Speculating on Motifs to look out for in ShSpesh/TAB with regards to ‘Secret Message for Chinese fans’

Thinking about this from a Johnlock perspective, I would put forward 3 potential motifs to keep an eye out for during ShSpesh/TAB, given Moffat’s comment (x) about a “secret message”, that “you have to be able to speak Chinese to get.”

1) Mandarin Ducks

In traditional Chinese folklore, mandarin ducks are believed to mate for life (similar to swans in Western folklore). Not only are mandarin ducks symbols of wedded bliss and fidelity, they are used colloquially to mean an “odd couple” or “unlikely pair”,  because the male (showier) and female (plainer) plumages of the mandarin duck are so unlike. 

Hound of Baskervilles (S02E02) has explored the concept of the ‘odd couple’ that Sherlock and John make before:

Henry: Well, mates are mates, aren’t they? I mean, look at you and John.
Sherlock: What about us?
Henry: Well, I mean, he’s a pretty straightforward bloke, and you …

For the bonus round, watch for mandarin ducks frolicking in water. The idiom ‘ 鴛鴦戲水’ refers to the happy sporting of lovers. 

Mandarin ducks are my best bet right now, because of the idiomatic / verbal connections as well as symbolism, if I take Moffat’s ‘must speak Chinese’ literally. Also, it is the happiest association. 

2) Magpies (preferably in connection with a bridge)

This one is interesting because of the magpie motif showing up in The Sign of Three (S03E02) wedding, and @bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest​ ‘s excellent observation (y) of ShSpesh Mary’s magpie-colored costume. (For more details, go here - (z)

There’s a folktale The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd (a), which had the two lovers forbidden to be together, and are separated by the Milky Way - except when they are reunited once a year by crossing a bridge made by a flock of magpies.

Here’s part of a poem written about the story: ‘ 兩情若是久長時,又豈在朝朝暮暮’  If the two hearts are united forever, why do the two persons need to stay together—day after day, night after night? This is rather well suited to the current state of ‘Johnlock not officially Sherlock canon yet’. 

It’s a bit of an angst wallow, but let’s just focus on the ‘epic undying love’ for the moment. And WAIT. 

3) Red string (preferably attached to John and Sherlock)

Sherlock says in A Study in Scarlet: “There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”

This reminds me of ‘the red string of (sentimental) fate”. 

Chinese legend has a marriage deity 月老 (old man under the moon) in charge of “the red thread”. The two people connected by the (invisible) red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. 

Again, ‘epic love destined to be’, but slightly more hopeful/upbeat. 

For bonus points, the ‘old man under the moon’ reminds me of Mr. Sandman lyrics in Mark’s episode of Doctor Who S09E09 (Sleep No More), a love song about yearning for one’s soulmate to make one’s lonely life not so alone. (b)

Thoughts? Comments? Additional motifs? Tagging some people who may be into this sort of potentially obscure speculation …  @jenna221b  @waitingforgarridebs  @miadifferent @bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest  @theconsultingtranslator @cupidford @mid0nz @twocandles @inevitably-johnlocked @storm-nightie I’d tag more, but I think I may have already overdone it … a bit. But everyone’s welcome to come play!

I always thought as a young girl that I couldn’t wear heels - heels were for confident girls, for girls with balance and poise, not for clumsy girls who stumble over their own footing and in deep depression and anxiety.  I thought that heels were too painful to walk in and that I would never be able to take those steps with sore feet.

Needless to say, I was very, very, wrong.

I realize now, in this place I am, in hindsight, I was foolish and didn’t see how much I was missing out on - and not just fashion-wise, no.  I was missing out on the fun there is to heels, I didn’t get to feel the excitement they add to my outfits.  I didn’t get to experience the confidence heels do bring to me and that they make me walk with a little more purpose.  It’s wonderful to wear heels, and it’s even better when you know you rock them. 

Point being, I would like to thank taylorswift for the confidence and quote I used in my snapchat story.  I wear heels now, not because I’m told I should, but because I want to and no one can tell me I can’t.  

Taylor, I’m going through a hard time, but it’s good to know eventually I’ll get out of it and I’ll be better for it.  You’ve proven that to me.  Thank you.