red sea urchin

(AU) Starlight Academy Biography


Name: Kia Ryuu

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 18th

Age: 15

Nationality: Japanese/Scandinavian

Race/Clan: Dragon/Hydra

Year/Class: Freshman

Uniform Quirk: Various keychains hooked to the waist of her skirt

Occupation Club: Archery

Best Subject: PE

Worst Subject: English

Favorite Food: Porkbone Ramen, Tuna

Least Favorite Food: Red onions, sea urchin

Likes: Violent anime, sports, multiplayer video games, judo, archery, history, muscular men

Dislikes: Short skirts, ineffectual love interests, gossip, people who make fun of her father’s accent, playing the healer in a video game, people who touch her stuff

Hobbies: Archery, painting figurines, jogging, collecting shiny trinkets, arguing over best guy, writing smutty fanfiction despite never having even kissed a boy