red sea urchin

Red pencil urchins like this one are one of the most distinctive species of sea urchins! 

Found in throughout the waters of Hawai‘i, these urchins have thick, pencil-shaped spines that are typically bright red. In Native Hawaiian, they’re known as hā‘uke‘uke ‘ula‘ula. This one was spotted at Kure Atoll in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument! 

(Photo: Claire Fackler/NOAA)

Quick Profiles + Likes/Dislikes

For marriage candidates only. This is based on my own game experience plus data from the guidebooks.

West Town   

Birthday: Spring 23
Residence: Postino (post office)
Lives by himself and works as a mail carrier.
First Appearance: The game’s opening. 

Personal Details: He’s really friendly and outgoing, and rather flirtatious. Has a lot of fan girls, although he doesn’t take them too seriously, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Despite this, he really hopes to settle down and have a family of his own someday. Hobbies include exercising, reading, and star gazing.   

Favorite Item: Cafe mocha
Really Likes: Coffee, cappuccino, chocolate cookies, almond cookies, baked cheese, perfume
Likes: All flowers (excluding wild), all milk teas, all cheese, all herbs, all coins, lychee, lychee wine, prickly pear cactus
Most Hated: Coconut milk
(He hates coconuts all dishes containing coconuts. He’s also not a big fan of coleslaw…)
Easy gifts are coffee and herbs. 


Birthday: Winter 20
Residence: White Capsule (clinic)
Lives by himself and works as a doctor.
First Appearance: Spring 6 (or later), Year 1.   

Personal Details: He’s rather cold and very work-oriented. He has little interest in socializing. Even so, he’s friends with Wayne and Brad, both of whom are younger than he is. He spends lots of time studying and researching new medicine, and sometimes uses the protagonist as a test subject…   

Favorite Item: Soup pistou
Really Likes: Carrots, spinach, bananas, all herbs, coffee, green juice, mixed salad, summer salad
Likes: All vegetables, milk, eggs, tomato juice, carrot juice, fish pie, fried veggies, stir-fried broccoli, green smoothie
Most Hated: Azuki jelly (youkan–ようかん)
(Hates anything spicy or sweet, and also dislikes fish. In other words, he likes bland and healthy foods.)   
Just like Wayne, the easiest gifts are probably coffee and herbs. 


Birthday: Fall 5
Residence: Thousand Bouquets (flower shop)
Lives by herself and manages the flower shop.
First Appearance: The game’s opening.   

Personal Details: Very sweet but a little naïve. She speaks fondly of her family, who live in a nearby town. Loves fairy tales, and enjoys handicrafts.   

Favorite Item: Quiche
Really Likes: Anything containing peach (tea, jam, ice cream, etc.), peaches, herb salad, emeralds, hydrangea, water pimpernel (a wild flower)
Likes: All herbs, all cooking that contains herbs, pretty much all flowers (including wild ones), all bouquets, omelette, milk +
Most Hated: Octopus wasabi
(She hates anything with octopus in it.)   
Herbs are an easy gift for her, too. So are peaches, once you have them growing. 


Lulucoco Village   

Birthday: Spring 12
Residence: Lala Salaama (the inn)
Lives with his grandmother and their dog, and manages the the jack-of-all-trades (mostly, carpentry) shop “Relation.”
First Appearance: Spring 15, Year 1.   

Personal Details: Kind but very direct, and has trouble saying no to anyone who needs his help, regardless of whether it inconveniences him. Many in Lulucoco Village look up to him, and he has the reputation of an “older brother” figure. He was raised by his grandmother and still lives with her. He was raised along with Iluka and Siluka, even though the latter two aren’t related to him (or his grandmother). Even so, he thinks of the twins as his younger sisters.   

Favorite Item:Totomanpura…? I have no idea how to Romanize this, but it’s a spicy fish containing fish.
Really Likes: All lumber (stone and wood), maple branches, pine branches, ginkgo branches, bananas, dishes containing bananas (including sweets), spicy dishes, blue down
Likes: Fruits (that grow on trees), chilli peppers, fish feed, pizza, coins
Most Hated: Sea urchin
(He’s the only marriage candidate whose most hated item is not a cooked dish. He also hates sweets—except for sweets containing bananas. He’s fine with those.)
Lumber is by far the easiest gift for him. BY FAR.   


Birthday: Fall 28
Residence: The twins’ house.
Lives with her sister and manages the beachside cafe.
First Appearance: Spring 15, Year 1.   

Personal Details: A bold, hot-tempered and strong-willed young lady with a sharp tongue. She tends to be kinder around strangers and customers—tends to be. She’s very close to her twin sister, and both she and Siluka were raised by Ludus’s grandmother and refer to her as their own grandmother, even though there is no blood relation. Iluka excels at making drinks, though her cooking skills are a bit lacking.   

Favorite Item: Chai
Really Likes: All tea leaves, hibiscus, hibiscus tea, seasonal milk teas, all herb teas, tapioca milk tea (bubble tea?)
Likes: All flowers (not wild), all jams, all fruits, all juices, all herbs, almost all milkshakes
Most Hated: Amazake (sweet, mild rice wine-甘酒)
(She’s not fond of pickles, spicy dishes, or Japanese-style teas.)
Tea leaves are the easiest gift.   


Birthday: Fall 28
Residence: The twins’ house.
Lives with her sister and works at the beachfront cafe. 
First Appearance: Spring 15, Year 1.   

Personal Details: Extremely laid back and kinda spacey. She’s often in her own little world, and she doesn’t talk much. However, like Iluka, she can be honest (and tactless) to a fault. She’s very close to her twin sister, and both she and Iluka were raised by Ludus’s grandmother and refer to her as their own grandmother, even though there is no blood relation. Siluka is a good cook, and makes most of the food at the cafe. (Iluka makes the drinks.)   

Favorite Item: Fruit sandwich
Really Likes: Strawberries, watermelons, melons, pineapples, all fruits (except mango), tropical salad, fruit salad, ice cream (pineapple, banana, or mango), sherbet (lemon or orange), tarts (orange or lemon)
Likes: Mangoes, cassava, all herbs, breadfruit, avocado
Most Hated: Glazed carrots
(She dislikes just about anything with carrots, and also hates pickles.)
Fruit is an easy gift. 

Tsuyukusa Village   

Birthday: Summer 11
Residence: Shed behind Daikokuya (the big retail shop in Tsuyukusa Village)
Lives with fellow apprentice Sumomo and a cat, works at Daikokuya.
First Appearance: Summer 5, Year 1.   

Personal Details: Friendly and helpful, he’s another “big brother” type of character who loves to help anyone in need. He’s currently working as an apprentice shopkeeper, but is probably nearing the end of his apprenticeship. He dreams of becoming a professional actor someday, and already works in productions by a local theatre company in his spare time.   

Favorite Item: Tofu steak
Really Likes: White rice, mushroom rice, chirashi-zushi, egg over rice, mitarashi dango(みたらし団子), anpan(あんぱん), daifuku(だいふく), dorayaki(どらやき)

Likes: Red rice, toasted rice balls, takikomi rice(炊き込みご飯), grilled fish, umeboshi(うめぼし), avocado, aloe, yellow down
Most Hated: Coleslaw
(He also hates milk and just about anything made with milk.)
Egg over rice, mushroom rice, and mitarashidango are all easy gifts. In fact, all three Tsuyukusa bachelors like mitarashi dango. 


Birthday: Fall 7
Residence: His grandparents’ farm in southern Tsuyukusa Village. He sleeps and works in the shed next to the house, but eats all his meals with his grandparents.
First Appearance: Summer 25 (or later), Year 1.   

Personal Details: He’s calm and extremely respectful, but has a fairly rocky past. Most of that stems from the fact that he used to be very sickly, and his life was frequently in danger. He eventually grew out of his illness and became a fairly healthy and robust adult. He’s good at handicrafts and absolutely loves sweets—which stems from his sickly days, when he got to eat sweets as a reward for downing nasty medicine. (The game seems to hint that his illness was something related to his metabolism, and regular meals and sticking to a proper diet helped him a lot.)   

Favorite: Grass dumplings
Really Likes: Chestnut rice, yam rice, anpan, mitarashi dango, youkan , castella (sponge cake), kibi dango(きび団子), dorayaki, ujikintoki ice(宇治金時かき氷), strawberry milk ice, monaka (もなか)
Likes: Pudding, donuts, crepes, vanilla ice cream, rice pancake, green tea, green plums, bamboo, pine branches, sakura branches, ginkgo branches, maple branches, branches
Most Hated: Coffee (He likes pretty much any Japanese-style (Tsuyukusa) dish under the “desserts” category, and dislikes anything bitter or medicine-like, including actual medicine. He dislikes many vegetable juices.)
Chestnut rice and yam rice are both quite easy. Since Yuzuki can appear no earlier than Summer 25, you’ll just have to wait a few days before you can begin buying chestnuts from Ittetsu. They can be found in the wild, too.   


Birthday: Summer 18
Residence: The tea house, “Harahachibunmei.” She lives with her father.
First Appearance: Summer 5, Year 1.   

Personal Details: A cheery and tomboyish waitress. As she’s been trained since childhood to work in her father’s tea house, she has never been able to make time for other hobbies, and therefore doesn’t really have any. She focuses on cooking and serving customers. Though she’s good at her job, she has a bit of a temper, and sometimes gets into big arguments with her father, right in front of customers.   

Favorite: Softshelled-turtle soup
Really Likes: Wasabi, octopus wasabi, white rice, yam rice, red rice, sea urchin rice bowl, amazake, green plum tea, rice (processed but uncooked), yuba(ゆば), fugu stew
Likes: Sweet potatoes, baked yam, boiled eggs, three egg fried egg, chestnut rice, takikomi rice, green tea, soy milk cookie, green plum
Most Hated: Yogurt rice
(As you can see, she likes a lot of traditional Japanese dishes. She hates milk and many things that contain milk.)
White rice and wasabi are both pretty easy—rice can be bought and easily cooked at home, and wasabi is the fastest-growing of the paddy crops.   


Birthday: Winter 26
Residence: Kasumi’s house. She lives alone.
First Appearance: Summer 15 (or later), Year 1.   

Personal Details: A serious and mature but fairly androphobic teacher. She’s long had issues with men, even though she was trained in a lot of masculine arts herself—such as archery, horse riding, and wielding the naginata. Her speech and mannerisms toward the protagonist will change dramatically depending on whether you’re male or female.   

Favorite: Kenchin soup
Really Likes: Mushroom soup, spinach soup (suimono–吸い物), red rice, mushroom rice, mackeral and daikon(さばだいこん), oden(おでん), matcha, green tea
Likes: Eggs, persimmons, grilled fish, boiled eggs
Most Hated: Nata de Coco
 (Hates anything sweet.)
Kasumi is a woman of discerning taste. She has the shortest “likes” list of all the marriage candidates. Once you have the recipe and ingredients, tea may be the easiest gift. Grilled fish, eggs, and boiled eggs are easy, too. 


Birthday: Fall 11
Residence: The Inari’s shrine. They can ALWAYS be found in northern Tsuyukusa Village, usually around the shrine.
First Appearance: Fall 1, Year 1.   

Personal Details: A divine being who watches over Tsuyukusa Village. Cannot be seen by the rest of the villagers, some who even doubt that they exist… Inari-chama is very serious, and tends to overthink things. They’re a hard worker and try to carry out their duties as thoroughly as possible, and will get depressed when they can’t help someone out as much as they’d like to.   

Favorite: Inari-zushi
Really Likes: Mitarashi dango, azuki beans, dorayaki, daifuku, unprocessed rice, soybeans, three-egg fried egg, youkan, kibi dango, monaka, grass dumplings, kitsune udon(きつねうとん),senbei (rice crackers–せんべい), aburaage (あぶらあげ)
Likes: Grilled fish, baked yam, chestnut rice, yam rice, egg over rice, castella, shiso juice, matcha, green tea, rice pancake, boiled egg
Most Hated: Kimchi
(Hates anything spicy, and isn’t very fond of things you foraged, either.)
Inari-chama prefers food that’s been cooked. They’re especially partial to Japanese sweets, but like almost all Japanese-style dishes—provided they’re not spicy. Anything containing wasabi or chili peppers is a no-no.

Happy pi day! 

Unlike us, echinoderms like sea urchins have what is known as radial symmetry – meaning they’re symmetrical around a center point, like a pie. These purple and red sea urchins were observed in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of California. 

(Photo: Steve Lonhart/NOAA)