red scion


Updated SCH glamour!

Weapon: Codex of the Shrine Guardian
Head: Oval Reading Glasses (Metallic Red)
Body: Replica Allagan Tunic of Healing (Cactaur Green)
Hands: Claws of the Beast (Metallic Red)
Legs: Scion Adventurer’s Bottoms (Cactaur Green)
Feet: Skallic Shoes of Healing (Metallic Green)

Finally, my FFXIV avatar’s profile and bio along with facts.

  • Name: Kaoru Takaida
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Job: Bard (later Red Mage)
  • Affiliation: Scions of the Seventh Dawn
  • Grand Company: Order of the Twin Adder
  • Family: Ryuu Takaida, father [deceased]======= Sakura Takaida, mother [deceased]


Kaoru’s family were originally from Doma. In a desperate attempt to raise their child in a land free from Imperial rule, Kaoru’s parents flee to Eorzea, more specifically, Sharlayan. There they were found by House Leveilleur, and began to work under Master Louisoix. Eventually, Ryuu became a dedicated Paladin under the name House Leveilleur and Sakura became one of the finest healers under Master Louisoix’s teachings.

This earned the Takaidas to become a sister house with House Leveilleur. And at the age of 16, Kaoru was put into the Studium alongside Alphinaud and Alisaie. Not to study the magicks, but to learn more about aetherial manipulation. Shortly after, Krile Baldesion recognizes Kaoru’s potential for attaining the Echo and tries to convince the Takaidas to have her studied. Of course, being a sheltered and rich child, Kaoru made trouble and complained constantly. She oft made matters difficult or worsen them. So having her Echo studied was not a priority to her.

Unfortunately, Kaoru’s parents perished in the Battle of Carteneau… leaving Kaoru to hold the weight of Sister House Takaida on her shoulders. After an ordeal, she picks up a bow and begins to train as a Bard under the House Leveilleur name. She also keeps a close eye on Alphinaud and Alisaie as a sort of guardian… or nanny…

Her journey leads her to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, where she joins up with Alphinaud and finally begins to live out her life as her parents’ legacy.


  • Kaoru is a mother hen type, always trying to keep the Leveilleur twins in line and in one piece.
  • Alphinaud and Kaoru share a special bond since it was he who convinced Kaoru to live as an adventurer to honor her parents.
  • Kaoru picked up being a Red Mage only after she saw first hand Alisaie’s capabilities as one. Hoping to protect the twins even better, she sought out X'rhun.
  • Alphinaud has a bad habit of pulling Kaoru’s horns to get her attention. And she finds it completely annoying, often rewarding him with a small smack or a threatening glare.
  • Kaoru is pansexual. She’s claimed that she doesn’t look for love through gender or sexual orientation, but for what’s in their heart and who they are as a person.
  • Kaoru has confessed on numerous occasions that she’s had feelings for Alphinaud. But she’s decided to support him from afar rather than as a significant other, due to her not wanting to be a burden to him or side track him from his goals and aspirations.

Likes: Singing, dancing, sparring, stars, reading, and riding chocobos.

Dislikes: The Garlean Empire, betrayal, lying, losing, and violence.

Important Events *contains tons of spoilers*

  1. Coming to Eorzea: She’s desperately chasing after both Alphinaud and Alisaie in an attempt to keep tabs on the two.
  2. Joining the Fight: After she’s reunited with Alphinaud, she joins the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
  3. Alphinaud Wounded: When she hears news of Alphinaud being wounded during a riot, Kaoru fell into a panic and ran to find him and see if he was okay.
  4. The Betrayal of the Crystal Braves: When the Crystal Braves betray the Scions, Kaoru spots Alphinaud being taken into custody and watches powerlessly as they take him away. She escapes with the help of the others, and reunites with him shortly after.
  5. The Knight’s Calling: Harchefant’s death deeply affects Kaoru. But she promised to begin living for him as well, and smile as much as she can.
  6. Iceheart Melting: After Ysayle’s death, Kaoru helps Alphinaud cope with the loss of their dear friend, and they’re bond becomes stronger.
  7. Alisaie’s Return: When Kaoru and Alphinaud are reunited with Alisaie, it certainly is eventful. Having been poisoned and hanging on for life. Both are concerned, but quickly relieved when they return and see that she is on the mend.
  8. The Finest Pupil’s Final Witness: Kaoru takes Papalymo’s death very hard. Though it was not all that appearent, she and Papalymo had a pretty good friendship despite their many differences. And after having so many comrades fall before her eyes, she’s unsure on how to move on. Kaoru leaves everything bottled up till Yda confesses her true identity. Later, “Yda” apologizes stating she had no idea Papalymo and Kaoru were that close.
  9. Kaoru Explodes On “Yda”: Although Kaoru and Yda hadn’t been too close, she feels betrayed by Lyse who has basically lied about her identity leaving Kaoru out of the loop the whole time. A sense of betrayal coupled with Papalymo’s death causes her to become undone on Lyse. She stays mad at her for quite a while after.
  10. Beginning to Sleep: After the events of the finally patch for Heavensward, Kaoru is caught by a wave from the Lifestream and her soul is swept away with it. As a result, Kaoru’s body is put into a coma, and Alphinaud vows he’ll try to find a way to restore her soul.
  11. Alphinaud Cuts Kaoru’s Hair: As Kaoru is in a coma, Alphinaud and Alisaie both agree to repay Kaoru’s kindness and care by taking care of her as she sleeps. Alphinaud, remembering her mention she was going to cut her hair short, cuts it for her to surprise her when she wakes up.
  12. Kaoru Wakes Up: After Alphinaud finally wakes Kaoru from her slumber, she is surprised at how much time had passed.
  13. Falling for the Red: Kaoru sees firsthand via Alisaie’s amazing displays the potential and the powers of a Red Mage. She decides to hang up her bow and take up the rapier instead. She learns quickly her abilities as a Red Mage.
  14. Gosetsu Sacrifices Himself: Kaoru does not take the ultimate sacrifice lightly. And Gosetsu’s death was no different. It takes both Hien and Yugiri to force her to leave Gosetsu behind. And after the fact, Kaoru is grief stricken once more at yet another comrade’s demise. She comments that she doesn’t understand why all she can do is watch before breaking down all together.
  15. Alisaie Gets Injured: When facing Fordola, Alisaie is surprised by a very convenient Blitz attack by Fordola. Alphinaud heals her as much as he can, and both he and Kaoru desperately rush her to get medical help.
  16. Trying To Understand Zenos: In the final showdown between Zenos and Kaoru, she tries to understand the message behind his crazed words. And before anyone has time to stop it, Zenos brutally offs himself, only leaving more questions for Kaoru and a feeling of ill tidings.
  17. Off On An Adventure: Kaoru, Alphinaud, and Arenvald all have a small adventure treasure hunting for King Thoderick’s hidden trove. Kaoru begins to connect with the two a little better and comments on how she hopes the three of them can “adventure like this more often”.

Important relationships:

Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur: As mentioned before, Kaoru looks over the twins like a guardian. She’s a loyal friend and stays with them through thick and thin. Though she was not too keen on the idea of letting Alisaie leave by herself after the Trials of Bahamut were laid to rest, she understood Alisaie’s intentions to improve herself and allowed her to leave. Kaoru also has feeling for Alphinaud, but chooses not to act upon them, due to her not wanting to hinder him or inconvenience him in anyway.

Cid Garlond: Kaoru has a lighthearted relationship with Cid. He often helps her tune her Manacutter and other robotic or magiteck machines and offers good counsel when she needs it. Cid considers Kaoru a dear friend and often jokes with her about her less than stellar habit of overworking her machines. But they both find each other reliable and loyal to a fault.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn: Kaoru is a very proud Scion. She loves being a Scion and tries her hardest to aid Eorzea’s woes and ease other’s suffering. She is often seen frequenting the Scions establishments to check up on their people and see everyone’s progress.

Arenvald Lentius: Before liberating Ala Mhigo, Kaoru would often talk to Arenvald who was another proud Scion like herself. Arenvald often talks about his admiration for her. Her relationship with him grows stronger as they free Ala Mhigo and go on adventures together with Alphinaud.

Lyse Hext: Though she was a bit stung at first by being betrayed when Lyse was posing as her sister, Kaoru forgives her after a while and begins a sort of sisterly bond with her and Alisaie. Though Kaoru is saddened that Lyse has to leave the Scions, she understands that her home is finally free and needs her to help prosper.

Featured pictures:

Kaoru’s original outfit before Stormblood.

Kaoru gets a haircut and a change of wardrobe.

Kaoru begins training as a Red Mage. She even gets a matching rapier to Alisaie with the only difference being color.

Kaoru with Alphinaud and Arenvald.

Kaoru’s current outfit. She’s based her looks loosely on both Alphinaud and Alisaie’s attire. With the long white boots, the black tails on the jacket and the color being taken from Alphinaud’s look, and the short skirt and bows on the boots being influenced by Alisaie’s clothes as well as the high collar.


Purbol Glamour Challenge: Final Day!

yo, if this isn’t the most @tower-drefamni inspired glam i could’a made, i don’t know what i’m missing. happy purbldays!!!

  • Weapon: Knuckles of the Keeper (Dalamud Red)
  • Head: Scion Rogue Bandana
  • Chest: Sky Rat Harness of Striking
  • Hands: Hawkliege Gauntlets (Dalamud Red)
  • Legs: Augmented Hellfire Breeches of Striking (Metallic Silver)
  • Feet: Darklight Caligae of Striking (Dalamud Red)

Grafted Purple-Leafed Contorted Hazel

Rootstock: Turkish Tree Hazel (Corylus colurna)

Scion: ‘Red Majestic’ Hazel (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ x Corylus maxima 'Purpurea’)

According to the US patent on the scion (top) cultivar, it was developed in Germany in 1997. [x] I’m assuming it’s on a Turkish Hazel rootstock, because of the white bark and single leader form. 

This grafted tree was the last one at the local nursery, on clearance to make way for new stock, so I thought I would give it a try to replace a willow I dug out.

I would certainly like to try doing grafts of my own with materials from both scion and stock, but given that it is patented, there are unfortunately legal limits on how gardeners can innovate with, share, swap, and improve this cultivar.