red rubiks

it appears to be tucker family tradition to have feelings for one of your best friends at some point

it also appears to be a tucker family trait to blush starting from your ears; why else do they hide their ears with their hair/hat?

                                      8TRACKS | PLAYMOSS 🎶

i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be; a lucas/dorothy fanmix

01. secrets wild horses 02. by your side tenth avenue north 03. never let me go florance + the machines 04. heartbeat the fray 05. i know places taylor swift 06. your guardian angel the red jumpsuit apparatus 07.  rubik’s cube athlete 08. take what i can get matthew mayfield 09. gone, gone, gone phillip phillips 10. please don’t go barcelona 11. new love maroon 5 12. and then you greg laswell 13. someone to love you hobbie stuart 14. i found amber run