red roses formal

Red Roses Formal/Prom

I had mentioned the Red Roses Formal/Prom to my boyfriend which I had expressed to him that I wanted to go and to see if he wanted to come with me. And to my surprise, he agreed to come (even if it makes him feel old) but he’s actually excited to go, which surprises me!

He said that his old high school prom was nothing really special to him because at the time he didn’t really want to go or to go with someone. His date was a friend of his. And that was the same thing for me. I didn’t want to go to my high school prom and only went because my friends convinced me to go and I was too lazy to go find a date. Plus I was with friends. What date was needed?

But now, I thought about it during the week, and I realized that even I was excited to go and hope to relive high school prom. Who cares that it was five years ago. But now I have someone who I would want to go place with, make memories, and have a fun time with.

So a HUGE thanks to the people of the Red Roses Formal/Prom for this wonderful event that I am looking forward to. :) Check it out.