red rooftop

Jason talks in his sleep.

“Batman, you stole my fucking snickerdoodles.” That was the first dead giveaway. Of course I would date a guy who talks in his sleep. It was both hilarious and scary at times. 

The time when he screamed in the middle of the night, softly crying, and whispered unknowingly in my ear, “Bruce will come for me…”, and I cried myself– that was the breaking point. I approached Jason on the job, wearing the same mask (I found it in his underwear drawer) as him. I wasn’t really surprised that he was the Red Hood, but I was dead set on getting him to agree with me on one thing.

“I know who you are.” I smiled at him. “And I’m not afraid.” Smiling at the man with the gun, I put your hand over the barrel and lowered his hand.

“Who are you?” He questioned cautiously, hearing my smug tone.

“You seriously don’t know?” I asked him, flashing a cheshire cat grin. “You live with me, don’t you?”

“What are you doing?” He put his pistol back in its holster. “You are going to get hurt!”

“Oh, goodness gracious, I hadn’t thought of it that way! Getting hurt while fighting people with superpowers, save me now!” I feigned sarcasm. I stepped up and looked at his eyes. “Did you really think that once I found out who you really were that I would leave you alone?”

“I–well, no.” Jason sighed. He removed my mask and stared into my eyes. “Listen, you might think that you’re tough and all, but it’s a dangerous city.”

I caressed his cheek gently and gave him a chaste kiss before sweep-kicking his legs from under him. “I think I’m fine.” I informed him. “Lesson number one: don’t ever lose your guard.”

“Good point.” He stood up, rubbing his ass. “Are you sure that you want to go all in?” 

“Yes.” I said without a second thought going through my mind. 

“Okay then.” He said, then looked up at the sky. “How did you find out?”

“You talk in your sleep, babe.” I smirked. “’Batman, where are all the clowns?’” I mimicked him jokingly.

“Well, there goes my cover.” He laughed. “I guess you’re a part of the team now. I’ll introduce you to Bruce– the real Bruce– tonight.”

“Great.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled. “What do you want to do now?” I asked him, trailing one hand down his chest. He brought his hands around to lift me around his waist.

“I think you can guess.” He breathed against my lips between kisses. I gave in to him willingly. 

That night, after what would be considered a relieved hook-up on the roof of the Wayne Tech building, he was finally as in this relationship as I was. No secrets, no rivalries, just a team. Just how it’s supposed to be.

Down for the Count

Summary: Marinette makes a discovery and handles it like a champ.

Can also be found on AO3 and

 A stupid godforsaken pun.

No akuma, no disaster, no injury

No careless slip of the tongue, no back alley there’s-no-time,

No far-fetched completely impossible definitely-never-crossed-her-mind slick watered confession in the rain.

Of all the ways and hows- it had to be his stupid, perfect mouth grinning around each carefully chosen syllable that sent her precarious cardhouse of denial collapsing to the ground.

Oú vont les chats quand ils meurent?

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