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rebvodkabundyandfriends  asked:

In the Rebel Missons, who were Excaluber, Jester and Imaginos ? I know KIBBz was Zach

 Reb, VoDkA and KiBBz were the only three.participating in the Rebel Missions.

Excalubur (probably correctly spelled Excalibur but butchered by Rebby ;) ), Jester and Imaginos were persons credited under the “Rebel News” section for helping Eric with the construction of his website alongside Dylan (VoDka) and Zack (KiBBz).

“Special thanks to Excaluber, KiBBz, [picture], VoDkA, Jester, and Imaginos for helping make this page happen.”

Jester was Brandon Martine. A 17 yr old that went to Northglenn HS, Westminster, CO.  He met Harris 2 to 4 times to play video games, the last time at Red Rocks Community College in 1998 or 97 but often only had an internet and occasional phone relationship with Eric as opposed to actually meeting up in person. He referred to Eric playing in his ‘clan’ (Reb and VoDka sans Kibbz) against other teams.     

According to Jester himself,  Excalubur was someone that helped Eric with his website a lot but he didn’t go to CHS and he was into martial arts.  But another report suggests that Excalubur worked in the theater department and was friendly with Dylan. Apparently, according to Devon Adams, Excaluber was not thought highly of by E & D.  It’s possible these might be two different persons with the same nickname.

No details on Imaginos other than he helped Eric with his website construction and had a handle that appears to be named after a Blue Oyster Cult album..