red rocks community college

First Days

On Friday the 7th April 2017 we arrived in Denver Colorado after a 10 hour flight from Frankfurt, Germany. Our host parents Stephanie and Darrrell picked Isabell and me from the airport up. We went to our new home in Denver and were greeted by a little puppy poddle named Finn. They showed us the house and after we choose who gets which room we went to get dinner at Annie’s Burgers. Afterwards we went straight back home to shower and get in to bed. The next day our host parents took us Target and to the grocerie store so we could pick what we would like to eat. On this afternoon we got also the message that we would get two more students from our group, Alina and Josie. So now we are four! On Sunday we took our dog Finn for a walk, had an information class and went to Walmart and Goodwill. On Monday we had our first English class and got showed around the Red Rocks Community College and it was impressive for us that they have a cinema and stuff like this at a college! Yesterday we went to Foothills fire and rescue and washed the fire trucks after we had a ride in it. Afterwards we went to the Red Rocks and saw the Red Rocks Amphitheater! On the evening we had dinner at Annie’s Burgers again. Right now we are sitting in english class and got told to make a blog,