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Batman Ninja

An action packed anime movie that- wait.





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Here’s the link to the preview…

Gotham City Memes
  • (When something goes wrong) “Thanks, Batman”
  • “Do the butts match?”
  • “[Random person] is Batman!” (The more unlikely, the better)
  • (Someone mentions a big number) “Isn’t that how many kids Bruce Wayne has?” (Alt: “Isn’t that how many sidekicks Batman has?”)
  • Anything to do with fighting/beating Metropolis or Superman
  • “Maybe I’ll just become a supervillain”
  • (Someone says Red Robin) “YUM”
  • Chuck Norris jokes but with Batman as the punchline
  • Threating kids with adoption-by-Batman and/or Bruce Wayne
Tim when he hasn't had coffee in the last 2 hrs
  • Tim: Why is there so much blood in my caffeine system?
  • Kon: Don't you mean why is their so much Caffeine in your Blood system?
  • Tim: God, it's called the cardiovascular system, not the blood system. Every one knows that Conner.
  • Kon: So don't you mean-
  • Tim: No. Now go buy me a latte.
More scrappy Holt Twins
  • Constant unnecessary use of the website ‘Let me google that for you’
  • “I’ve never seen something so illegal in my life.” “I know, isn’t it beautiful?”
  • “No, no, everything’s fine Shiro!” *Something blows up in background* “Everything is f i n e”
  • *Invading a Galra base, stealth is key* Pidge: “Red Robin” Matt: “Yum”
  • *One of the lions crashes* Matt, back at the castle: “Should’ve switched to Geico”
  • “Katie, I know that this is sudden and I know that you have no reason to trust me but I need to borrow your ipod.” “Sure, whatever” *Two hours later; It’s A Small World can be heard blaring from Lance’s room, the door is dead locked, he cannot escape, the others can hear him screaming*
  • Matt wakes up from a nightmare and can only fall asleep again once he’s listening to Pidge’s heartbeat, 
  • Pidge wakes up from a nightmare and only goes back to sleep listening to Matt breathing
  • “We respect you, we even like you, but if you do something like that again you will never be able to tell which one of us you’re talking to.”
  • LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR STATE FARM IS THERE!” *The green lion crashes through the wall, people are screaming, there is chaos and fire*
  • “Soo… did you ever tell mom you were, uh, leaving?” “…shit.” “You’re so dead.” “SHUT UP” “I will cry at your funeral.”
  • “Hey Katie?” “Did you hear that, Shiro?” “Katie” “It sounds like…” “Oh my fucking–Katie!” “Sounds like a little BITCH”
  • “If we are to die, let us die looking like a 70′s country band”
  • “Hunk, we have an idea.” “Nuh uh, nope, no, not listening, you can go ask Lance I’m not doing it–” “But you’re taller than Lance!” “Uh huh, but the last time you two asked me to help we were covered in food goo and the dishwasher exploded.”
  • “Well, back at the Garrison I had this friend–” *Startled, awed, almost teary gasp* “Y-you had friends????” “Course I did, I paid them ten dollars an hour. Anyway–”
  • “Shiro and I will be fine.” “I mean, you guys don’t have the best track record…”
  • “If you die I’m going to play Bannaphone on repeat at your funeral.” “You monster.”
  • “Here Lies Matt, he died because he jumped in front of a fully armored Paladin of Voltron because he’s an idiot.” “Heh, love you too.”
  • “… Matt?” “Yeah?” “You ever think we’re gonna find dad?” “I… the universe is a big place, but you still found me.” “So there’s hope?” “There’s always hope.”

        {{ open // as red robin

This was not the first night he’d been out on patrol as Red Robin, but it was the first time he’d had to actually step in to like. do anything. As it was, he dropped down in the alley, cracking his bo staff against the solar plexus of one of the muggers, swivelling and moving against his opponents with a nimble efficiency that only all those who’d trained him (Batman, Nightwing, Lady Shiva, etc etc) could have taught him. It had taken years to stop saying ‘pow’ and making lightsaber noises under his breath, but he finally had managed, and now the only noises leaving his mouth were breathing and the occasional grunt.

Once the two muggers were dispatched, dazed on the ground but overall undamaged, Tim wound a stretch of cord around them, immobilising them before turning to the one they’d gone for. “– You okay?”

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Red Robin (yum) fell asleep in his coffee and I don't know what to do, because he just mumbled not to tell Batman... oh, I know, I'll tell everyone EXCEPT Batman! Oracle's a bat too, right? #imtellingNightwing #imtellingRedHood #imtellingRobin #imtellingSpoiler #imtellingBlackBat #imtellingBatgirl #imtellingBatwoman #imtellingOracle #imtellingSignal #orLarkorBumbleBat #orwhateverhisnameis

The Project Runway Drinking Game: Brought to You by Red Robin

Let’s be real: Project Runway, a show that was once (unbelievably) critically respected for its devotion to high fashion and glamour, has devolved into a hot mess of a competition between increasingly bad designers competing in increasingly poorly conceived challenges that support what the show now truly is: an hour and a half platform to endlessly plug products of increasingly questionable quality. Between the Sally Beauty Studio, the Brother Sewing Room, the Aldo Accessory Wall, and the Mary Kay Color Design Studio, at this point the only part of the entire Project Runway studio that hasn’t been branded is the fucking fire escape, which will most likely be sponsored next season by the #4 highest selling fire escape company in the North East. Five seasons ago the producers even made the decision to take away pencils and papers from the designers (pencils and FUCKING paper) and make them sketch on *HP* tablets. It’s like sometime over the last ten years Mad Men jizzed all over this show, threw it a towel and the show decided not to use it.

The peak of this Blade Runner-esque advertising foolishness undoubtedly came last season when the designers were forced to make looks inspired by Red Robin and then speak in confessional interviews about what they think is ‘chic’ about Red Robin, most likely while a junior producer who still has integrity sat five feet away from them shaking their goddam head thinking “I owe NYU $200,000 for a degree that got me this fucking job?”

But in the rough of this unbelievable decline, there is a diamond - a big fabulous diamond that refuses to diminish in quality in any way: Tim Gunn. Possibly the only person or branded inanimate object on the show who/that is not phoning it in, after 10+ seasons Tim Gunn continues to tireless help and care about the most irritating, morally repugnant, talentless human beings when after five minutes of interacting with these contestants even Jesus would be like “kill yourself”.  If Oprah and a pack of rainbow streamers had a baby, the result would be Tim Gunn. The challenges got worse. The judges got worse. The insults got worse. But Tim Gunn is and will always be amazing. Through everything, Tim Gunn is really, really what the show is about.

Regardless, Project Runway is still a god awful parody of the worst parts of competition reality television, an abomination that lacks any creative integrity that unfairly implicates the viewer and the only likeable personality involved in its production in the systematic commercial exploitation of everyone and everything on and in front of the screen.

We’re so fucking excited it’s back.

Recommended drink: start with a classy, name brand fine liqueur - then switch to lower and lower quality alcohol, naming each brand at each switch up. Drink responsibly, and make it work! Maybe!

One drink: every time a product and/or brand is unnecessarily mentioned (which is every time a product name is mentioned). Two drinks: no person capable of rational thought could ever conceivably find a link between this product/brand and fashion.

One drink: every voiceover of someone describing an amazing idea for a design while footage is shown of them sketching a design that looks nothing like this.  

One drink: a designer says a seemingly innocuous comment about a fellow designer’s look and the receiving designer takes it as an insult and loses their shit. Two drinks: said designer asked for feedback in the first place.

One drink: a designer won’t give their extra fabric to another designer because “this is a competition”.

One drink: Tim Gunn is ‘concerned’ with a look. Two drinks: Tim Gunn is ‘deeply concerned’ with a look. Finish your drink: Tim Gunn is ‘enormously concerned’ with a look.

One drink: one designer telling another during the runway show that their work is good only because they are sitting next to/very to close to them, not because they really believe it.

One drink: every backstory that involves bullying.

One drink: every confessional shot of a contestant spewing platitudes about a brand that literally no one gives two fucks about and quite possibly have never heard of.

One drink: white judge likes ‘ethnic’ look.

One drink: ‘matronly’.

One drink: seriously tho what is Heidi wearing?

One drink: a plotline in the episode is that someone isn’t going to finish a design Two drinks: this person finishes their design - because every contestant always finishes a fucking design.

One drink: every team challenge where the two designers who hate each other most in the competition just happen to end up on the same team.

One drink: unnecessary German.

One drink: a fan favorite designer is not sent home despite clearly having the worst look.

One drink: the designers are not nearly given enough time to complete an extremely elaborate challenge because the producers won’t pay the minor costs involved in giving them more than one day to work.

One drink: Designers are utterly *shocked* when Tim lets them know about a ‘twist’ in the challenge, even though this has happened multiple times a season for the last 13 seasons. Two drinks: the twist is they have to make another look.

One drink: a contestant does not listen to Tim Gunn’s critique. Two drinks: this contestant gets sent home because they didn’t listen to Tim Gunn’s critique. Three drinks:  this contestant voices no regrets about not listening to Tim Gunn’s critique  in exit confessional.

One drink: there aren’t even three good designs put out in the episode and the judges have to pretend like one of the top three looks is good.

One drink: the contestant who has immunity puts out a sorry ass no design look that can’t even be called a hot mess because ‘hot mess’ implies effort was put into the design.

One drink: the guest judge has no relevant experience in the fashion industry and has no business even being part of something that’s as gaudy as this shit show.

One drink: a designer is asked for feedback from a peer when the peer has made an awful design and asked designer delivers most vague, brief word of compliment while not diverting eyes from their own work as to avoid having to look the other designer in the eyes while lying.

One drink: every time someone leaves the work room at the end of their one day challenge with practically nothing done then are somehow able to complete an entire look during the runway prep time despite this time being portrayed by the show as very minimal.

One drink: a designer barely uses ‘unconventional’ materials in the unconventional materials challenge even though short of committing an act of physical violence this is the surest way of getting sent home (and everybody knows it).

One drink: a winning designer from a previous season is brought in to give advice and you’re like “who da fuck?” despite having seen every season of Project Runway. Two drinks: when they’re introduced in flashbacks you’re like “Ooooh, right”. Three drinks: you then become anxious about your own life circumstances as you reflect on the sad reality that no one from this show no matter how talented they are seem go anywhere in life and that maybe you’ll end up like them.

One drink: a designer’s sexual orientation is made part of their backstory because SURPRISE they are a gay.

One drink: a designer complains about their fabric even though they picked it out themselves in one of New York’s best fabric stores with an incredibly wide variety of fabrics.

One drink: Tim Gunn will miss a sent-home designer ‘terribly’. Two drinks: Tim Gunn continues to speak volumes about this designer, raising the possibility of a ‘Tim Gunn Save’. Three drinks: Tim Gunn doesn’t use the ‘Tim Gunn Save’

One drink: the sent-home designer believes “this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from” them. Two drinks: it’s the last we hear from them. You can go ahead and drink that now.

We hope you survived this one. Recommended Friday hangover cure: Red Robin - YUM!