red robin yum

Tim when he hasn't had coffee in the last 2 hrs
  • Tim: Why is there so much blood in my caffeine system?
  • Kon: Don't you mean why is their so much Caffeine in your Blood system?
  • Tim: God, it's called the cardiovascular system, not the blood system. Every one knows that Conner.
  • Kon: So don't you mean-
  • Tim: No. Now go buy me a latte.

        {{ open // as red robin

This was not the first night he’d been out on patrol as Red Robin, but it was the first time he’d had to actually step in to like. do anything. As it was, he dropped down in the alley, cracking his bo staff against the solar plexus of one of the muggers, swivelling and moving against his opponents with a nimble efficiency that only all those who’d trained him (Batman, Nightwing, Lady Shiva, etc etc) could have taught him. It had taken years to stop saying ‘pow’ and making lightsaber noises under his breath, but he finally had managed, and now the only noises leaving his mouth were breathing and the occasional grunt.

Once the two muggers were dispatched, dazed on the ground but overall undamaged, Tim wound a stretch of cord around them, immobilising them before turning to the one they’d gone for. “– You okay?”

I bought this journal the other day. I don’t fuckin’ know the reason why, I’m barely going to be writing in it. As Izzy had said, I could do it to “express my inner girl.” What the hell is that supposed to mean?

In any case, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to write my feelings in here. Maybe small events that happen throughout the day to others, or myself. There’s not much to do in the city; you go to smack a guy to prove a point to a friend, and the man apologizes to you for pissing you off. It was a funny thing to do, considering I ended up humiliating the man and joining his company later.

This is beside the point. I wouldn’t write my feelings in here as a way to ‘relieve stress’, considering I have narcotics to consume and blades to stick in people to do that for me. And… narcotics. The damned after affects of them have been getting worse; I’ve been coughing up blood every now and then. It’s not like going into occasional coughing fits isn’t an inconvenience already. As much as detoxing is a pain in the ass to go through, I’m going to have to eventually. I’ll end up dead from this shit if I don’t, and that’s not exactly how I want to go out.

Robin doesn’t know the cough is from the narcotics, and he doesn’t like either of those things. That’s why when we get back from the expedition to Kalimdor, I’ll hand over the damn vials and force him to keep them away from me. I love the man, but he’s a pain in the ass when it comes to getting me to break habits.