red robin cosplay


I know I’ve posted a lot of cosplay crap lately.

But I mean, look! I’m so happy about how this is turning out. My first cosplay project that I’ve done all by myself. I’m still waiting for my gloves to arrive and I need to get the rest of my supplies for my wings but other than that I’m good to go.

I cannot wait for the con. My wings are going to be functional and move and it’s going to be so cool. But honestly This whole thing so far has cost me less than 35$ so I’m super happy about that. (I already had most of the stuff)

and yes I have a mask it’s just a pain to use spirit gum.

Okay so this is what I got so far.

As you can see I need the center piece, the wings, and some pouches. And I’ll finally be done. I’ve got the gloves (its just hard to take a picture with them on) and the mask (which I was to lazy to try and put on).

Heres the arm things (which I forgot to push all the way up) and yeah. Thats about all I’ve got right now. 

(and i know theres more red parts on the pants and I’ve got those I just didn’t feel like putting them on.)