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Please give me a game with all the Themis Law Academy brats. ;3;

Stray Cat Strut by xxsweetgrassxx

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Batman Unlimited Clip #8

Nightwing and Red Robin being awesome as hell.

I can’t believe the Nightwing with the ugliest suit & hair is the one to show me the Flying Grayson Quadruple Somersault in animated form. Even the goon is like: “DAMN!”

And Tim/Red Robin’s now signature Flashbangs made it in this tiny clip too. :D

I don’t think my ovaries can deal with this awesome team up.

I Want You Babybird by xxsweetgrassxx

One Night Only Dreamgirls // We Own The Night Matthew Morrison // I Dreamed A Dance Next to Normal // A Part Of That The Last Five Years // You Can Do Better Than Him Bonnie And Clyde //What You Mean To Me Finding Neverland // I Am Changing Dreamgirls  // Fight For Me Heathers: The Musical //  This Never Happened Before Bonnie And Clyde // Something To Believe In Newsies // Dangerous Game Jekyll & Hyde // All This Time Count of Monte Cristo // Nobody Needs To Know The Last Five Years // Hopelessly Devoted To You Grease Live // History Is Made At Night Smash //  I Imagine You’re Upset Bat Boy // First Date/Last Night Dogfight // Beggin’ Jersey Boys // Light My Candle RENT // Seventeen The Heathers // I Want You Baby Dreamgirls // You and I Bare: A Pop Opera // As Long As You Are Mine Wicked // In His Eyes Jekyll & Hyde // Our Love Is God Heathers: The Musical //  The Point of No Return Phantom of the Opera // Youre The One That I Want Grease // The More You Ruv Someone Avenue Q // Fallen Angel Jersey Boy


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Timothy Jackson Drake Throughout Time

Today is Tim Drake’s birthday (19 July) and to celebrate this auspicious day, I thought I would do a photoset of him depicted throughout time.

  • N.B.: To see last year’s birthday offering, see: here.
Image Source:
  • Civilian:
    • Tim Drake: Detective Comics #935 by Eddy Barrows (Center)
  • Robin:
    • Progenitor Suit: Batman #422 by Jim Aparo (Upper Left)
    • Première Suit: Supergirl #2 by Ian Churchill (Upper Middle)
    • Duexième Suit: Gotham Underground #8 by Jim Calafiore (Upper Right)
  • Red Robin:
    • Kingdom Come Suit: Red Robin #6 Cover by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy (Middle Left)
    • Üternet Suit: Red Robin #21 by Marcus To (Middle Right)
    • “Robin” Suit: Teen Titans #0 by Tyler Kirkham (Lower Left)
    • New 52/DCYou Suit: Teen Titans #5 by Brett Booth (Lower Middle)
    • Rebirth Suit: Detective Comics #934 Cover by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira (Lower Right)

Our Super Love by xxsweetgrassxx 

// Vampire Smile Kayla La Grange // Mathematics Little Boots //  Our Perfect Disease The Wombats //  Kiss with a Fist Florence+The Machine //  It Took Me By Surprise Maria Mena // Under The Thumb  Ashok // Addicted To You Avicii // Damned Eva Avila // Animal Neon Trees // Pretty Down To Your Bones The Hush Sounds // Kiss It All Better He is We // Assassin John Mayer // Killer The Ready Set // Im Just Your Problem Ashe// Dreaming Wide Awake Poets of the Fall // Devil’s Backbone The Civil Wars// Warriors Imagine Dragons// What I Want (Not What I Need) Eva Avila // Kiss Me The Fray// Leather Jacket Arkelles// Work Song Hozier // Come To Bed Elizabeth Smart// Hold It Against Me Sam Tsui// Ready To Fight Roby Fayer// Requiem For Blue Jeans Bastille// Bad Little Boy Ashe//  You and I Bare the Pop Opera// Superluv Shane Dawson// 


Hesitation…second guessing…self-pity… Leave them behind. They’re death now. Use what you know. Remember what you learned. Be smart. Stay alive. Save the girl. Remember what Shiva taught you…what Ducard taught you. Remember how Dick moves so effortlessly. Remember Conner’s own special “techniques.” Remember what Bruce did. Use it all now. Win the next fight and the one after that before you get there. Remember everything your teachers gave you. Don’t be any of them. Be all of them.

–Tim Drake (Red Robin #8 – Council of Spiders: Part Four of Four)