red river new mexico

ICAN helps the world de-nuclearize
and wins the Nobel Peace PrizePresident Trump
raises his middle stump
to Puerto Ricans
still trying to survive
after two hurricanesand also signs an insane
order sabotaging the ACA.

Poetize the News, October 13, 2017,
written and voiced by Doug Shields.  
Booth announcer Jim Bratton.  
“In Guns We Trust” by Houston Hughes.
“Water Drips through Stone” by Andrea Gibson.

Title music by What Army.
Sound effects by users
tamskp, Mike Koenig, and Shelley.  

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Originally broadcast on KPSQ-LP 97.3
in Fayetteville, Arkansas,
and syndicated on Pacifica.  
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for carrying Poetize the News:

- KPSQ-LP 97.3 Fayetteville, Arkansas
- KWCP 98.9 LPFM Little Rock, Arkansas
- KOWA 106.5 FM Olympia, Washington
- KCEI 90.1 FM Red River, New Mexico
- WAZU 90.7 FM Peoria, Illinois

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