red ripper

…the whole thing - the cries, the blood, the agony - gave me relaxation and a certain pleasure.

Andrei Chikatilo, also known as,“The Butcher of Rostov” or “The Red Ripper”

Chikatilo would eventually confess to 56 murders and be executed two years later.


SOMEWHERE, there is a picture of the earl (not the real Ciel) being put into a dress (by Rachel, but Madam Red might have been involved). The Jack the Ripper arc is not his first time wearing a dress. Since Madam Red spent a lot of time with the kids and always wanted a daughter, I can totally see her and Rachel playing dress-up with him that way….

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Sebastian and Ciel reacting to a dimensional traveler that appeared out of thin air inside their manor and they have knowledge on the mystery cases and storyline :)

Sebastian, Ciel:

  • Unsurprisingly, Sebastian is not the one to be overly shocked by such incident. He, himself is a being that can be considered by many as supernatural so his mere appearance can cause a lot of confusion in people’s minds, that is why he kind of got used to everything paranormal - or at least to what humans call by this name. However, he will still see your sudden appearing as something highly unusual and will be interested in it, fascinated even after learning about your knowledge, but he won’t let you know it. It is him who should be the one in the center of attention when it comes to such things, not a mere human.
  • Ciel, on the other hand, won’t believe you at first. It may sound ironic but he will demand a proof if you want him to accept the truth, no matter how impossible it seems, since he doesn’t take anything for granted just by hearing about that. He is a realist, after all.
  • DO NOT tell them about 2CT, never, you will get immediately killed after sharing this kind of revelation. If you want to get Ciel’s trust, you will have to think about something else, something safer, like mentioning his favourite dessert or a simple quirk. Gaining Ciel’s trust is absolutely necessary if you want to ever receive any positive reaction from Sebastian and you should want it - if earl won’t be pleased by your story, he will feel endangered by your knowledge and will order to get rid of you.
  • DO NOT have it out with them. Leave a little bit of mystery and do not be too pushy when it comes to sharing your knowledge, this way you will quickly lost their interest or you may even get considered as a mentally ill person. Be careful what you say and do around them in those first days in the manor, you will be very carefully observed.
  • Summarizing, you will need to be really, really careful in such situation because one false move can get you killed. You will have to be cunning and attentive, openly showing that you do not have bad intentions, nor wish to tell the world about earl’s secrects.
  • After some time, when they will both accept you as the guest, you will have a way better time with them. Ciel will be hesitant about letting you participate in one of his investigations, not only because he will think it can be too dangerous for you but also because somewhere deep inside his head there will be a tiny voice telling him that you may actually know more and therefore come out better than him. As the Queen’s Watchdog, he can never let something like this happen, so prepare for some interrupting while you talk or simply pretending to not listen to you at all. Other than that, if you will manage to be useful and not cause troubles, he will greatly enjoy your company and consider you as a good partner for such situations, even though he didn’t realize he wanted one before.
  • Ciel will never ask you for any solutions, only your current thoughts, prefering to solve every mystery on his own and he will get absolutely furious if you will casually say something like: “Madame Red is Jack the Ripper” or “It was mustard gas from the beginning” which will result in him being all flustered and not happy in the slighest. He will let you be his company, not take his place.
  • Sebastian will appear not amused by your presence, you are not the only one who knows many interesting things, after all. Being a demon, he lived through more than you even without such magical ability and it should be you to ask him about the events of the past, not him asking you about the future - he will live to it eventually. Still, he will be pleased if you will decide to exchange experiences with him - for you to listen about his stories and him to listen about yours. No matter how greatly it will amuse him, he will never ask you for more, prefering to let you wait until you will come to him. Who is the dimensional traveler here?
  • Oh, but he will love your presence. It is very rare for him to meet humans who can actually catch his interest in any other way than their soul and you will be one of them. He will grow fond of you more and more after spending time with you, constantly longing for something new to hear since you will be the one who can surprise him, bring a jot of forgotten adrenaline to his veins.

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Hey! So about the 2CT and your recent Madam Red post. Do you think she figured out that our!Ciel isn't the real!Ciel? It would give a whole new meaning to her exclamation of "You should have never been born!" before attempting to stab him.

Hi! Mmmmm… I’m not really sure, but I rather think she never figured it out because I can’t find any scene that suggests that she knew it. One would think that as their aunt she would be able to tell the twins apart, but we have to consider that

1) indistinguishable twins do exist, at least in fiction xD (e.g. Hikaru/Kaoru from Ouran, Fai/Yūi from Tsubasa, etc)

2) at the time Ciel came back, Madam Red had already suffered from severe mental illness

3) for some reason(!) our!Ciel didn’t have any asthma attack ever since he came back (if he had, then Madam would have maybe figured out that the boy must be our!Ciel)

4) Ciel’s personality completely changed in that one month, he neither was the happy & sociable (real!)Ciel nor the weak and shy (our!)Ciel. So I guess it was difficult for everyone who knew the twins (Frances, Lizzy, etc) to tell wether the boy who returned was our!Ciel or real!Ciel.