red riding hood interrupted

The Queen of the Castle

 Barry Allen x OUAT!Reader

Summary (Request): Could you do a flash/once upon a time imagine were the reader was a queen in the enchanted forest until the curse struck which landed her in central city where she is apart of team flash and is Barry’s girlfriend and when the curse is lifted she remembers and takes them to storybrooke where they take a trip to the enchanted forest and she shows them her castle and Barry is in awe because of how beautiful she looks in her dresses and crown?

Word Count: 950

Caitlin freaked.

Or a more proper term, fangirled.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write about what might have happened between Candy and Castiel at the end of the Red Riding Hood play episode? You know, if Peggy didn't interrupt? Thanks!

Hello dear! Just a warning, it’s a bit NSFW for what it implies. Hope you enjoy it!

“Because of that idiot, Kentin, I have not had the opportunity to ‘eat’ you… And I do not like staying hungry…”

Candy felt as if her heart was going to burst from her chest as Castiel pinned her to himself. Her face flushed with embarrassment at the vaguely veiled sexual comment. She swallowed thickly as she turned her neck slightly to be able to see Castiel’s smirk, it was plastered on his face without any hint of shame. How could he just say something like that? In front of all the parents too…

Castiel could care less about the other people in the gym. They were concealed by the shadows in the dark corner of the gym, hidden away from any prying eyes. He could do anything he wanted to her right there. He doubted anyone would notice; most people were already heading out of the gym to start that stupid treasure hunt. He already spotted his own parents duck outside and Candy’s parents did the same soon afterwards; no doubt they were looking for them. Tch. They’re not going to find us. Not until I get some alone time with Candy… His grasp on Candy tightened slightly and he resisted the urge to just pull her into the locker room.

He let out a shaky breath as he glance down toward the girl in front of her. She was just taunting him with those stupid sassy comments during the play, making that stupid, yet incredibly sexy face when she made fun of him. It didn’t help that she was wearing a very small, revealing costume that he’d have to thank Rosayla later for making. The costume showed off her natural curves, pushed her breasts together and showed how long and smooth her legs were. The hood, if it was possibly, just made the outfit more sexy. It looked more like some kink-related costume than something suited for a High School Play.

“C-Castiel,” Candy squirmed, her voice coming out a bit breathy, “What are you talking about?”

“Come on,” Castiel huffed, “Even you can’t be that oblivious.”

Candy bit at her lip as she processed his words. Did she really know what Castiel meant? Of course she did, but a part of her hoped that he meant something else… The other part of her wanted Castiel to mean those words. She wanted him to devour her. She wanted him to a lot more than that, actually. She squirmed again slightly before relaxing into his grip. If she didn’t want to do anything, she knew that Castiel would let her go- all of this was mostly his way of teasing her. But she did want him to do something, a lot of something to be exact. Her breathing hitched slightly at just the thought of it.

“Are you all talk or are you actually going to do something,” Candy whispered, her voice barely even audible.

For just a brief moment, he was surprised at Candy’s bold answer, but his surprised was gone as quick as it came. Castiel gave her a wolfish grin, pulling her close to him, allowing him to feel the way her ass pressed against him. Leaning down he nibbled at her ear slightly.

“Well they do call me the Big Bad Wolf…”