I was thinking about who I could dress up for Halloween, and the Lunar Chronicles ladies were the most obvious outcome. I’m actually surprised I haven’t done it before. I started a bit last minute, but I made it :)
So here are Cinder, Cress, Scarlet and Winter dressed in the dresses of the fairy tales their stories were based on ^.^ 

  • Damian: Drake, have you seen Jerry?
  • Tim: Jerry the turkey? No.
  • [exit Damian]
  • Tim: [flashback to his last interaction with Jason]
  • Tim: Oh god.
  • Tim: Jason, where the fuck is Jerry?
  • Jason: Have you checked the oven?
  • Tim: JASON.
  • [at the shoot for the Wayne family calendar]
  • Bruce: That's it. Everyone look like you're gardening.
  • Bruce: Jason, grab that little hoe.
  • Jason: [grabs Tim]

Destiel, red riding hood AU, where Dean is a werewolf hunter and Cas is a “no moon” (= he was born when the moon was hidden behind the shadow of the hearth)  werewolf trying to stop his family from hunting humans. Sam would be more of a man of letters than a hunter, and the hood was probably Mary’s.