red ribbon cosplay

Objectophile!Oikawa ft. Why is this Happening to me!Iwaizumi

“It’s like ‘Mmmm yes ~ Show me your sexy cross, Mr. Bow Tie~!’ - Right, Iwa-ch-”

“… Please tell me you’ve never jacked off with a handful of cilantro.”
“Ew, Iwa-chan! How foul! Of course not!”
“Oh thank god–”
“–I just smelled it while jacking off.”
“… :D”
“… That’s it. I’m leaving you.”
“I-Iwa-chan! Iwa-chan, wait! Where are you going? I WAS JOKING.”

“We are COLLEGE STUDENTS, Shittykawa.  It isn’t happening.  I’m not dropping that kind of dough on fucking SHEETS.”
“I’m not sleeping on that.”
“Seriously, then you can go sleep on the couch.”
“I’m not fucking on that.”
“… Again, the couch is an option.”
“I am not fucking you unless we have 1000 thread count sheets.”
“OMFG as if you could even hold to that promise–”

Somehow, they wind up buying the sheets. Iwaizumi complains the whole time: while paying for the sheets, while putting the sheets onto the mattress, while fucking Oikawa that night —-

So. This all started when @right—meow, @kenbrah and @konekat and I were getting red ribbons for our group cosplay coming up at Anime North 2017. … I was looking for a ribbon on Amazon but came across someone selling cross ties. If you know me from my Hetalia days, you KNOW that I LOVE THE CROSS BOW TIE. It is elegant, sexy and sleek. I always will draw characters in it if I have a chance and I have been doing so for years. In any case, I told them “Guys, if I had to fuck a bow tie, it would be a cross bow tie.” … And Kat said “That sounds like something Oikawa would say.” … AND THUS, THIS WAS BORN. 


I also effing LOVE cilantro. It has a such a vibrant and springy smell and freshens up any dish. Threadcounts is another thing I love. Smooth and silky bed sheets ~ So gentle and snuggly? Um. Yes. Yes every single damn time. … And so this post became literal THINGS I FIND SEXY???? IS THAT WEIRD??? 

I also wanted to add pastel colours - like, the concept of pastel colours… Because I have, many a time, said, “I am such a whore for you, Pastel Colours.” … But didn’t end up drawing that lol

Are there literal things you guys find sexy? … Or am I the weird one…

the-ass-of-creeds  asked:

I'm a going to be making yeneffer from Witcher 3, her pant outfit. It was recommended that I put leather or cotton around the side of the crotch for chub rub because the constant rubbing will ruin the velvet. Do you have any advise as to what cloth I should do this in? And maybe general tips for the velvet pants? I'm concerned because they are fitted and aren't loose like most velvet garments.

I’m currently sitting in a car with three professional seamstresses, and I opened your question to Gill of @gillykins, Kiga of Blackwater Cosplay and our own Gina of Red Ribbon Cosplay.

Our thoughts are as follows:

- Rub on velvet pile really depends on the quality of velvet you use. Some velvets are more delicate and more prone to having their pile crushed. Others can take a great deal. Even so, if you plan to weather the costume, you may just want to let it get crushed!

- Stretch velvet is glorious and very friendly to curvaceous legs, and also very practical for movement. An extremely fitted woven velvet is still doable, but you will have less ease of movement (like classic denim skinny jeans!) You could cut them on the bias, but if that’s the case, you should do a mock up on the bias as well.

- Stretch velvet tends to bounce back from crushing very well.

- A gusset on the crotch/upper inner thigh is a great idea. Our suggestion is suede (or microsuede if you want stretch) rather than leather or cotton as it would suit the velvet better. Our Sango costume uses suede and velvet and I think it’s a beautiful combination. Also, try to match stretches where you can!

- General velvet advice: hang to store, ideally from a clamp-style skirt hanger with the clamp on the selvedge. Folding will crush the pile where it folds.

That’s what I’ve got :)

- Jenn


overwatch pool party at YETICON :D
photos are by andy!

Lucio - Woolie
Tracer - Bec’s Cosplay Wonderland
D.VA - No Tomorrow Girls Mercy - Blackwater Cosplay
Widowmaker - Gillykins
Zarya - Zeekayart
Mei - Gina G and Red Ribbon Cosplay
McCree - Sam
Genji - Steve
Male Tracer - Corrupt Cosplay
D.VA - Christine of Dangerous Ladies Cosplay
 Zarya - Olivia’s Atelier
Junkrat - Piratica
Tracer - Honeysaliva
Junkrat - AlexsaurusInk
Mercy - Shelle-Chii
Hanzo - Toast Steph
Symmetra (who took most of the photos!) - Andy

An offer for my followers on this lovely Cyber Monday.

Some of you may know, while others may not, that I am a cosplayer and seamstress. I’ve been making my own costumes for a little over 10 years now, and I also sew professionally for theatre.

I’m desperately trying to make some ends meet right now, after being out of a job for two months. I’m in some heavy debt now, and I can’t even pay my bills. My university owes me over $300, and my part-time job gives me 8 hours at most a week while I’m in school.

This brings me to my point:

For the month of December, I am offering small costume commissions (ie, hats, accessories (such as Homestuck horns), small props, simple costumes with minor details.) I didn’t plan on opening up shop until mid-April, but I need the cash now.

My offer for you, my loyal followers, is 10% off your order. This means, whatever I quote you for fabric and labour fees, you will receive 10% off.

All you have to do is go to my facebook fanpage, linked below, fill out the order form in the first post on my page, send it to me in a private message, and mention that you found me via suddenlystark. You must mention my tumblr to get a discount! (And feel free to give me your URL, too!)

My fanpage is: and all orders can be placed there.

Some samples of my work are below as well, and there are albums full of photos on my fanpage.

Thank you in advance!
- Gina/suddenlystark

Hm, time to post something. Let’s see, how about some stuff from real life?

*rummages in closet*






“Someone in this room has been deceiving us all from the very beginning.”

“And that person…”


This was my first cosplay, I wore it to Anime Expo in 2013!

The shoes are spray-painted suede shoes, the pants are corduroy, the shirt is an orange sweatshirt with the throat slit and restitched, the coat is a duster I found at Goodwill, and the hat is a top hat I found in some hat shop that I added a red ribbon to.

For a proper cosplay, I’d probably put my hair up/trim it, and shave my sideburns.

Anyway, thought I’d share!

(PS Maybe I’ll be attending Anime Expo this year??)