An actual conversation between me and my lowkey homophobic Polish dad
  • Dad:I saw, like, half an episode of that Orange Is The New Black show that you and [cousin] were talking about..
  • Me [internally]:oh shit
  • Dad:And something really got to me
  • Me:*prepares for speech about sex, lesbians, prison is not cool etc*
  • Dad:There's a Russian character there
  • Me:...Red?!
  • Dad:Yeah, but they said her real name was Reznikov. She's Russian, so her name wouldn't be Reznikov, it would be Reznikova. Reznikov is the masculine version.
  • Me:THAT'S what bothered you about OITNB?!
  • Dad:Yeah. I'm going to write to them.

female character challenge: two older female characters [2 / 2]
↳ Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov, Orange Is The New Black

People of the cafeteria, in case you haven’t heard, I. Didn’t. Cook. It. I punch in, I punch out. I play Sudoku, I scratch my ass. If I had email, I would check it. But the food you eat does not have even a piece of my soul in it. That is all.