red rain 5


Romanogers Appreciation Month: Closing Day: Fanmix (listen here)

This is a fanmix inspired by the Heart of the Storm series, a masterpiece by thegraytigress that every romanogers fan should read.

1. Last Flower - Mad Langer: (Red Rain, Chapter 5) Steve’s POV

It’s in the way she fights her fears /It’s in the way she hides her tears from me/It’s in her eyes I see the changes/It’s in the way she smiles so desperately/She is a wild flower, she is a deep sea/The tide will always bring her back to me

2. I’m in here - Sia: (Red Rain, Chapter 7-9-10) Nat’s POV

Stuck inside these walls/Tell me there is hope for me/Is anybody out there listening?/Can’t you hear my call?/Are you coming to get me now?/I’ve been waiting for/You to come rescue me.

3. I’ll be good - Jaymes Young (Red rain, Chapter 15) Nat’s POV

I never meant to start a fire,/I never meant to make you bleed,/My past has tasted bitter for years now,/So I wield an iron fist/Grace is just weakness/Or so I’ve been told./I’ve been cold, I’ve been merciless/But the blood on my hands scares me to death/Maybe I’m waking up today

4. It’s been a long long time - Kitty Kallen (Terminal Frost, Chapter 3)

Ah, kiss me once, then kiss me twice/Then kiss me once again/It’s been a long time/Haven’t felt like this my dear

5. Run to you - Pentatoxic ( Terminal Frost, Chapter 18) Nat’s POV

But your heart drifted off/Like the land split by sea/I tried to go, to follow/To kneel down at your feet

6. Say Something - A Great Big World ( Terminal Frost, Chapter 18) Steve and Nat’s POVS

Say something, I’m giving up on you/I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you/Anywhere I would’ve followed you/Say something, I’m giving up on you/And I will swallow my pride/You’re the one that I love/And I’m saying goodbye

7. I never told you - Colbie Caillat ( Cloud Cover, Chapter 1) Nat’s POV

And now I miss everything about you/I can’t believe it, I still want you/After all the things we’ve been through/I miss everything about you

8. Here without you - 3 Doors Down ( Cloud Cover, Chapter 3-8) Steve’s POV

A hundred days have made me older/Since the last time that I saw your pretty face/A thousand lies have made me colder/And I don’t think I can look at this the same/But all the miles that separate/Disappear now when I’m dreaming of your face

9. Light me up - Birdy ( Cloud Cover, Chapter 9) Steve and Nat’s POVS

From where I began/I still carry your love/I feel your love/Untie this cord,/We don’t need it no more/Wherever we are/I’m yours always

10. Closer - Better than Ezra ( Cloud Cover, Chapter 11) Steve’s POV

And he knows his life is changing/It’s never easy letting go/For the first time you are mortal/As the child before you grows/And he wonders at the sight/Of the joy that he has found