red pv


484 - While moving in palace, there are ripple-like effects on the ground. does this mean something? or just some stylish effects?

487 - Maybe the ground in palaces are always wet? Also in PV3 and PV4 there are raining scenes.

488 - In the OP where protag skates it’s also raining. Perhaps “rain” is the keyword this time.

486 - I watched the PV again, the neon signs of the casino says “DEATH to the LOSER”, “guilty or not guilty”…etc. Since there are tons of guests in the casino, maybe it’s gonna be something like palace encroaching the reality.

491 - Like mist in P4, rain gets heavier and heavier, and the city will be flooded = noah’s flood myth = people will be saying it’s the sanction of the god…maybe?

492 - so perhaps during the final chapter it’s gonna be raining all the time..

493 - It reminds me that the rain is red(in the pv).

494 - In the train there’s also red water flooding in. and when you dive into palace there’s this watery effect too.

495 - In PV3 during someone says “stop it i dun wanna die” there’s something like blood on the ground. maybe the rain is actually blood?

501 - I just checked(the PVs) and found that when Ryuji and Protag enters the palace. Is it also raining? Looks like it. So maybe people’s desire(=rain) overflows and then in the end a huge deluge would come?

502 - So after the mist it’s the rain this time?


First PV for the anime! Cast list for Shirayuki, Zen, Mitsuhide, Kiki, Obi and Ryuu are included! :DD

“They say red is the colour of fate——”
    A girl with apple-red hair: Shirayuki
“Someday, I want to be there——”
   Clarines Kingdom’s second prince: Zen

“A girl with apple-red hair, and the prince of a country.

“A wind blows, to flip open the pages of the story…!”

Shirayuki: Hayami Saori
Zen: Oosaka Ryouta
Mitsuhide: Umehara Yuuichirou
Kiki: Nazuka Kaori
Obi: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Ryuu: Sanpei Yuuko