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Airworthy P-38 Lightnings, 2017

A short guide to the survivors, and how to quickly identify them.

Unnamed, 44-53254, Aircraft Guaranty Title Corp. Trustee

Unpainted fuselage, olive drab inner cowlings, red-and-white painted rudders, Red Bull nose art.  This aircraft was formerly owned by the CAF and flown as White Lightning until it was sold after a forced landing.  She is operated out of Salzburg, Austria, by the Red Bull company.

Glacier Girl, 41-7630, Lewis Air Legends

Olive drab fuselage and wings, pre-war national insignia, yellow identification markings.  This aircraft was crashed in Greenland in 1942 on the way to England, and eventually recovered after over a decade of hunting for the “Lost Squadron.”  She is based out of San Antonio, Texas.

White 33, 42-12652, WestPac Restorations

Dark green fuselage, blue propeller spinners, “33″ numbers on vertical fins and nose, white shark-tooth markings on engine nacelles.  This aircraft served in New Guinea and Australia with the 475th and 8th Fighter Groups before crashing in 1944 and being written off.  She is currently based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

23 Skidoo, 44-23314, Planes of Fame

Olive drab fuselage, yellow detailing on propeller spinners, vertical fins, and tail booms, “162″ aircraft number on fins and nose.  This aircraft entered civilian hands shortly after the end of WWII and has been flown by the Planes of Fame since 1988 in various colors.  She is based out of Chino, California.

44-26981, Allied Fighters

Unpainted fuselage, invasion stripes under the outer wing panels and tail booms, red propeller spinners, aircraft number 981 on the nose.  This aircraft entered civilian hands in 1946, and has changed hands dozens of times since.  She is based out of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Relampago, 44-27053, War Eagles Air Museum

Glossy black fuselage, silver propeller blades.  This aircraft was used as an aerial surveyor after the end of WWII, before being purchased by the museum in 1994.  She is based out of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Tangerine, 44-27083, Erickson Aircraft Collection

Olive drab upper fuselage, light grey lower fuselage, yellow detailing on propeller spinners and vertical fins, extensive nose art on both sides of the nose.  This aircraft was sold into civilian hands in 1946 and restored to airworthiness in 1996.  She is based out of Madras, Oregon.

44-27183, Yanks Air Museum

Unpainted except for national insignia, original F-5 camera nose fitted instead of a fighter nose.  This aircraft is airworthy although not flown by the museum.  She is based out of Chino, California.

Scat III, 44-27231, Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

Dark green fuselage, “W” code on inside of vertical fins, “SCAT III” nose art, red rudders.  This aircraft flew as a racer post-war, before being restored in 1999.  She is based out of Granite Falls, Minnesota.

Thoughts of Midnite, 44-53095, Comanche Fighters LCC

Olive drab fuselage, red band on propeller spinners, red band on tail booms, aircraft number “120″ on fins and nose, nose art of port side.  This aircraft served with the Honduran Air Force postwar, before being returned to the US in 1960; she flew formerly as Putt Putt Maru.  She is based out of Houston, Texas.

P-38 airframes are exceedingly rare today, although there are several under restoration for either display or airworthiness.  Hopefully more of these rare fighters will return to the air again soon.


Soviet KV-2 of the 2nd Armored Division of the 3rd Mechanized Corps of the 11th Army of the North-Western front was stuck in a creek (Zieduplis?) and captured by German troops. Most likely this tank was lost in the vicinity of the city of Sheth in Lithuania. Note the howitzer barrel stuck in maximum recoil, possibly sabotaged by crew, and shots of various calibres received from MT-1 model tower . Eastern Front, in June 1941.

Request: //Erm, could I request Leo rescuing “you” from a group of Foot Bots and leaving “you” on top of a rooftop once the job is done with a small kiss as the only proof that he was the one that saved you before he disappears please?

— leonardotheleaderinblue

Terrified didn’t even come close to describing how you felt right now. Your heart pounded against your chest like a hammer; it felt like your heart itself was trying to escape you. Your legs felt wobbly and unsteady, like someone had gone ‘bippity boppity boo’ and turned your legs to jello. It was making it rather difficult to run, but you had to press on.

You didn’t dare to look behind you. You knew that would only make it harder to concentrate on remembering how to put one foot before the other. Your [y/h/c] hair bounced and whipped wildly, having fallen out of its conservative bun earlier in the chase.

Rounding a corner, you cursed inwardly, unsure of which way to turn. Deciding to go with your first choice, you nearly slammed into a large brick wall in order to break in time to turn left. You bounded down the alley and took a right this time, suddenly coming face to face with a ten foot tall fence.

Skidding to a halt, you reached out and wrapped your fingers around the cool wired boundary, your [y/e/c] eyes widened. You gauged the height of the fence and the possibility of you being able to climb it without falling and breaking some vital bone.

Jeeze, you couldn’t believe this was happening! But you’d been warned; “If you move to that part of town, all it will take is a glance and the wrong person, and you’ll be done for.” And that’s exactly what had happened.

You’d been walking home, returning from a quick run to the gas station to pick up a gallon of milk. When passing an alley, you had just so happened to gaze inside. There were some oddly dressed men inside, holding these strange canisters filled with glowing purple goo. It happened so fast that you still couldn’t comprehend what had happened.

Suddenly, you could hear a shuffling noise somewhere behind you.

Without even taking the time to look behind you to see how close or far they were, you grabbed hold of the fence and pulled yourself up, climbing as fast as you could. Within less than a minute you were up at the top of it. You threw one foot over, sparing one glance down.

And you wished you hadn’t.

There were at least 7 standing at the bottom of the fence, easily making their way up it and towards you. You gasped, leaning back. And suddenly, one of them, who had stood only a few feet from the others, raised a hand and chucked something at you; a ninja star?

Barely dodging the no doubt deadly weapon, you felt yourself lose your grip on the fence and soon you were teetering the opposite way. Suddenly, you found yourself plummeting towards that cold concrete. Your clenched your eyes and braced for the impact.

That’s when a strong pair of arms wrapped around your body, saving you from the fall. For a moment, you were so petrified that it was one of the weird ninja guys chasing you that had caught you that you couldn’t even open your eyes. But when you did, you saw an ocean hued pair staring back into yours.

“Get behind me,” you were sat on your feet, but now you got a good look at your savior.

His skin was green and a shell was upon his back. A blue cloth was tied around his head, framing his eyes, and he was crouched real low, twin blades drawn and at the ready.

You stumbled backwards, your back pressing against the wall and your mouth gaping open in shock.

Skillfully, the men in black and red suits propelled themselves over the fence and surrounded the bipedal terrapin, who narrowed his eyes with such steadfast concentration. Every so often, he would glance your way, but you were so terrified, you didn’t realize that he was trying to make sure you were safe.

One of the ninja suddenly lurched forwards with raised weapons, but the turtle easily dispatched him, slicing through and leaving the enemy literally in pieces. When you turned your gaze upon the fallen ninja, you realized something.. peculiar. Wires and circuits buzzed and snapped, unable to function anymore.

… Robots?

Almost gracefully, the fight ensued, a dance between the creature and the robots that seemed like it came straight out of a science fiction show, or the X-Men for that matter. The longer they fought, the harder it seemed for the creature to be able to fend them off.

While he was busy trying to finish off the rest of the robotic ninja, one of them approached you and grabbed you by the hair, pulling it back and causing your head to crane backwards. He raised a katana with his free hand— In fear and horror, you let out a terrified screech.

The turtle spun almost instantly and cut his way past the robots, growling and swinging his swords. “Don’t touch her!” He sliced through the suited mecha (who was left twitching, flailing, and eventually releasing you and falling to the ground) and turned, swinging the twin katana at an enemy that had tried to sneak an attack in.

Before you could realize what he’d done, the turtle had finished off the robots. He turned to you suddenly, his astonishingly blue orbs wide and alert as he reached back and sheathed his katana.

“I’m sorry, that’s not the last of them, we have to get out of here and find a place to lay low before they send reinforcements. Come on-” He reached out to grab your hand, but you pulled it away, too afraid to do anything but stand and stare. Admittedly, you were afraid of this turtle. He had just saved your life, yes, but seeing him swing those swords and destroy those robots like that? You didn’t want to be on the wrong end of those blades..

He stared at you for a moment, as if unsure of how to respond to the rejection. He turned and raised his hands, trying to show that he wasn’t a threat. “Hey, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m trying to help you. If we don’t get out of here, more of those robots are going to come and replace the ones I just got rid of, and they’ll already know my tactics, so it’ll be even harder this time around.”

When he saw that you still were petrified, he reached out, taking your hands in his. At first, you wanted to pull away again, but something in his eyes kept you in place. He gazed into your eyes, speaking slowly. “I know you’re scared, but I promise, I’ll protect you. You’ll be okay.”

Before you could talk sense (or nonsense) into yourself that he could really be a monster, he was leading you out of the alley, around several corners, up a fire escape, and onto a roof top. This roof had a sheltered covered above a wooden frame, which held several tools, like a snow shovel and other various objects. He led you to it, having you both crouch behind a box.

“You should be safe here. Just don’t move for about fifteen to thirty minutes and they should move on.” He whispered to you quietly. Hands shaking, you just barely nodded, pressing your back against one of the other boxes.

He paused for a moment, glancing over his shoulder, then back to you. “You’ll be okay as long as you stay quiet and don’t move. I’ll try and lead them away, so they’ll be following me.” He smiled softly, an attempt to comfort you. He then turned to leave, but suddenly, you freaked out. You threw your hands out and grabbed his hands once more, pulling him back down to you.

“Wait! Don’t leave me alone!” You were trying to be quiet, but apparently, you were louder than you thought. “What if they find me!? I can’t fight them off like you did! How can I fight them b-”

Suddenly, his hands slipped from yours and came to rest on either side of your cheeks, and before you could continue your fearful rant, your lips were pressed against his. At first, you weren’t entirely sure whether you wanted to slap him or kiss him back, but before you could decide, he pulled away, smiling crookedly.

With that, he turned and ducked out of the little make-shift shed, and seemingly vanished into thin air.

Reaching up, you touched your lips in confusion as to what just happened. In the next hour of hiding behind that box (you were to frightened to leave in as little as a half hour) you thought about what had just happened. He swooped in and saved your life, and left you with a kiss. If he had wanted to hurt you, he wouldn’t have fought to save you like that. Perhaps.. perhaps he wasn’t a monster. Maybe, just maybe, he was.. a hero.

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Hear This Not That: Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ shows promise, ‘Red’ launches her to stardom

Posted: October 23, 2016

Music fans can find it hard to decide which albums to stream and which to skip, considering the surplus of new music released. Each week, A&E columnist Sean Lee will compare two albums and recommend which one students should listen to. For The Daily Bruin A&E’s Taylor Swift issue, Lee compares the charisma of Swift’s album “Fearless” with that of “Red.”

If there is one thing that has sustained Taylor Swift’s decade-spanning career, it is her ability to musically reinvent herself to coincide with pop’s constantly changing sonic landscape.

At first, she was just another teenage girl trying to break into the already-crowded acoustic singer-songwriter genre. Her first studio album, the eponymous “Taylor Swift” released in 2006 seemed almost indistinguishable from the works of other early ’00s female songwriters with girl–next-door charm, like Ingrid Michaelson and Fiona Apple.

However, it was the release of two of her following albums, “Fearless” from 2008 and “Red” from 2012, that propelled Swift from the parochial realm of country songwriter to the lavish world of superstardom. Both albums musically reinvented Swift at the time of each of their respective releases. But “Fearless” presented a singer- songwriter who could write pop hits, while “Red” proved that the country artist actually possessed the dazzle to fully embody a pop icon.

The namesake track from “Fearless” does not stray far from Swift’s small-town roots, beginning with an accented snare drum and acoustic guitar picking typical in modern country tracks. The song’s verses follow the genre’s storytelling tradition, musically painting an image of two young lovers simply riding in a car. But Swift’s infectious chorus, “And I don’t know how it gets better than this / You take my hand and drag me head first / Fearless” foreshadows her future career path, veering away from country clichés toward radio-friendly pop filled with accessible melodies.

The rest of the album carries on with the juxtaposition of country motifs and glimpses of pop gold. Songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” continue to showcase Swift’s storytelling lyricism paired with choruses ready to be sung in stadiums. Even the slower, balladic “White Horse” manages to couple confessional lyrics – “Maybe I was naïve / Got lost in your eyes” – with a catchy chorus begging for audiences to pull out their cellphones and wave them in the sky.

But within the arena-ready power ballads of “Fearless,” Swift’s overall vocal ability seems unable to size up to the enormity of her songs. Her delivery on the lyrics, “It’s a revolution!” on the song “Change” seems like more of a polite question asked by a timid teen rather than a call to arms proclaimed by a star.

Whereas “Fearless” showcases a country singer with a knack for pop choruses, “Red” marks the start of a transformed Swift, a celebrity whose confidence and persona is undeniably as big as the hits she crafts herself.

Album opener “State of Grace” hits hard, foregoing the sensitive acoustic guitar for electric arpeggios and pulsating drum beats.Swift sings, “Love is a ruthless game” with a newfound maturity and confidence in her voice that was lacking on the confessional songs of “Fearless.”

On the country-tinged track “Treacherous,” Swift wipes away the teardrops on her guitar and instead adamantly proclaims, “This slope is treacherous / And I like it.” The newfound taste for danger and unapologetic expression of self-empowerment on “Red” are qualities that “Fearless” shies away from altogether.

Swift’s newfound edginess is epitomized on the track “I Knew You Were Trouble,” where Swift’s pop sensibilities are finally fully formed and club-ready with dubstep bass drops and fervent “oh” vocalizations replacing the guitar-centric choruses of “Fearless.”

Whereas a “Fearless” era Swift would cry for days over a breakup and write herself a hit, the new Swift on “Red” finds lyricism in the excitement of the unexpected world of single adulthood — a perspective that Swift continues to sing about on newer tracks like “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space.”

Listen to “Fearless” for a look into a promising songwriter about to make it big. Listen to “Red” to see her ready to take center stage.