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Big Rumors

4chan has been causing some noise with big rumors of big changes coming to DC. I’ve decided to take a look at what they’re saying and share my opinion.

1)      Dark Days is the mysterious “Metal” event Scott Snyder has been teasing he’ll do with Greg Capulo. It will bring characters from alternate Universes to Prime DC Earth, some of which will try to take it over. Some of them will stick around after the event and be featured in books from September, when every title will get a one-shot setting up new status quo after one year time skip. – Pretty standard, I could buy this one.

2)      One of the characters that stick around will be Superboy Prime, whom Clark will try to redeem on the pages of Superman. – Risky move since it’s Prime but I could totally see Superman try to redeem him.

3)      We will see the return of JSA with Power Girl, Jay Garrick, Red Tornado, Alan Scott and Johnny Thunder, in a new book by Dan Abnett – Will those be Earth-2 characters back to the Prime Earth or Pre-Flashpoint versions?

4)      Another character from another Universe to stick around will be Mar’I Grayson, daughter of Dick and Kory. Nightwing will have to search for her in his own book. – I could see it. If this and 14 will be true, I want them to cross over.

5)      Another will be Bart Allen, who will be featured as Impulse alongside Jesse Quick, Max Mercury and older Wally West in Speed Force by Brett Booth and writing and art – Hell yes Bart is back. And since people wanted a team of speedsters – yeah, I can see this too.

6)      Red Robin will escape from Mr. Oz’ captivity and free several other inmates, leading them as the new Outsiders – They kept Tim quite a bit away, he really could return. Hope Conner and few other forgotten characters will be on this team.

7)      Cyborg will be canceled but replaced with a team-up book (mini?) between him and Shazam, by John Semper. Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps will be relaunched as Green Lantern Corps with Hal still leading, but Kyle dying in Dark Days and John and Soranik going to Cullen Bunn’s to Yellow Lanterns.  Don’t worry, Green Lanterns will still be going and keep its creative team, but will go monthly. – Don’t know about the others but I could see Green Lanterns turning monthly. I’ll be mad if they’ll kill Kyle.

8)      Other canceled titles are Superwoman and Blue Beetle with Jaime joining Teen Titans. Red Hood and the Outlaws as well, with Artemis and Bizarro returning to Wonder Woman and Action Comics and Jason getting a solo series by Lobdell. – Totally could see Blue Beetle canceled and Jaime joining Teen Titans and we already have rumors about Superwoman ending. But I thought people liked new Outlaws.

9)      Due to poor sales both Batgirl and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey will be canceled, Barbara will make heroic sacrifice putting her back into a wheelchair. The books will be relaunched as Birds of Prey, where Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary are joined by Lady Blackhawk and Batgirls by Genevieve Valentine, where Barbara trains Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as her successors. – And this one I cannot buy. DC was so adamant to keep Barbara as Batgirl I find it now hard to believe they would give in and make her Oracle again. And Babs training Steph and Cass written by Genevieve Valentine sounds too good to be true.

10)   Which of course means Cass is leaving Detective Comics. So is Clayface and the post-Dark Days roster will keep Batman, Batwoman, Batwing, and Azrael and add Duke Thomas, Harper Row and Anarky. – Happy to see Luke and Duke in one team since I wanted that and Harper and Kate could result in them showing up on another ball in tuxedos to pick up ladies, so I both could see this happen and would welcome them as additions to the team.

11)   Other new books announced are Legion by James Tynion, Checkmate by Tom King and World’s Fines by Tim Seeley, where every issue features a team-up between different members of Batfamily and Superfamily. – Team up book? Please let it be real, I always liked those.

12)   Batman leading the JLA will be revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. – For what purpose?

13)   More miniseries including 12-parts mini about Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, Justice Incarnate by Peter Thomasi and a completely new Batman Beyond starring Damian who grew up without knowing Bruce and a GCPD cop Sarah Grayson, Dick’s daughter, as his love interest. – Does that mean current Batman Beyond will be canceled?

14)   Slade Wilson will go missing with Rose taking the codename Deathstroke as she tries to find him. – Okay, on the one hand, Deathstroke editor recently teased a bold new direction (still by Priest) but on the other, it was something I once cooked up and proposed on this blog, even got in an argument whenever it would be a good decision with @rosewilsontheravager . It could be something they put for people like me to go nuts….

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Rodimus, Drift, Skids, Swerve, Rung, Red Alert, Fort Max, and Brainstorm reacting to their Cybertronian s/o blurting out "I love you" for the first time while bot is in the middle of talking

Rodimus is giving a grandiose speech about the Lost Light’s quest. He’s on his third “’Till All Are One” when you suddenly say, “I love you.” He stops. He stares. Then, while you apologize for interrupting him, he dips you into a kiss. A few bots cheer, Whirl whistles, Magnus yells about PDA, and Tailgate asks if this means the speech is over. 

Drift shivers when the words leave your lips and your field hits his; he can feel how much you mean it. He forgets whatever he was talking about before and grins the biggest grin of his life, cupping your face to look you in the optic. “I love you, too.”

Skids says it back automatically, goes back to what he was saying, then stops cold. “Wait-” did you just-? It wasn’t his imagination. For so long he’s thought of saying it to you, but didn’t want to scare you away. Now you’ve said it and he’s overjoyed as he scoops you up and twirls you.

Swerve is speechless. Can you imagine that? Utterly. Speechless. He makes little noises that might be words, optics filling up with fluids cooling fans blasting. You think that maybe he doesn’t feel the same way and get up to excuse yourself. That’s when he tackles you and covers you with kisses as he nuzzles you and babbles that he loves you, loves you so, so much.

Rung gapes. You can see light flash brighter than ever from his spark window. He lets out a slow, shaky vent as he removes his fogged-up glasses. You ask him if he’s okay. “Yes,” he says, wiping an optic. “I’m- I’m okay… I’m wonderful- and… A-and I love you.”

Red Alert.exe has stopped working. He just… sits there. You have to call Ratchet in. You’re freaking out and frantically ask if he’s okay, but Ratchet just rolls his optics and knocks Red Alert upside the head. “I love you!” he blurts. Ratchet thanks him, but says he was just doing his job.

Fortress Maximus’ lil finials wiggle and his engine stutters. Then he smiles. This boy is absolutely glowing! He kisses your hand returns the sentiment before he pulls you into his lap for cuddles.

Brainstorm runs and hides. Love is scary, love is risky, love is pain. He’s already let things go too far with you; should he just cut it off now? It takes some serious soul-searching but eventually he faces you again. He buries his face into your shoulder and whispers that he thinks… he does love you.

Guess who finally read Inhumans Prime #1
I am in love with Meyers’ design.

On another note, will we get a little tidbit about the time Noh spent with Tommy in space as mentioned by Teddy in Civil War II: Choosing Sides?

This is also low key the very first piece I made using illustrator instead of the usual photoshop. It was actually a lot faster to do lines there hmm

The Red Wings were the prime example of a class act tonight when the whole team stayed on the ice following their OT win to make sure Eddie Lack would be okay. I appreciate seeing the major respect this team and many others have for each other and for the sport of hockey itself. That level of respect for one other no matter the team is something I admire.

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Cybertronian s/o has a nightmare while cuddling up next to their mech (Rodimus, Fort Max, Red Alert, and Brainstorm) and starts freaking out thinking they are a Decepticon and begins punching and kicking their poor sleeping cuddle buddy


  • He’s about to complain that you hit him in the face before he realizes you’re having a nightmare. It freaks him out and he shakes you awake.
  • He gets you a drink and rubs your back while you calm down. 
  • Once you’ve stopped shaking he asks what the nightmare was about, but doesn’t press. He assures you there’s no one and nothing here that can hurt you; he’ll protect you no matter what.
  • He wraps you up his arms and snuggles you, making sure that you’ve fallen into a peaceful recharge before he allows himself to rest.
  • The next morning he lets you sleep in late and even brings you breakfast in berth.

Fortress Maximus

  • As soon as you jerk and cry out he’s up. Who’s there?! No one is touching his s/o- he’s got leg guns and he will use them!
  • His ruckus is enough to wake you up, then you both realize there’s no danger. Max slowly checks you over, cupping your face and brushing away your tears with his thumb. He’s no stranger to nightmares.
  • He talks you through the nightmares. Rung taught him to use reasoning to assuage his fears after bad dreams, and he takes all the time you need for him to soothe you. 
  • He curls around you protectively and kisses your head, murmuring words of comfort until you fall into recharge. 
  • Even after you’re asleep he still can’t bring himself to go back to recharge. Instead he stays up and watches over you.

Red Alert 

  • You nearly give him a spark attack when you smack him across the face.
  • He’s SO worried. Frantically, he wakes you up and peppers you with kisses, asking if you’re okay. 
  • When you tell him what your nightmare was about he scoops you up and carries you all around the ship, showing you that everything is safe. His voice is low and gentle, and you fall back asleep.
  • He decides to stay up, checking the security cameras every so often.
  • The next day he’s hesitant to leave your side. He clings to you as much as possible.


  • He’s a heavy sleeper so it takes him a while to fully wake up. It doesn’t take him long to figure out what’s going on with you, though.
  • He holds you firm but gentle and whispers to you that it’s alright, he’s got you. 
  • Once you wake up you start rambling about your nightmare. He hushes you softly as he tucks you under his chin and nuzzles you. 
  • If you can’t get back to sleep he settles you in his lap to tell you about his wackiest inventions. If that doesn’t help he tells you corny jokes until you laugh. 
  • He knows how stressful nightmares can be so he makes sure you take it easy the next day.

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Could I please get a reaction of Bayverse Bumblebee (your boi!), Optimus Prime, and TFP Wheeljack see their bot S/O being so tired that they're nearly falling asleep wherever they are? If they lean against a wall they nearly fall over for closing their optics for only a second, or if they sit in a chair they get so comfortable and warm that they're optics began shutting down w'either they like it or not. BOI DO I NEED THE FLUFF.

its so fluffy im gonna die

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime (Bayverse), Wheeljack (TFP)

  • Bumblebee, upon seeing you about to topple over from where you stood, would let out a series of electronic shouts that sound a lot like “Woah, woah, woah!” He’s quick to catch you, but not after a moment of “WHAT IS HAPPENING,” on everyone’s part. If it happened again, Bee would activate his radio and play a snippet of a track that just says “Oh s**t!” The loud censor beep scares you back awake. Bee decides that if you’re just gonna fall over anyways, you may as well just stay on the ground… so that’s where he puts you. Hell, you guys weren’t doing anything anyways. He guides you out to a field and you lay in the grass together, his hand stroking your plating while you recharge.

  • Optimus Prime would not handle it quite the same way as Bumblebee would. He’d catch you, of course, but he’d then immediately drag you off somewhere private and quiet so that he can check you over. If everything comes up to his standards, he’ll lay you down in his lap and rub between armour seams until you fall into recharge right there. He keeps his engine idling low so that he can generate some heat to keep you comfortable, as well as promoting calmness with the deep rumbling noises. He stays there for as long as you need to sleep.

  • Wheeljack isn’t really the snuggly type, so when you first stumble over in your sleep, he grabs you rather unceremoniously by the arm to keep you from falling face first into the ground. He makes sure you’re alright before trusting you to walk on your own, although he’s not letting you stray too far this time. If there aren’t very many people around at all, then he’ll wrap and arm around your waist “for supportive measures.” Sure, Wheeljack. Overall, he does a pretty good job of keeping you awake until you’ve gotten somewhere where you’re safe to rest for a while.

Transformers Masterpiece show Autobots: MP-21 Bumble (Bumblebee), MP-30 Ratchet, MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe), MP-18 Streak (Bluestreak), MP-35 Grapple, MP-17 Prowl, MP-25 Tracks, MP-10 Convoy (Optimus Prime), MP-33 Inferno, MP-19 Smokescreen, MP-14+ Alert (Red Alert) (Anime Color Edition), MP-27 Ironhide and MP-20 Wheeljack.

red-automaton-viii  asked:

YO I GOT THE FLUFF TFP Wheeljack, Optimus, then MTMTE Megatron, & Whirl reacting to their cybertronian S/O trying their best to not fall asleep. Like they're so tired that when they lean against a wall they nearly fall over or when they sit down somewhere comfortable and warm their optics begin to close w'either they like it or not. I have this inner rule to never take naps during the day lmao. (Btw this is all fluff! None of this is angst!)


Optimus Prime TFP

He’s concerned when you almost fall asleep against the wall, but seeing you nod off simply by sitting down is what makes him gently pull you aside to ask how much sleep you’ve been getting. Whether or not it was form lack of sleep or simply the afternoon crash, he’s gonna try to get you to at least rest your eyes. He’ll sit with you and let you rest your head on his shoulder, secretly hoping you’ll actually fall asleep 

Megatron MTMTE

He feels tired most of the time too, so he can empathize. He’ll respect your wishes if you say you don’t want to take a nap, but if you start nodding off on the job, it’s now his job to tell you to take a break and rest. He’d tease you a bit if you kept refusing, now even his s/o is being just as stubborn as the rest of the crew 


Whirl doesn’t play around, if he thinks you look tired than dammit you’re gonna take a nap. He eventually just scoops you up and carries you to your hab, even if you fight him the whole way