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Hidden Jokes | Red Prawn

In the episode Fakin’ It (S3E10) George Sr arrives at the hospital to see Buster after he’s visited Red Prawn. Later in the episode when Michael is talking to Wayne Jarvis in the hopital’s parking lot, we can see a sign on the background that says “No Red Prawn Parking,” making us assume that a lot of people who come to the hospital do the same thing that George Sr did: Going to Red Prawn first.

A very Thai, healthy lunch of Steamed Vegetables with Nam Prik Gung Sod (a Thai chilli paste/dip featuring smoked chilli and fresh prawn) and Red Rice. I’ve recently been on a huge street food kick, and I’ve been trying out lots of wonderful Thai restaurants just around my area. It’s not even necessary to healthify Thai food - no matter what type, whether northern or southern, there are always wonderfully healthy options.