red plum & freesia

So Much Younger Yesterday

(for my love @beifongheiress​!!! happy birthday, my angel!!!)


Nine PM on a Thursday night and Zuko finds himself alone in front of an empty pond somewhere in town he’s not familiar with. He glances at his phone to find yet another well wishing message for his birthday - none of which he’s answered. 

 It’s not a bad day, necessarily. It’s been fine, actually. He woke up, the sun was out, he didn’t have to go into work, and Uncle had left a small batch of his favorite cupcakes on the counter for him as a quiet greeting. 

But the attention can be a little overwhelming, which might be why he’d felt the need to just wander away from his life for a little while. 

The thin grass at the bottom of the pond sways in the breeze that passes. It’s been so dry lately, with no sign of rain in sight. Zuko sticks his foot out and nudges a pebble until it rolls down into the bed of the pond.


The voice startles him. He looks over his shoulder, where a young woman stands on the side walk.

“Are you okay?” She asks.

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