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that waistcoat though.... (why is this on anon, i bet you know who it is)

i know exactly who this anon is

you mean the waistcoat that clung to his shoulders and his chest as though hanging on for dear life? that deep rich red and the thin pinstripes at the front, the subtle lighter pattern down the back. that waistcoat settled on a shirt dancing somewhere between dark grey and navy, hugging his arms and partially unbuttoned and open over his broad chest.

imagine him picking it out, pulling it on in the morning, settling it over one of those henleys and stepping closer to his mirror. head tipping to the side as he carefully buttons each button, pulling the whole thing tighter. it’s smart, settled on his shoulders, matching his pants. and that ritual, slowly buttoning every button, his fingers dragging down over the pinstripes, smoothing it into place

if you listen closely you can hear someone needing medical attention for a certain reoccurring issue

SPN Kink Bingo Master List

Spell It Out - Orgasm Denial (Dean Winchester x female reader)

Stupid Boy - Bed Sharing (Dean Winchester x female reader)

Something New -Free Square (Sam Winchester x female reader)

Things Change - Friends to Lovers (Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum)

I’m Waiting - Dom/Sub (Dean Winchester x female reader) 

Pinstripes and Red Ties - Hair Pulling (Dean Smith x female reader)  

Dream a Little Dream - Spitroasting (Demon!Dean x female reader x Soulless Sam)

Heartbeat - DeanLisa (Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden)

Slip and Slide - Come Play (Sam Winchester x female reader)

Everything He Knew Was Because of Her - SamJess (Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore) 

Wyndham Estates - Neighbors (Sam Winchester x female reader)  

Conjugal Visits: Part 4 - Her Touch - Handjobs (Dean Winchester x female reader)

Tattooed - Tattoos (Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum)

Are You Ready? - Caning (Sam Winchester x female reader)

Black and Red - Lingerie (John Winchester x female reader)

Cuff Me - Handcuffs (Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum)

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Pinstripes and Red Ties

Title: Pinstripes and Red Ties
Link: AO3
Square filled: Hair Pulling
Ship: Dean Smith x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, nsfw, smut, oral sex (male receiving), fingering, rough sex, hair pulling
Summary: Dean Smith and the reader have a meeting during her lunch break.
Word Count: 2490
Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret
Author’s Notes:  Written for @spnkinkbingo. Thank you to @katnharper for the prompt and for her invaluable help as the inspiration behind a lot of this and for being an awesome beta. This also fulfills #5, Hair Pulling, on the 100 Kinks List. 

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((Because drawing is hard for me, a description of Loch’s outfit tomorrow.

TL;DR–red jacket with black trim and cuffs, black shirt, pink vest with thin black stripes, red pants with pinstripes, a sweet cravat with his Skull pendant clipped onto it and his old Aether pin on his lapel.  Inspired by Baile Oricorio.  His hair is down and not under his hat, so it’s nearly at his shoulders. A charm bracelet with his name written on it in skulls from Cece.

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give me karkat who is a waiter at a fifties style diner where hes gotta wear the red pinstripes and rollerskates and hes small and grouchy and dave goes there for the first time ironically but comes back bc damn what a cutie…

karkat who is shorter than dave while hes working but then dave sees him get off his shift and realizes the rollerskates add inches to his height so karkats actually even smaller and he fucking melts