red phone box


Great Britain: The Phone Box - Braughing, Oxford, Braemar, Standon, Prestbury, Great Malvern, Montacute, Much Hadham, Snowshill, London/Kingston

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Help an obsessive out! (Please!)

OK, so I may have mentioned in tags once or twenty times that this is one of my favourite Queen photoshoots from the 70s. But where are they? London obviously, but that’s a faaaaaairly wide area. Are pillar boxes next to phone boxes fairly common? I don’t know. Who was the photographer, even?

If anybody has any clues, I would be super grateful because I have no life. Thanks!

9th February 2014, Camden Lock, London.

I went to London this weekend with my boyfriend for a short break away, every time I have to leave this wonderful market - I get the immediate buzz that I have to go back. I love the sounds,smells,colours and culture the place has to offer (although some of the trinkets aren’t so cultured!). I even managed to spend £50 on 3 pairs of Levi’s, which didn’t bode well with the 1000mph wind that was howling through the alleys!