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Present Musician Meets Future Musician.

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It was 1965, and ten year old Sarah MacGrady was at a London Beatles concert with her older brother Jack, and her aunt Annie. Her family didn’t usually have money for concerts, so this was special to the girl.
Over the past year, Sarah had become a fan of both The Beatles and an American folk musician named Bob Dylan. Besides their amazing songs, what drew them to her was the guitar playing of Dylan, John Lennon and George Harrison.

It sounded incredible, like the greatest sound in the world! It thrilled Sarah to the core, and she had decided right then and there, that she was going to be a musician when she grew up, to play guitar and sing.
There were toy guitars for sale, but they were too expensive. So, Sarah made one with a shoebox for the body, rubber bands for the strings, yarn for the strap, an old ruler for the fretboard, and ice pop sticks for the tuning knobs.

Sarah brought it with her to the concert, and she wore her best clothes (a red plaid dress with a white Peter Pan collar, and her black Mary Janes).
The concert was amazing, but the end……was crazy.
A lot of the fans decided to try to get to the stage, even though The Beatles had left it. The ensuing chaos separated the little girl from her family, and she clutched her guitar to her chest as she called out “Jack! Aunt Annie!”

But they were nowhere to be seen, and Sarah kept getting knocked over by teenagers who didn’t seem to notice her.
Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the crowd.

Mama’s Boy (Part 5)

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A/N: Sorry for the delay! You can thank Erin for inviting me over to her graduation. She delayed me on all my writing, but hey it was well worth it. Got to see my close friend/co-owner graduate. But I have finally finished the next part! Each one is making me love this series more and more. Thank you guys for pushing me to write this one cause I love it ~Cel

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