red peper

“No.” Weiss blocked the doorway, face resolute.

Ruby drooped sadly. “But Weiss…”

No.” Firmer this time despite being face with a puppy eyed pout. “This is a two person room already somehow fitting four.” Weiss shook her head in disbelief. “There is simply not enough space for three more people!

“We’re not moving in, Miss Heiress.” Emerald pointed out. “Just looking for somewhere to watch a movie without having idiots point and whisper.”

Penny nodded solemnly. “It is very distracting with Pyrrha continuously getting up to chase them away.”

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Requested by Anonymous
10 songs that are good for laying on the floor and listening to

Sonsick x San Fermin // Cough Syrup x Young the Giant // Put Your Records On x Corrine Bailey // Oh Ms Believer x Twenty One Pilots // Float On x Modest Mouse // Chasing Cars x Snow Patrol // You and Me x Lifehouse // When the Day Met the Night by Panic! At The Disco // Island in the Sun x Weezer // Snow (Hey Oh) x Red Hot Chili Pepers

{listen here}

Modern PEPERS au

Where Ruby is skateboarding with Reese and wipes out massively

So Reese, who knows Ruby is dating someone ‘cause she once mentioned a date with ‘Pepper’, grabs Ruby’s phone and hits what she thinks is said persons number

And she blurts out “Ruby’s hurt” before realizing

It’s a conference call

There are four now VERY agitated girlfriends asking for details and directions and demanding she put Ruby on the phone

Arslan thinks Reese is joking about all this right up to the moment they meet Team PEPRS for a ‘thank you for helping our red dork of a girlfriend’ dinner