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We have decided on holding Daily Prompts but we have also come-up with a Special Thing, which will allow everyone to participate in the week :D

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[Image belongs to Leria on deviantArt]

The signs as things that are red
  • Aries: A fire, dramatic, passionate red.
  • Taurus: Red hair, natural, soft red.
  • Gemini: A red pair of shoes, fresh red.
  • Cancer: A red rose, vibrant, romantic red.
  • Leo: A strawberry, delicious red.
  • Virgo: A fresh coat of paint on the walls, bold, classic red.
  • Libra: Red lips, tasteful, matte red.
  • Scorpio: Blood, dark, exotic red.
  • Sagittarius: Red leaves, pastel, unusual red.
  • Capricorn: Red ink, a thoughtful, straightforward red.
  • Aquarius: A red bus, bright, flashing red.
  • Pisces: Red glass, elegant, clean red.