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Our absolutely amazing pal and fellow smutketeer @peetabreadgirl has a birthday on February 23rd. @xerxia31 and I were wondering if you'd be willing to accept a submission from us in her honoUr?

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Happy Birthday @peetabreadgirl! By special request, Here’s a birthday drabble crafted just for you!

Biggest Fan

AN – Happy Birthday PBG! This is part 1 of 2 because your birthday is too special to cram all into one day!

Mesdames et messieurs, votre attention s’il vous plaît. Les passagers de la vol Air Canada 8637 arrivent à la gare vingt-quatre.

Peeta Mellark bobs up on the balls of his feet, eager to see around the crowd of tired commuters coming in on the flight from Montreal to Quebec city. Just a few more minutes and he’ll finally lay eyes on the infamous KatsEye, the best beta in the Avengers fandom.

And his best friend. Possibly the love of his life, but hey, he figures he probably should lay eyes on her in real life before he declares his undying devotion.

The crowd is thinning a bit now as the business crowd moves toward the airport doors, a sea of suits and muttered French. He checks his phone. Her text had said she was near the back of the plane. Surely she’ll be out soon.

Kat<3: I’m wearing an orange sweater.

When he looks up again, he sees her coming through the gate. Her aviator glasses are perched on her head and her hair is tied up in a side braid that spills over her shoulder onto the gorgeous coral sweater she’s wearing. It causes her olive skin to glow even though he can tell she’s not wearing a stitch of makeup.

His artistic sensibilities practically giggle at the idea that she’d consider the shade to be orange. It’s softer, more muted; kind of like a sunset at the end of a sultry summer’s day.

Regardless, it’s his new favourite colour.

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The Cabin

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

It’s been weeks since Nesta was attacked by Tomas. And during that time Cassian has been visiting her until he finds the courage to ask her to go with him and the others to a place that he thinks will help her. Now Nesta is in the mountains struggling to find a way to tell Cassian how she feels. Even Cassian suffers from the same predicament. Then an unexpected turn of events will lead both of them in a situation where they can’t hide from each other anymore.

Also there is a slight nod to a lumberjack Cassian from @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks and @nessiansmut.

Nesta sat in a cushioned chair reading a book in front of the crackling fire within the fireplace of Rhysand’s cabin in the mountains. It had been a month since that dreadful night Tomas attacked her. And everyday since then Cassian stopped by her apartment each evening to check on her after he got off work.

At first Nesta didn’t know what to think of his daily visits. Cassian would stop by and cook dinner for her and Elain while making sure that they had everything they needed. He would even go out shopping to buy food so they wouldn’t have to live off take-out.

Despite this it was aggravating how Cassian thought Nesta wasn’t capable of taking care of herself or her sister. So she remained quiet during those times he entered their home. Only speaking when absolutely necessary or when Cassian baited her long enough that she lost patience and finally gave in to answering him.

Sadly it seemed as though Elain and Feyre thought their eldest sister needed coddled as well. Because before she knew it Cassian was asking her to take a “break” up to the mountains with him, Mor, Feyre and Rhysand.

Nesta was half-tempted to decline the offer, but she knew if she did that it would only make everyone else more worried. In the end she agreed to go much to Cassian’s pure relief and delight.

So here she was. Safely enclosed in the warm cabin while snow flurries drifted from the sky. Outside Nesta could hear Mor, Feyre and Rhysand talking about making a trip to the village further down the mountain.

Minutes later Feyre stuck her head inside the cabin.

“Rhysand, Mor and I are going to take the vehicle to the village,” Feyre announced.

“I thought Rhysand said we had enough supplies up here to last two weeks?” Nesta flicked a page over in her book.

“We do, but it’s been a while since we have met with the villagers and we would like to catch up with a few of them before our trip is over.”

That was right. In the morning they were all heading back to Prythian before a large snowstorm was supposed to hit later tomorrow night.

“Have fun while you’re out,” Nesta said. When silence met her response she glanced up to see Feyre’s face turn somber.

“You’re supposed to be having fun too Nesta. So why don’t you get out here and enjoy the snow while we’re gone.”

Nesta shrugged non-committedly. In the past she used to enjoy the snow. Her early years were filled with happy memories of sledding and running through the frozen trees until her mother died. That was when Nesta’s childhood came to an abrupt end as their family sunk into poverty and the winter months became a frightening time where survival became toughest.

A car horn honked from outside jarring Nesta from the past. She looked outside to see Rhysand and Mor waiting in the car.

“I better run before Mor decides to drag me away. Don’t forget what I said Nesta about enjoying your time here,” Feyre turned to leave, but paused as if deciding if she should speak her next words. “And be sure to talk with Cassian.” Feyre said. “He won’t admit it aloud, but he’s worried about you Nesta. I think you both should…talk it out.”

Nesta didn’t have the chance to respond as Feyre took off across the blanket of snow toward the parked vehicle. She watched as the SUV drove down the path back toward civilization. It would be hours before Feyre and the other returned.

Quietness settled over the cabin save for the crackling fire. Nesta could almost fall asleep right there in the cushioned chair, but knowing her luck Cassian would come barging in the door like a barbarian of sorts.

She blinked. Thinking it odd that she actually hadn’t heard much from Cassian today other than this morning when she was waking up in her bed and could hear Cassian and Mor laughing in one of the other guest bedrooms.

The thought of Cassian and Mor being together made Nesta’s stomach plummet.

She tried to read her book for the next couple of hours, but she couldn’t concentrate.

Nesta pushed her book aside. No longer fond of reading at the moment and instead she settled for watching the fire flicker brightly in the fireplace. A comforting sight that Nesta gladly welcomed though it did remind her the man who constantly occupied her mind.

Where was Cassian?

Nesta looked around the cabin searching for him, but he wasn’t in the kitchen or any other room. As she neared the backdoor Nesta heard a cracking noise from the backyard.

She peeked from a window curtain and the sight revealed left Nesta spellbound.

Cassian had removed his heavy red parka and was chopping wood in a white fitted sweater. Even through the thick material Nesta could see his muscles flex with each swing of his axe as he split pieces of wood in two.

Anytime he would bend down to toss a piece of wood into the growing pile Nesta would get the lovely sight of Cassian’s ass in form-fitted jeans. His dark hair was pulled back in a bun that did wonders for Nesta’s imagination.

What would it feel like to remove the hair tie and feel those thick strands through her fingers? Or to run her hands down his back and grip his firm cheeks?

Nesta wasn’t sure how much time had passed as she watched him. It could have been minutes or hours for all she knew as she was in the depths of her wild fantasy.

It wasn’t until Cassian wiped sweat off his brow and turned around did Nesta finally shake from her trance. Cassian blinked once in surprise and waved at Nesta with a smile on his face.

Nesta quickly dropped the curtain and touched her cheeks. They were warm. No doubt flushed in either desire or embarrassment. Probably both.

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traffic lights

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Nessian brown😁

Nessian + Coffee Shop AU

Send me prompts

Nesta was informed that day would be one of the most unfortunate of her life since morning. Her horoscope said so. Of course, she didn’t believe it.  

“Capricorn,” Elain had read from the glossy magazine left on the kitchen counter, munching loudly on her muesli cereal while tying her hair in a bun high over her head, “Retrograde Saturn. Take care, stubborn children of the Zodiac – this is most definitively not your day. Beware of strangers, rain, and unexpected setbacks.”

Pah,” Nesta had scoffed, voice dripping contempt, as she solidly hated each one of those things. “You should stop reading that stuff, Elain. It’s nothing but crap. Utter nonsense,” she added, and went out in the chilly April morning, her black umbrella boldly left resting by the door, just to prove her point.

Seven hours and half later, Nesta was privately – very privately – pondering the wisdom of that choice.  And of challenging fate in so bold a fashion.

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Winter (KuroKen)

Pairing: Kuroo X Kenma

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff

Words: 514

Kenma hates it when the leaves on the trees begin to fall.

He hates the stunning array of colors that dust the leaves as they twirl to to the ground.

Because the falling of the leaves heralds Kenma’s least favorite season.


Kenma loathes winter.

He despises how cold it gets, how many layers of clothing he must pile on to keep his thin frame warm. He hates the snow, which seems to attempt to cling to every exposed surface, and makes a horrendous mess of the volleyball player’s clothing as it melts.

Kenma hates the stupid displays in the shop windows, all decked out with lights and cheesy Christmas decorations. He hates hearing the same Christmas carols year after year, hates the waves of people who take to the streets and stores in search of presents for family.

So, it’s unsurprising that this year, when the first flakes of snow are due to fall, Kenma is tucked inside his little apartment, snuggled deep within his blanket, tapping away at the controls of his gaming console. He’s perfectly content being inside, all cozy and dry.

That is, until a familiar 6’2” giant barges into his room.

Kuroo, dressed in a unsightly red parka, complete with a fur-lined hood and his signature messy hair, grins at the smaller.

Kenma sighs, reluctantly lowering his device to glare at the intruder.

“What do you want?” Kenma grumbles, the corners of his lips tugged down in the slightest frown.

“It’s snowing!” Kuroo exclaims, waving his hands about excitedly.

“Wow, thank you captain obvious,” Kenma says with a sigh, returning his attention to his console.

The middle blocker reaches out and easily pries it out of his grasp, standing up to hold it just out of the blond’s reach.

“Let’s go outside,” Kuroo tells him, smirking down at his setter.

Kenma doesn’t allow himself to be dragged outside, into the withering cold without first putting up a fight. But Kuroo is obnoxiously persistent, and at some point, he finds a thick jacket(where on earth did Kuroo even conjure it up from?) being draped over his shoulder before he’s lifted up, bridal style, and carried towards the door.

He hits Kuroo’s chest lightly, a final protest, a last cry for help, before relaxing into the taller’s arms and giving up. The ravenette grins triumphantly as Kenma buries his face into Kuroo’s chest.

And unsurprisingly, Kenma still doesn’t like the snow. As he tugs the jacket tighter around his frame, he shivers and scowls at the falling crystals.

But when he turns to look at Kuroo, his lanky best friend who is presently rolling himself through the snow, he can’t help smile as the white powder catches in Kuroo’s dark hair, and as the elder plays in the freshly fallen snow with something akin to a childish sense of glee and wonder.

And when Kuroo walks over whilst pulling his scarf off, only to wrap the woolen stretch of fabric around the smaller’s neck, Kenma’s heart melts a little.

Maybe Kenma hates winter just a little less now.

~ Mod Candy

New Here - Moonbin Fluff

Originally posted by binwoo

Astro are probably my second favourite band. My bias is Sanha (love at first sight I swear), but two of my close friends bias Moonbin, so shoutout to you two haha

Word count: 1023

Genre: Fluff

“Your dorm is just down this corridor.” The man directed, turning you to the right, “Once again, I’d like to say that I hope you don’t mind sharing with a boy.”

“No, sir. That’s okay.” You smiled, tugging your suitcase behind you. It was your second year of university and you’d been transferred over to Korea to improve your speaking skills.

“We’re kind of lacking on dorms, so here you are.” He said, knocking on a door, “Moonbin-ah! Your roommate is here!”

Shuffling was heard from within the dorm, and a few seconds later the door was open. Presented to you was a cute boy, his hair messy, jogging bottoms hanging loosely.

“Ah, sorry, I took a nap. Come in.” The boy said, standing to the side to allow the guy you was with and yourself in. The two of you walked into a big lounge.

“This is actually the biggest dorm on the campus. Moonbin gets to own it since he’s such a cool idol.” The man said, smirking over to Moonbin.

“Hyung, don’t say things like that.” Moonbin whined in response.

“Moonbin, this is Y/N.” The guy said, motioning between the both of you.

“Nice to meet you.” Moonbin smiled, extending a hand out to shake yours.

“You too.” You returned the beam, your gaze lingering on him for a while just to appreciate that magnificent smile.

“Okay, well I’ll be getting off.” The man commented, breaking the silence that had ensued while the both of you just looked at each other. He began walking towards the door, “You two have fun now.”

We bid him farewell, and again the room was very quiet. Moonbin walked around, plonking himself on the sofa in the middle of the room and flicking through channels with a remote. You, however, was still stood in the doorway scanning this huge dorm. The large windows allowed you to look over a lot of the campus and made you feel very small in this new place. And then your eyes landed on the boy sat down with his gaze fixed on the screen. The tank top hung effortlessly from him, revealing his arms which had obviously seen a day or two at the gym. Moonbin’s skin seemed to glow, and even in such casual clothing, you could tell he was an idol. He was… well… perfect.

“Hey, am I that pretty?” You heard Moonbin chuckle, which snapped you out of your blissful daydream. This is when you noticed he was now looking at you.

“O-Oh, I’m sorry.” You managed to stutter, your face beginning to burn as you looked down at your shoes.

“You can come and sit down, you know? I won’t bite.” Moonbin said, a hand tapping beside him as a silent invitation.

You walked around, sitting yourself beside him and looking at the television to avoid all eye contact with Moonbin. You felt shy because he caught you admiring him. If he hadn’t caught you, you’d probably still be admiring him. However, you could feel him scrutinising you, looking you up and down, “So you must be new here.” Moonbin piped up.

“Yeah,” You began, turning to meet his eyes, “I’ve never been here before.”

“Well, why don’t we go and get to know it together. I’m new to this area too, so we should go for a walk.” Moonbin smiled, pushing himself up, “I’m going to change into something more appropriate. Please, make yourself at home. Look around.”

You nodded, watching Moonbin leave. Deciding to do exactly what was suggested, you got back up and looked around. You was drew to a picture standing on the windowsill, so you picked it up and began to inspect it.

Six boys all attempting to sit on one chair. One of the boys you definitely recognised as Moonbin, the other five were his members you assumed. They all wore hats, smiles printed on each of their faces. Your eyes kept being drew back to Moonbin, though, no matter how many times you tried to see what the other boys looked like. His hair was being pushed down by the snapback he’d put on backwards, and his big smile caused his eyes to form a beautiful crescent. No, Y/N, you’d just met him. You musn’t fall for him in five minutes. But who wouldn’t fall for Moonbin. Just his presence was charming.

“We took this a week before debuting.” A voice was heard behind you causing you to jump and place the photo down, “It makes me smile. Brings back nice memories.”

“It’s a sweet picture. You all seem very close.” You replied, turning to see him standing in black jeans, a black jumper and a large, red parka coat. He looked huggable, if ever that word could be given a visual representation.

“We are. They’re not just my bandmates, they’re my brother.” He said, a slight smile raising on his face, “Anyway,” He began, his arm curving out for you to hook, “shall we get going?”

“Sure.” You smiled, you arm slipping through Moonbin’s to walk beside him.

The two of you walked outside, walking through the flowery spring paths that led out of the campus, “I’d like to get to know you, Y/N. I think we’re going to get on very well.”

“Well, what would you like to know?”

“What are your parents names?” He asked.

“What?” You laughed, looking up at him, “What kind of opening question is that?”

“Well, I need to know the names of the people who are capable of making someone so beautiful.” He said, looking down to meet your eyes.

You could feel your face beginning to turn red, but you couldn’t break eye contact with Moonbin. Something had just been sparked as you both stopped walking. Moonbin’s hands came up to hold your face.

“You’re burning up, yeobo.” Moonbin said, his eyes still firmly fixed to your face.

“Moonbin, I li-” Before you could finish your sentence, Moonbin captured your words with his lips, a chaste kiss ensuing.

The kiss broke, and Moonbin’s forehead came forward to lean against your own, “I like you too.”

EDIT: here’s a link to Mika’s pages as well.

Hyakuya Yuuichiro (CV:Irino Miyu)

Right page translation:

*Was imprisoned in the Vampire city where he lost his important <family> as a child. He vows revenge and is currently part of the Vampire Extermination Unit. He is very brave and bold in his fight. (I think that’s the last line)

  • Japanese Imperial Demon Army Special Private/Moon Demon Company (Shinoa Squad)
  • Birthday: October 16 (Libra)
  • 16 years old / 170cm (~5′6′’) / 59 kg (~130 lbs) / Blood type A / Demon: Ashuramaru
  • Favorite food is Curry / Shortcake (Because a long time ago, the orphanage children said they wanted to eat birthday cake)

Left Page translation under cut:

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The signs as Dan Smith's clothes
  • Aries: The red striped shirt from 2011
  • Taurus: The Nasa jumper
  • Gemini: All of his black skinny jeans
  • Cancer: The yellow scarf
  • Leo: All of his Converse
  • Virgo: The floral snapback
  • Libra: The suit from the Brits 2014
  • Scorpio: The wolf hoodie
  • Sagittarius: The red parka
  • Capricorn: The American flag shoes
  • Aquarius: The Best Laid Plans/Twin Peaks shirt
  • Pisces: The 'World's Greatest Grandpa' jumper
The Abominable Soulmate

Pairing: USUK
Rating: K
Summary: In which Arthur is hit by a snowball and Alfred meets his soulmate.

Day 1: Snow

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Arthur had waited twenty-three bloody years for this moment and god forbid if anything tried to come between him and his soulmate. He strode down the sidewalk, indulging in his leisurely late afternoon walk. His woolen trench coat and scarf were a tad too thin for the brisk winter air, but Arthur wanted to make a good first impression. The slim coat showed off his thin waist and his grey scarf brought out his eyes.

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You pick the ship - #6 :D

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass

This is a prequel to Just Love Me–the Doctor and Rose’s first kiss. Nine/Rose, all ages.

AO3 | | Teaspoon (once validated)

The Doctor took another turn around the console with Rose in his arms. Jack had long since gone to bed, having gotten the message that the Doctor wanted Rose to himself tonight.  And now, looking down at her…

“I want to take you somewhere,” he said abruptly.

The familiar excitement lit up her eyes. “Yeah? Where?”

“S’called Woman Wept. It’s a beautiful place… I think you’d like it.”

“Well, let me wake up Captain Jack while you set the coordinates,” Rose said.

The Doctor held onto her hand when she would have walked away. “No Jack, not tonight. Just you and me.” Rose looked at him, and he shoved his hands into his coat pockets. “That all right?”

A shy smile spread across her face. “Yeah, that’s all right.”

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