red orange shoes

Azula Week - Day 3: Modern AU

Inspired by the AU I’ve loved since its conception, my High School + Meeting Online fic, It Had To Be You!

In this story, Azula is a rather popular student, despite her tendencies to tease and torment some students, particularly her brother and his group of friends.  Yet none of Azula’s friends or family know that she happens to lead a bit of a double life… for in her spare time, Azula is a very skilled and persistent player in an MMORPG, who goes by the name of Gilded_Fire!

To the left, we have our regular Azula, as she would be in any school day. To the right, Azula’s gaming alter ego, Gilded_Fire. I enjoyed designing Gilded_Fire’s Flaming Azure Robe, despite it’s not that flamey, but still I tried. The reason she wears an orange diadem, red shoes and a black staff, that in general don’t seem to match her robe, is because of the tendency in RPG games to supply players with weird combinations of armor and items. I figured it’d be funny if she was stuck with wearing clothes and weapons that don’t really match, but she chose to do it regardless because they favor her character’s attributes the way she needed them to xD

Hope you like it!