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Double Trouble. by Alex Penfold
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TRS x2.

OK SO apparently in Voltron Go Lion, Haggar was Allura’s aunt (or pretending to be)? And I know in the originals she was Lotor’s mom and since he’s in VLD and got the Altean ears, Haggar must be his mom in this too. So what if they stick with Haggar being Allura’s aunt? And the reason Haggar went evil was bc she fell in love with Zarkon. And she did anything for him to the point of corrupting herself with that dark magic. AND @misterpoofofficial ’s QUEEN FALA PROBABLY WOULD TRUST HAGGAR MORE THAN ZARKON AND THEN HAGGAR WAS THE ONE TO KILL FALA, HER OWN SISTER. (Which this situation sucks bc two best friends with the sisters in love with each other them like damn)

Headcanon that sometimes Roy will have to pick Jason up off the floor because Jason has completely fallen asleep there, exhausted

Jason will have been just eating lunch on the ground or reading, then bang, he sleeps. The man is an insomniac with an active nightlife who doesn’t know what self care is. Hence his LIR or “live-in Roy” who keeps him on the up and up