red on blue

Lance:Okay Keith tell us your deepest darkest secret.

Keith:I have a crush on Shiro.

Pidge:No shit you do!

Hunk:Yeah we all figured that one out for our selves.

Lance:Yeah tell another secret.

*4/5 paladins arguing about the sound laser guns make*

Shiro: okay, enough with the bad sound effects…

Me: oh shiro my man look at you go. The boss. The leader. The father of all this chil-

Shiro: …besides it’s more like blam blaM BLAM


Hey everyone, Bea here! This is a comic reboot of an Undertale AU wherein (spoilers ahead) Frisk was the first child, and grew up to be the Captain of the Royal Guard alongside their brother Prince Asriel.

Some of you may have encountered this AU before on AO3 or in little pieces of art here on Tumblr. I’ve decided to take those versions as learning experiences and I’m putting my all into making this AU work as a comic now.

That said, here’s the title page! I’ll start posting pages on Monday and I’ll aim for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule. Please look forward to it!