red october is my favorite month

I failed to appropriately react to the Saint Louis Cardinals being WORLD CHAMPIONS and delivering the promise of 11 in ‘11.  Since today is 11/11/11 I figured it would be a good time to revisit this.  I still feel this excited at least once a day when I remember.  

As Tootie so perfectly put it in Meet Me In St. Louis, “Wasn’t I lucky to be born in my favorite city?!”

i can feel the autumn in my heart tonight. september 1st, the door opening up to something that gives my soul a chance to feel alive. a new chapter begins with the leaves turning color. a cooler breeze cools my overheated brain. thoughts get sorted out walking in the changing nature. my soul in a state of orange and red, i breathe crisp air and start all over again. for the past that is still in my head, i can still turn the page. i love autumn because most things die, yet there is still that one flower from the summer standing strong. i found thousand of things to love in a magic like this. october 1st, when halloween and pumpkins are everywhere. my favorite month, that matches my soul. colorful on the outside, but dark on the inside. and i’ll feel it in the wind, kissing my cheeks. autumn mornings will give peace and golden promises to my soul. november 1st, coldness steps on my porch, telling me about darker days. i’ll inhale them with affection. i’ll just snuggle up closer to what makes me feel warm. autumn is in my heart tonight and i’ll blossom throughout this season even if everything else around me is dying.
—  t.j. // autumn, my love