red nz

@taylorswift wondering if you remember meeting me and my best friend in club red, in NZ 🇳🇿 Was the best day I’ve ever had and miss ya so much, hopefully will see you again on REP TOUR ❤️


It all started with my dad buying me the Fearless Deluxe CD one day in 2009, which then exploded into a full on admiration and love for @taylorswift. In 2012 Mum, Dad and I went to the Speak Now Tour in Auckland, New Zealand, 2013 Red Tour in Auckland, New Zealand and 2015 1989 Tour in Adelaide, Australia. On the 19th September 2015 I woke up to find that @taylorswift had followed me on Tumblr! 6th October 2015 she liked my post and then again on 13th December! I have had the most amazing experience being one of Tay Tay’s many swifties and I can’t wait to add a few more pictures to this (If you know which one I mean :P) @taylorswift I honestly believe if it wasn’t for you, I would have never made it to my 22nd birthday. I can not express my gratitude to you enough! All I can say is that I will love you forever and always Tay, please never forget that! <3 xoxo


1984 Toyota Corolla by Stephen Trinder
Via Flickr:
Christchurch, New Zealand