red nuzlocke

I chose a Bulbasaur! Cause it’s the best 1st Gen starter ‘mon and no one can make me think otherwise. Made it a ‘her/she’ even though the game has no genders to it yet. Also, yes, she’s blind.

Blair the Bulbasaur

Female ♀ / Given to by Professor Oak 

Quick Fact: she wears Jordon’s hat because it brings her happiness. 

Small team before the 2nd Gym, but they’re a good duo together! Not enough love for Fearow, I swear. Caught a good set of Pokemon that don’t really fit onto the team yet so they’re hanging in the box. We haven’t had any casualties yet, but we’ll see how this goes! Also yes, like I said before, Blair loves to wear Jordon’s hat now. It’s hers and no one else can say otherwise ♥︎


◦   Harley ♂ | Rattata lvl. 6
◦   Kacey ♀ | Pidgey lvl. 4
◦   Bailey ♀ | Weedle lvl. 4
◦   Lucas ♂ | Spearow lvl. 6
◦   Cassandra ♀ | Zubat lvl. 8
◦   Justin ♂ | Spearow lvl. 10

None yet

anonymous asked:

Are you going to make a sequal after finished this nuzlocke comic? Like post-game or a different game?

boi im already strugglin to finish this comic what u even

JK but itttt depends. i DO wanna make an original comic or game at some point (because i’ve been working on some dumb story for more than 4 years i think) and nuzlockes take a lot of time to complete……… there would be an epilogue but i’m not going that deep into post game of HGSS– i would probs do a quick (more humor less drama) comic of my fire red nuzlocke experience because the gameplay was just absolutely ridiculous… BUT WE WILL SEE.

Here’s my Red Nuzlocke Trainer! Went with a unisex name cause she’s tomboyish (but looooves pink/magenta like there’s no tomorrow). Quick facts on her would be she hates oranges and she is a huge fan of music, her favorite genre being hard rock and metal, while her least favorite is country music. 

Born in Celadon City and her family sent her away to Pallet Town to live with her senile aunt. Left the house to become a trainer and not be bored all the time.

Lookin’ for art for a thing!

Hey guys! I’m hoping to be fighting Red in the SoulSilver Nuzlocke sometime in the next few weeks (hopefully before the end of the month). And I’m planning to do a really cool video for the opening music segment before I go live. (If you come to my streams early you’re familiar with the screen I usually have up).

I’m going to compile as much Nuzlocke related fanart as I can find on my computer into a slideshow. I’m looking to make the slideshow about 10-15 minutes long. So, if you’ve been thinking about creating something I’d be honored to have your piece be a part of it. The name of the blog or twitter account you post it to or send it to me from will be included on-screen next to your art. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the support this series of streams has gotten and I want to wrap it up in a really cool way. <3

You can submit your art to me on twitter by tweeting @jimmywhetzel, by tagging your post with “jimmy whetzel” on tumblr, or by emailing me a link to it at Please include what you’d like to be credited as in your email.

I’ve got some training to do while I’m on vacation but I’m excited to wrap things up! If you’d like some inspiration or references, I highlighted a bunch of the most important moments on my twitch. They’re pretty much all gym battles/pokemon deaths.

Also here’s a look at the team (pre-grinding). They’ll be the ones fighting Red! Thanks so much for all the amazing contributions these last few months. I can’t wait to finish the game and hopefully move onto the next game sometime soon! <3333

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