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What is a Pit Bull?

*Edit* In my original post, I realized the wording I used was confusing, so I have clarified that. Apologies!

The term “Pit Bull” has essentially been turned into an umbrella term, such as “hound”, used to describe a type of dog, not necessarily one specific breed. 

The three most common breeds people refer to as “pit bulls” are:

American Pit Bull Terrier

Height: 14 - 24 inches (35 - 60 cm)
Weight: 22 - 78 pounds (10 - 35 kg)

American Staffordshire Terriers:

Height: Males 17 - 19 inches (43 – 48 cm) Females 16 - 18 inches (41 – 46 cm)
Weight: 57 - 67 pounds (25 - 30 kg)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

Height:  Males 14 - 16 inches (36 - 41cm)    Females 13 - 15 inches (33 - 38 cm)
Weight: Males 25 - 38 pounds (11 - 17 kg)   Females 23 - 35 pounds (10 - 16 kg)

A lot of dogs that are not “pit bulls” are often lumped into this category because they have one or two similar physical characteristics, such as American Bulldogs

This creates a problem regarding breed-specific legislation (often referred to as BSL) which is popping up in a lot of counties. 

There are also terms tossed around frequently, such as Red Nose and Blue Nose, in regards to pit bulls. This refers to the breeding stock the dog came from. Some people have perpetuated the belief that these dogs are somehow more valuable than non-Red/Blue Nose Pitties. Red Nose Pit Bulls are distinguished by their red noses, golden eyes, and red coat. 

The same is essentially true for Blue Nose pits. A lot of people think they are more valuable for their unique coloring, but that is essentially the only thing that distinguishes them from any other pit bull. Blue Nose Pit Bulls have a grey/blue coat and grey or blue eyes. 

Like any breed, these dogs have amazing potential to be great pets. However, they are typically a higher energy dog and require lots of exercise! It is also important, because of these breeds’ histories and the fact that they are a very strong dog (physically and mentally- they can be stubborn and strong-willed), that you seek out proper training for you and your dog- which, of course, is necessary for every breed, but especially so for these guys!

Again, these dogs are not the vicious killers the media would like you to believe they are. They have just as much potential to be a happy-go-lucky family dog as a Golden Retriever! 

Hope this helps clear up any confusion anyone had about Pit Bulls!

Dog Duo

This part of the story is actually setting up for some other major part down the storyline. We also get a bit more background into Nesta’s character and her love for two important animals in her life.  

Modern Nessian: Chapter 6

Dogs barked in their cages as Nesta opened the door to the canine area. She had just ushered out a dog to his new family that had adopted him. It was moments like this that made her smile without restraint at seeing an animal getting the second chance it deserved.

She walked by a few of the cages and greeted each dog by their name before finally arriving at the recently emptied one. She moved into the cage to start cleaning out the dog bed along with the food and water bowls. Closing time had arrived for those who weren’t volunteers and this permitted her to have extra moments alone to play with the animals. Granted there were so many in the shelter, but Nesta made it a priority to play with the ones that had yet to receive much human interaction. She looked at the chart and saw five dogs hadn’t been walked frequently as the others today.

Nesta took each of the five dogs out individually to the enclosed yard at the back of the shelter. It was obvious the dogs enjoyed some personal time to stretch and feel the grass underneath their paws. Nesta wished that she could do more for the animals. Sadly there just wasn’t enough time in the day to let them get all the love they deserved.

Today she played with two dogs in particular that had captured her heart since she first arrived. Raja and Blaze were each pit bull mixes. Raja was grey coated pit bull with matching grey eyes. Her personality was extremely calm and serious. Many shelter visitors were afraid of Raja, because she was so quiet and they feared she would spring up to surprise them with vicious barking.

Nesta scoffed at such a claim. She and the other volunteers had never heard Raja bark during her entire stay at the shelter. In Nesta’s opinion she was the calmest dog in the whole shelter and city if she was being honest.

Raja reminded Nesta of herself considering many people couldn’t see past the cool outer shell that they emitted.  Both seemed distant, but in reality were simply independent. The two didn’t rely on others to coddle them with meaningless words or false affection.

Recently another dog had entered into the shelter that perked Nesta’s interest. A young red nosed pit bull mix that couldn’t have been older than a year. The reddish orange coat of the dog earned him the name Blaze. He had a bold personality that fit his name. Where Raja was calm and collected, Blaze was energetic and outgoing. The two dogs surprisingly got along as they became neighbors placed in kennels that were beside one another.

In all honesty Nesta wished she could adopt Blaze as well. Since Raja and Blaze were pit bulls it would be extremely hard to find willing adopters to take them in. There was also the fact that Raja was 3 years old meaning families wouldn’t be as willing to adopt an older dog. Then Blaze had such an exuberant behavior that most shied away.

Nesta sighed in frustration for the predicament that her two favorite dogs were put in. She knelt beside their cages and gave each of them loving scratches behind their ears. “We’ll find you two a home. I won’t give up on that.”

Raja wagged her tail in response and Blaze happily did circles around the cage already anticipating the notion of freedom. Nesta stood up she laughed at Blaze as he continued circling and rubbed up against the cage wanting her to keep petting him.

“That’s it for today boy. I’ll come back tomorrow though.” Nesta gave him one parting touch on the head before heading out to help close the shelter with the other two volunteers this evening.


Dinner was on the table when Nesta arrived at the apartment. She took off her shoes at the door and turned her head to greet her sisters Elain and Feyre along with Feyre’s best friend, Morrigan.

“Welcome home!” Elain beamed and walked to the front door. “We already set out the plates and food for dinner since we figured you might be running late tonight.”

“You can’t seem to part ways with the shelter dogs can you?” Mor said good-naturedly.

Nesta gave them each a small smile. Her one weekend a month visits to the shelter always helped brighten her mood. “Yea, I even got to spend some time with my two favorite dogs in the world.”

“I thought volunteers weren’t supposed to play favorites?” Feyre laughed and joined them in the dining area.

“Well these two are well worth the titles,” Nesta placed her purse on the counter and walked over to the table to join the others at their seats.

“Thank you again for inviting us over for dinner,” Mor said. “I don’t know if I could take another one of Feyre’s new cooking attempts anymore.”

“Hey at least I haven’t killed anybody with those meals!”

“Yet,” Mor replied sweetly in a singsong voice that could grab anyone’s attention.

“I pity Rhysand whenever you both try to cook,” Nesta helped pour water into each of the glass cups on the table. “Who knows when he will end up in the hospital dying from food poisoning.”

“Very funny Nesta, but let me tell you all a secret,” Feyre whispered loud enough for the table to hear. “Rhys can’t cook to save his life either.”

It was silent for a second before Mor and Elain burst out laughing. Nesta blinked in disbelief.

“Your'e both doomed when it comes to the kitchen!” Mor’s laughter rang like chimes throughout the apartment.

“Well I wouldn’t say everything related to the kitchen is doomed,” Feyre coyly smirked. Nesta used the condensation droplets on the water pitcher to flick cold water onto her sister.

“Not at the table Feyre. In fact how about not at all,” Nesta placed the pitcher on a coaster. “No one needs those images before eating.”

“Good to know you two didn’t starve then. I bet there was a lot of… eating going on then Feyre?” Mor waggled her blonde brows.

Elain choked on the water in her glass and Feyre had the decency to give a light blush.

“Wait,” Elain coughed out. “Was it at his place or your place?”

That made Mor jerk to her senses. “Please tell me you did not do this on the kitchen countertop!”

“No of course not, those are too small to sit on!” Feyre said.

“So you tried it then?” Mor narrowed her eyes at Feyre who looked pointedly at the fruits brought to the table. Mor thought for a moment before her eyes went wide. “Did you… on the table…?”

Feyre at that moment took a long swig of her water while refusing to answer Mor.

“Oh for goodness sakes can we please not talk about this at the table right now!” Nesta hurriedly passed food around hoping to diverge from the subject. She did not want to hear about her younger sister’s sex life or whether she and Rhys had decided to test new areas of where they could get it on.

“If it makes it any better it wasn’t the table at our apartment Mor,” Feyre said with a slight smile. She thought back on that day happily considering it was the first day Feyre was finally willing to trust someone so completely after the ordeal with Amarantha and the disastrous relationship with Tamlin. Feyre and Rhys had been dating for a good while at that point and the two were swept up in an evening where they opened themselves up to each other and decided to take their relationship forward.

“Well that’s okay then! You get it girl!” Mor reached over to high-five Feyre who returned the enthusiasm.

“Yes congratulations Feyre, but let’s not ruin our appetites before dinner,” Nesta shoved a bit of salad onto her plate along with grilled chicken that was heated up in the microwave.

“All right Nesta I’ll spare you the details,” Feyre chuckled while also serving herself a helping of chicken.

“So how were Raja and Blaze today?” Elain asked.

“Those are the two pit bulls you want to adopt right Nesta?” Feyre cut into her chicken and grabbed the rice that Mor passed to her.

“Yea, but I know the landlord won’t even consider them staying in the apartment,” Nesta twirled her fork around the salad on her plate.

“And there’s no way you can adopt them?” Elain put food on her plate and started to eat. Nesta knew Elain would be content to have a dog in the apartment. Both of them were eager to adopt one and Elain had been smitten with Raja when she met her. It was just a matter of the rules that prevented larger dogs from staying at the apartment that caused the issue of adopting Raja.  They could bring Blaze in at his current size, but he was bound to get bigger. Nesta had even approached the landlord about bringing Blaze in as a foster home when he first arrived at the shelter, but the landlord was firm about pit bulls not being on the property. It was a completely ridiculous rule in Nesta’s opinion.

“I just wish there was some way we could keep them, but that isn’t an option right now.” Nesta ate a small bite of her salad.

“What about seeing if any one you know could adopt them?” Mor offered. “At least then you may be able to visit them after adoption.”

“I’ve tried looking, but none really came to mind that would be suited for Raja and Blaze.”

“So what are the personalities of the dogs?”

"Raja is pretty much the dog version of Nesta,” Feyre explained to Mor. “And Blaze is a younger pit bull who is really active and playful.”

Nesta pulled out her phone to show Mor a photo of the two dogs. The image was one of Nesta’s favorite where both dogs were looking at the camera. Raja had a somber expression while Blaze had his tongue drooping out of his mouth and seemed like he was smiling at the camera.

“Oh wow!” Mor looked at the picture and back to Nesta. “I can totally see a resemblance.”

“Between which one?” Nesta smiled.

“Obviously the bundle of joy who couldn’t crack a smile like her little friend beside her!” Mor and Nesta laughed.

“The orange colored dog reminds me of someone though,” Mor trailed off and kept staring at the photo in thought.

“Let me see,” Feyre held her hand out and took the phone to examine the photo. “Now that you mention it, the dog seems familiar to me too.”

“Well Blaze has a personality like no other,” Nesta began. “He is such a lovable guy and is always ready to go outside to play. Sometimes he tries to taunt me to chase after him, but he comes right back over when he knows playing hard to get isn’t getting him anywhere.” Nesta laughed at a memory that sprang to her mind. “This one time he accidentally tripped over his own feet and fell right into my legs. He wasn’t hurt at all though considering he tried to steal some kisses on my cheeks!”

The others at the table chuckled and Elain reached for her glass to take another sip of water after her laughing fit, Suddenly Mor scrambled for the phone still in Feyre’s hand.


“What?” The others asked as Mor got took the phone and looked at the photo.

“What does that brute have anything to do with this?” Nesta narrowed her eyes in confusion at the sudden outburst. She didn’t want to bring up the man that invaded her thoughts too often enough as it was.

“Blaze is the dog version of Cassian!” Mor held out the phone so everyone could see the photo. “Doesn’t he remind you of him?”

“No! Absolutely not!” Nesta wouldn’t stand for Blaze to be compared to that hulking man that annoyed her to no end.

“You’re right!” Feyre reached for the phone again. “Look! They even have similar eye colors! And their personalities are practically the same.”

Nesta took the phone from Feyre and gave the picture a closer look. Looking at Blaze she searched for hints of Cassian. The bright eyes and happy expression were closely alike. Then there was the matter of both having spirited traits in the way they exuded confidence and excitement.

“Well Cassian is not as cute as Blaze,” Nesta put the phone in her pocket hoping to end the conversation.

“But Cassian makes up for his lack of cuteness with his handsomeness,” Feyre smiled at Nesta. Feyre wasn’t going to give up on trying to put Cassian and her sister together.

“Don’t tell him that or it may go straight to his ego,” Nesta took another bite of her meal.

She didn’t notice Mor’s expression that was deep in thought. Mor debated about mentioning more about Cassian. She decided against telling Nesta about her previous history with the man. From what Mor could gauge of Feyre and Rhysand’s brief conversation, it was evident that there was some sort of thing was going on between Nesta and Cassian.

Mor knew that Cassian should move on from the past. What happened years ago was a mistake that had haunted them for so long. Tension remained among their circle of friends when Cassian, Azriel and Mor were in the same room. It wasn’t noticeable to many except to those with a keen eye who knew about their history.

Looking at Nesta, Mor wondered if this woman would finally fill a role that Cassian needed in his life. That is if both didn’t strangle each other first.

Instead Mor asked Nesta to send her a photo of Blaze and Raja. Nesta willingly obliged if a bit curious to the request. Little did she know that this would lead Mor to find someone who was interested in adopting one of the dogs.

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