red nose climb

After another big fight, Alois is curled up in bed, angrily sobbing his pretty blue eyes out and mumbling beneath his breath. 

Ciel had unintentionally pissed him off, and as usual, he has no idea what he did wrong.

By now he’s grown used to Alois’ mood swings, but he never gets used to seeing his lover cry, no matter how much they argue.

Once he’s calm, collected, and  certain Alois won’t bite his head off; Ciel quietly creeps into the bedroom. 

Alois has his back to the door, and the covers pulled all the way up to his stuffy little red nose.

Ciel climbs into bed, and Alois groans in protest. 

He’s still angry, but secretly grateful for Ciel’s company. He doesn’t know why he’s like this… why he gets set off so easily, why he can’t be ‘normal’, he knows Ciel must be growing tired of his constant emotional meltdowns…

Ciel gets under the covers and wraps his arms around Alois’ slender waist, burying his face in his lover’s fluffy blond hair. Alois always smells so sweet, like cotton candy, and his skin as soft as freshly spun silk.

The warmth between them is enough to ease the tremors that wrack the blond’s aching chest. 

Suddenly, all is calm… all that matters is that Ciel hasn’t left his side, that Ciel still wants to be close to him, even after a rather vulgar exchange only moments before.

Alois’ eyes slip shut, his hands gently wrapped around the smaller ones that hold him. 


“I know, no need to explain yourself…” 

Ciel planted kisses at every inch of visible skin, the softness of his lips making Alois melt under the gentle affections.

“You’re a big cry baby bitch, but you’re all mine, and I love you…”

Alois couldn’t help but laugh, as he turned to face the boy he loved, Ciel was always there to wipe his tears away.

“I’ll always love you more… cheeky bastard.”

Ciel’s laughter was absolutely contagious, and all thoughts of their altercation had slipped away as their lips met over and over in a fit of giggles.


“I woke up in the middle of the night and my back was in agony. Every step was painful. I was a bit disappointed I had to do a different route. This morning, to be honest, was the first morning I felt like I could not do it; I might not get there. (Sigh) I’m gutted, to be honest. I’m hoping with a bit of rest, nice dinner, bed early, things will change tomorrow. You never know. A little prayer before bed maybe tonight.” – Gary Barlow, during the Red Nose Climb.


On 27 February 2009, Ronan Keating, Chris Moyles, Ben Shephard, Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Denise Van Outen, Fearne Cotton, and Alesha Dixon, led by Gary Barlow, set off to Tanzania to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro. The Climb raised in excess of £3.5 million. All nine celebrities reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on Saturday, 7 March 2009. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with the group upon their return to the United Kingdom and congratulated the “nine heroes” on their achievement, saying that they were “inspiring a generation of kids who would never have thought about these things”.