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could you pls write some angst about steve getting married to someone and jonathan and nancy going to the wedding, even though they're still in love with him??

okay like first off this hurt me and second of all this hurt me and third of all… well, here you go.  and naturally i had to add a whole beginning part leading up to the wedding to justify the situation.  I’m gonna need to write so much fluff after this.

(this takes place in the universe where the ot3 become full-time monster hunters after high school)

Jonathan guessed it started when they visited Steve’s cousin Andrew in Florida.  He’d just had a kid, and Steve wanted to meet the new baby Harrington, so the trio took a break from monster hunting for a week and drove down.  It had been a great trip– Andrew was one of the less-crazy people in that family, and baby Henry was absolutely adorable.  Steve had bonded with the kid in no time flat, and it was like he’d found his calling with the kid.

They’d gotten back on the road quickly enough, but something changed after that.  They’d had their differences before– people tend to have low spots when you’ve been together for five whole years– but it was more noticeable now.  Steve had been getting less and less eager about their jobs.  When they’d wander around small towns across the country, he’d point some of them out, making a casual comment about nice places to live and raise a family.  The comments always seemed to put Nancy in a bad mood, and things would be tense until Jonathan changed the subject.  They argued more, and while they always apologized and forgave each other, they never really seemed to move past anything.  

They loved each other as much as ever, that hadn’t changed.  But they weren’t happy, and the thought of it drove Jonathan crazy.  He would stay up late at night, mind on fire with worry and anxiety and the constant dread of “we’re not going to make it.”

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During that night we both got up to go to the loo at the same time, and we ended up sitting on the ground outside the tent together while everyone else was sleeping. It was completely random, but quite a special moment for the two of us. We were both so grateful to have one another, and being there in that situation really brought it home to us. The funny thing was that Cheryl and I had both assumed that we knew everything about one another and there was nothing left to learn. And then we climbed a mountain together and found out that wasn’t the case. We both saw very different sides of each other on that journey. She’d seen me lose control and turn into a vulnerable child, and I saw strength and resolve in her that I never knew she had.
I silently thanked God that Cheryl was there.