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Fluff Week: Red team sleepover!

They’re watching a horror movie (it’s the star wars prequels). Sarge is super excited to have his nails painted red, the color of true soldiers. Yes, Donut has a ‘Sarge 2′ poster in his room.

Did I give Lopez a pillow just so I wouldn’t have to deal with armor? You’re damned right. Sorry this is so sketchy and uncolored, I’m absolutely awful at colors when there’s a bunch of people.


BOSS TWEED - model: Erika Linder - photographer: Beau Grealey - fashion editor: Alison Edmond - hair: Maranda at the Wall Group - make-up: Darlene Jacobs - manicure: April Foreman - Marie Claire September 2015

  • Simone Rocha dress, pearl necklace - David Yurman thick chain necklace - Jacob & co. ring - Roger Vivier boots