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Lucretia Borgia Reigns in the Vatican in the Absence of Pope Alexander VI (art detail)

Frank Cadogan Cowper


Anthony Kiedis & John Frusciante in Amsterdam (1991)
Including Under The Bridge acoustic

Straight from Bram van Splunteren’s Vimeo - you can download it here.


Happy (it’s still a bit far away) 30th Anniversary Final Fantasy!

The real project all along was making something like this! a recreation of the NES version of FF1 battle hub. I took inspiration from both the game, dissidia and it has a bit of the desolate hope going on.

 I’ve always been a Final Fantasy fan but became even more of a geek about it these last years.

 This project along the other one must have been the most I have ever spent drawing something in my life (I think), I even had to take long breaks between drawing the characters, the hub and everything else. 

I’m ready to just end both drawings here, I know I could have done more, but I’m already satisfied with the final product.

“ It’s like I’m in the 4th Dimension and somebody is asking me to describe it verbally. And that’s what the 4th Dimension is all about. Is no words, no symbols, no images. All pure, real energy and vibrations. And if I thought about how cruel of a world this is, I would probably just commit suicide after a while, if that was what I spent my energy about. I would definitely not have any strenght left to create music. ”

- John Frusciante, Funky Monks Documentary (1992)

Ok, Character number 2!! The Aarakocra monk for @thefreegladelancer

I was really excited about doing a non-human character (elves count as humans when it comes to character design really).  

This guy (don’t know his name) is a monk of Syranita the Aarakocran goddess of protection.  I initially designed him with a necklace featuring what was essentially the eye of Horus (to denote watchfulness of the deity and protection) but I felt like this was way to obvious.   Instead I went with this styalised snake. (I was researching other gods of protection from Ancient cultures and came across a story of Herecles in which he kills a snake.  Given that there is basically NO information about Syranita I decided to invent a little piece of head cannon in which long ago (from the perspective of the character) Syranita had an epic battle with some kind of snake demon/monster to protect the fledging Aarakocra race.  The monks of Syranita now immortalise that epic battle by wearing symbols of the defeated snake to remind them of her power and devotion to her subjects.

As for his clothing, he doesn’t wear much (he’s covered in feathers - he doesn’t need to).  I tried out a loin cloth but it didn’t really look that great so I got rid of it.  I figure maybe he only wears one when he goes into towns and villages, but when he’s out adventuring he doesn’t bother.  He wears prayer beads and a couple of holy symbols as well as a sash (that I imagine all monks of Syranita wear (the more intricate and detailed the higher ranking the monk).

@thefreegladelancer mentioned secretary birds in their description of their character so I incorporated the super cool head feathers of secretary birds onto the character, they are great at accentuating  his emotions (up when happy, flattened when sad).

His staff (which I included even though he was said not to fight with weapons at all) has little bells on the ends - I imagine this as a throwback to a time when monks of Syranita would beg for alms  (like some monks do today with little bells) but now is more of a symbol rather than an actual practical object (although it can be used offensively).

Anyway, that’s it.  This was a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me draw your guy!

Keep those characters coming people!