red mohawk geoff

October 8, 2014 - An Open Letter to Ville

This morning, a video appeared on Bam’s Facebook titled, “An Open Letter to Ville.” It was roughly three minutes long and depicted what seemed to be a letter written from Bam to Ville. Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down and replaced with the photo above. How I was lucky enough to catch the video this morning, I have no idea. I saw it on my newsfeed as I was walking to my second class and instantly grabbed my headphones. I tried to link it to tumblr or find an embed code but I couldn’t seem to do it from my phone. It had only been online for three hours when I saw it. For those who didn’t see the video, I have complied a list of what I remember about it:

  • Red Mohawk Geoff is sitting in Bam’s kitchen with the letter in his hands, Bam is behind the camera filming 
  • Geoff reads the letter
  • “Disarm Me with Your Loneliness” is written about Bam
  • He states that his email has 777 in it and he feels the line “turning three sevens into three sixes again” specifically is about him
  • He states that listening to HIM lyrics today kind of “haunt” him (That wasn’t his exact word but it was the best I could think of to describe what he said)
  • He talks about Ville being his idol
  • He feels like he is to blame for Ville’s addictions
  • He states that he would always get Ville anything he wanted, whenever because he idolized him so much (So for example if Ville wanted coke, Bam would make sure Ville got coke)
  • There was a specific incident in which Bam got Ville Adderall and Ville ended up having a very bad asthma attack 
  • Bam states that Ville’s management and other people close to him seemed to blame Bam for the indicent
  • Bam feels like Ville also somewhat caused Bam’s addictions (he doesn’t outright say this. He states it as “he taught me how to drink at noon, but I feel he means that Ville had a hand in Bam’s own problems)
  • Ville goes to rehab
  • Bam was very, very angry that Ville chose to not come to Bam’s wedding to Missy
  • He states that he thinks it is ridiculous that Ville chose to rehearse songs rather than come to his wedding 
  • Bam feels like he never got a "thank you” for HIM’s US fanbase
  • Ville apparently told Bam that he considered someone named Issac to be his best friend
  • Bam finds this to be bull shit since he feels like he was there for Ville through a lot of shit and that Ville and Issac have a terrible relationship
  • At the end of the video Bam states, “Yup. I agree with that.” before the camera cuts out

(Anyone who saw the video and feels like there is anything that should be added to this list please contact me ASAP, thanks!)

To me it seems like Bam’s mostly upset about being a huge enabler in Ville’s addiction, Ville not coming to the wedding, and Ville not considering him to be his best friend.  

I guess we just have to wait and see where things go from here. I’ll be posting updates here as they become available