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Marichat May Day 26 - The Stray

Chat Noir downloads a new game where stray cats will come visit you. When he excitedly shows Marinette all the cats he had collected in the cat book, Marinette notices something about the names.

Rated G || 518 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

Collecting Cats

Even though she’d left the window open for him, Marinette jumped when Chat Noir tumbled through it to her bed. “Princess, you have to look at this app I found! You collect stray cats!” He was down the latter and shoving his phone in her face before she could even get up from her chaise to say hello. “It’s called Neko Atsume and it’s so cute!”

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!!!!! Help her find these babies !!!!!

[ Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I posted about these 2 beauties. I have been trying to find where they are because my mom sold them and their cages for $200 when I was in the hospital. It happened July/August of 2011. I had them for 10 years. The cherry headed conure is a female about 16 years old. Her name is Oscar. The blue and gold macaw is a female about 15 years old. Her name is Cosmo, but responds to Hurrudaba because she decided that was her name. My mom sold them to a woman that lived in Rhode Island. I miss them dearly and just would like to at least seem them again. If you all could share this for me so I can see my babies again I would be forever grateful. ]

Oscar and Cosmo were her PETS and it seems that there was some kind of miscommunication and now she no longer has them and would just like to seem them again.

The new owner was sold so a woman somewhere in Rhode Island.

My RI / New England followers, Can we please boost this? T_T Let her see her babies one more time!

All I Want For Christmas (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Word Count: 841

Genre: Platonic happiness

Request/Summary: “ok so the fab 4 christmas edition! with prompts 22 and 25?? like maybe 3 are wrapping gifts, one comes home and the apartment is a complete mess or something, one has absolutely no idea how to wrap, idk honestly i love ur writing so do what u want with it lol” -Anon (idk if you wanted this to be reader insert but I made it one)

Prompt List

Ask Box

Pairing: Hamilsquad x Reader

AU: Roommate (loftmate?)

Warnings: Nothing… probably

A/N- Happy holidays guys!

“Oh my god what happened?” You asked, the alarm evident in your voice as you stepped into the your shared loft.

“Non! (Y/N), Vous ne pouvez pas regarder!” Lafayette yelled, standing in front of something as the rest of the boys clustered around him, messy hair, panicked faces, and a clear inability to take care of themselves. You sighed and turned around.  

“Okay, I’m not looking, now go put it away so I can help you.” You groaned. You heard a collection of scuffling, thumping, and banging sounds behind you as the boys moved whatever “it” was.

“Alex…” You grumbled exasperatedly, turning around, to finally face them. He smiled guiltily at you as you pulled pieces of tape off his arms and combed bits of red and green striped wrapping paper out of his hair. “How can so much idiocy be contained in such a small body?” You muttered to yourself.

“Oh my god. Laf.” You shook your head, guiding his various limbs out of the tangle of Christmas lights he had gotten himself into.

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anonymous asked:

hi can you explain the possessives to me... like mine dine våre vår sine and stuff? for example don't understand when to use vårt and when to use vår like "vi liker tallerkenene våre" and "vi esker hunden vår"???? thx

I’ll do my best, buddy!! c:  (and my horrendous ms paint skills make yet another return)

Eiendomsord - Possessives


ALRIGHT SO this might look pretty scary at first, but I’ll try to go into detail and explain the basics. The top row (singular/plural + m/f/n/all) defines the noun you’re using, while the row to the left define the person/subject in the sentence. 

In other words, the sentence “It’s your apples” would be “Det er dine epler”. It uses the possessive “dine” because “your” is 2. person singular while “apples” is a plural noun. I hope that makes sense!! 

Here are some examples for each possessive:

“Min” - first person singular, masculine/singular noun.

“Hunden min heter Kasper.” “My dog is named Kasper.”

“Det der er boken min.” “That’s my book.”

“Mi” - first person singular, feminine/singular noun.

“Liker du lista mi?“Do you like my list?”

Døra mi er åpen.” - “My door is open.”

“Mitt” - first person singular, neuter/singular noun.

“Huset mitt er rødt.”“My house is red.”

Jeg flyttet skapet mitt.” - “I moved my closet.”

Mine” - first person singular, all genders/plural noun.

“Alle eplene mine er grønne.” - “All my apples are green.” 

“De er mine.“They’re mine.” 

“Din” - second person singular, masculine/singular noun.

“Er det din bil?”“Is it your car?”

Jeg liker hatten din.” - “I like your hat.”

“Di” - second person singular, feminine/singular noun.

“Den boka er di.“That book is yours.”

“Er det di jakke?” “Is it your jacket?”

“Ditt” - second person singular, neuter/singular noun.

“Det er ditt hus.” - “It’s your house.”

“Er eplet ditt?“Is the apple yours?”

“Dine” - second person singular, all genders/plural noun.

“Det er dine elever.” - “It’s your students.” 

Er det dine klær?” “Is it your clothes?”

“Sin” - third person singular OR second person plural (reflexive), masculine/singular noun.

“Hun kysset kjæresten sin.” “She kissed her (own) boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Er det Ole sin bok?” - “Is it Ole’s book?”

“Si” -  third person singular OR second person plural (reflexive), feminine/singular noun.

“Hun skrev lista si.”“She wrote her (own) list.”

Var det Lise si bokhylle?” - “Was it Lise’s bookshelf?” 

“Sitt” - third person singular OR second person plural (reflexive), neuter/singular noun.

“Han likte huset sitt. - “He liked his (own) house.”

“Kjører han barnet sitt til skolen?” - “Does he drive his (own) child to school?”

“Sine” - third person singular (reflexive), all genders/plural noun.

“Hun er glad i alle barna sine.” “She loves all her (own) children.”

“Hører de på foreldrene sine?- “Do they listen to their (own) parents?”

“Hennes” - third person singular if the person in question is female

“Det er hennes bok.” - “It’s her book.”

“Er det ikke hennes bøker?”“Isn’t it her books?”

“Hans” -  third person singular if the person in question is male

“Det er ikke hans bil.” - “It’s not his car.”

“Liker du ikke hundene hans?- “Don’t you like his dogs?”

“Vår” - first person plural, masculine/feminine/singular noun.

“Den er vår. - “It’s ours.”

“Gikk du på tur med hunden vår?” “Did you take our dog for a walk?”

“Vårt” - first person plural, neuter/singular noun.

“Huset er vårt.”“The house is ours.” 

“Liker du skapet vårt?”“Do you like our closet?”

“Våre” - first person plural, all genders/plural noun. 

“Søskenbarna våre bor i Sør-Korea.”“Our cousins live in South Korea.”

Hater du kattene våre?” - “Do you hate our cats?”

“Deres” - third person plural, all genders/singular/plural nouns.

“Det er deres hus.” “It’s their house.”

“Guttene tok veskene deres. - “The boys took their handbags.”


There’s more to be said about possessives (when to put them before the noun and when to put them after the noun etc.,) but this post is getting pretty long, so let’s cover all that shizz another day!

Hope this helps you out! <3

Chicken Noodle Soup

What’s Next

Request: Could you pls wright a rob / reader where the reader is sick with the a fever or something and rob takes care of her. Full of fluff:) thanks you!!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sickness, mild language

Word Count: 1996

Tagging: @alrtist @fangirl-faye @crowleysprincess159 @perseusandmedusa @bad-intentions-22 @wayward-mirage @cherik-speightlover @fall-out-at-the-marvel-phandom @negansgrimes @royalfunkstar @secretsupernaturalblog @authoressskr @nicmob @sdavid09 @paddy1219 @dont-hate-relate-pls @ashiewesker @your-not-invisible-to-me @mulit-fandom-fangirl @whovianayesha @zuzaak @spnackleholicswainer @ryleeroseb4 @chloecolbourne @bluehamster13 @supernaturual @riversong-sam @thatone67chevyimpala @sea-you-bitch @nerdysandwichqueen @wonderlandmoonrose7 @your-silver-and-gold @therealdeanwinchester13 @ariethegreat98 @eileenlikesyou-maybe @misha-collins-is-an-angel @dontwasteyourbreath @amyapathetic @cantchoosejustonefandom @thecandylovingarchangelgabriel @capnjacksparrow14

Originally posted by lamthetwickster

“I can go to work, Rob. I’m okay,” you argued with your boyfriend of three years with a stubbornness only he could match. So, you had woken up this morning feeling horrible, but as an editor for Kings of Con, you had tons of work to do. You couldn’t miss a day, not with a deadline looming over you.

“Y/N, don’t make me carry you back to bed,” Rob threatened, immediately following you out of the bedroom as you made a bolt for the front door. He easily outraced you, blocking your path with a scolding look on his face. “Go back to bed.”

“You go back to bed,” you retorted sassily, eyes squeezing shut briefly in discomfort as your muscles ached.

Rob noticed the tremor of pain, the way you nearly shrunk back into yourself to try to shy away from the ache. “Babe, come on,” he sighed, reaching forward to gently grab your hand and pull you closer, immediately feeling the goosebumps covering your skin. He reached up with one hand to press his palm against your forehead, a frown immediately adorning his lips. “You’re burning up,” he murmured as he twined his fingers with yours and pulled you back to the bedroom.

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Spectrum Ch 21 - Part I

[ 1 ] -  [ 2 ] - [ 3 ] - [ 4 ] - [ 5 ] - [ 6 ] - [ 7 ] - [ 8 ] - [ 9 ] - [ 10 ] - [ 11 ] - [ 12 ] - [ 13 ] - [ 14 ] - [ 15 ] - [ 16 ] - [ 17 ] - [ 18 ] - [ 19 ] - [ 20 ]

Content Warning : Self Harm (Should probably go back a tag a few prior chapters with that, too).

Okay. I’m pretty much doing what I should have done with Chapter 20. That sucker was just too big. 

Not sure when the next chapter’s coming, but it’s mostly complete. There’s been so much stuff going on, guys, and I gotta sort out some breathing time.

But here we go.

Chapter 21. In which there’s snow, a few puzzles to be solved, and a pair of red mittens.

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Chicken Pox - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

(A/N: Here you go anon, enjoy! ^-^)


“Y/n?” Newt examined his face in the mirror as he called for you. “Can you come here for a moment please?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there!” Putting the last breakfast dish away, you hurried towards his room. A frown creased your forehead. He had been complaining about not feeling well for the past day or two, but you had thought it had just been exhaustion and maybe a light fever.

Entering the room, you saw Newt prodding a large red dot on his forehead. “What’s this? It’s not anything one of my creatures would have left.”

Coming closer and examining it, you sighed deeply. It was either chicken pox, or some sort of strange allergic reaction to one of his creatures… And you were willing to bet that it was the start of the pox. “Chicken pox, dear.”

“The what?” He scratched at one with his fingernail, and you hastily grabbed his wrist and pulled it away from his face.

“Don’t scratch! It’ll spread. And trust me, you won’t like that.” You groaned, remembering your own case of the chicken pox when you were younger.

“Oh…” He turned and plunked himself down onto his bed. “Ugh.” It was his turn to groan now as he stared up at the ceiling. His face had a red tinge to it, and his hair was sticking to his forehead with sweat.

“I’m going to take your temperature, I’ll be right back. And no touching!” You added firmly, making your way to the bathroom to get a thermometer and a glass of water.


It was the third day now, and you were ready to just jump off a bridge and be done with it. You’d taken the week off of everything that you needed to, and were devoting your time to taking care of Newt. You were currently dabbing some calamine lotion onto his itchy spots (which were pretty much everywhere, he had obviously been scratching at them in his sleep or when you weren’t looking).

“Still itches.” He said through clenched teeth.

“I know love, I’m really sorry.” You cast a sympathetic gaze at him, but it quickly turned to frustration when you had to slap at his hand that was wandering dangerously close to the rash. “No scratching! What am I going to do with you?!”

Newt shrugged, subtly trying to itch his back on the bed sheets. He had large dark circles under his eyes from not being able to sleep because of the itching, and his hair was a mess. Earlier in the day you had plopped him in a warm bath with some Epsom salt, and that had eased the itch for a while, but he couldn’t just stay in the tub forever. You had even tried to distract him by having him work on his book, but he couldn’t concentrate because of the intense itching.

Emerging from your memories, you noticed him scratching a patch of the pox that was spreading down his arm. “Stop it! You’re going to make it worse.” You had an exasperated tone in your voice.

“Don’t care.” Newt said miserably, continuing to scratch.

“Fine then, we’ll see about that.” You muttered, stomping out towards the kitchen. You came back a minute later with some scotch tape and a pair of red oven mitts in hand. “There. Hold out your hands please.” You had a slightly smug smile on your face as Newt held out his hands in defeat.

Sliding the mitts on, you attached them firmly to his wrists with the tape. “Done.” You had a triumphant smile on your lips now, looking down at your handiwork.

“Oh.” Was all Newt could manage, examining his newest accessory. “What are you laughing about?” He asked in a miffed and slightly confused tone, looking at you sniggering.

“You look like a lobster with those on.” You chuckled, gesturing towards the mitts.

“I see.” Newt moaned and rolled his eyes. “When did you say this would be over again?”


A beautiful snowy day! by Tina