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WestAllen + Blanket hogging

The first thing Iris realized was that she was cold. She frowned, her sleep-addled brain coming to the conclusion that the person beside her, who was snoring softly, had stolen the blankets.

Barry Allen.

Letting out a huff of irritation, she tugged at the soft cashmere quilt, something they both had insisted on buying when they moved in together. They had both crashed into bed last night, him tired from superhero duties, her from taking a red-eye from Metropolis after a two week internship opportunity. And right now, she was pulling the quilt with all her strength, well, as much as she could in her still-half asleep state.

“Barry, come on,” she muttered, “Let go, I’m cold you jerk.”

He mumbled something and burrowed further under the covers. That was the thing with Barry, he either was an extremely light sleeper or he slept like the dead.

Iris huffed again, she had goosebumps all over her, the flimsy camisole and boy-shorts she was wearing an absolute no help.

Finally relenting, she crawled under the covers and made herself comfortable on Barry’s sleeping form, he was warm and cozy thanks to his extra fast metabolism.

“Mmm…Iris,” Barry mumbled, “S’nice.”

They were literally sandwiched together and Iris looked at Barry, wondering of she had woken him up, ‘Well, if I had woken him up, it’s still his fault anyway,’ she thought as she adjusted the blanket around the two of them as she fell asleep again.

The next morning, as Barry sleepily opened his eyes, he noticed Iris sleeping on his chest and a slow smile crept over his face; his hands unconsciously wrapping around her sleeping form.

“Stop smiling, I’m still mad at you for hogging all the blankets,” she muttered sleepily, “And this was my only option.”

He wove a hand through her hair, “But you’ve gotta admit this is a much better option,” he said, kissing her softly, smiling against her lips when she moaned and tugged him impossibly more closer.

Needless to say, that entire Saturday was spent in bed.

nudestripesiron  asked:

Soulmates AU where Bruce was born with a strange S símbol on his wrist instead of the name of his soul mate like the other people. At first Bruce thought he was a special snowflake because he was Born with something special, diferent, but after his parents died he realisted how fucked up his existence was if life didn't even want to give the name of his special. Clark was Born with bat on his wrist, Jor-El and Lara were so happy and exited that they cried since the soulmark had disapeared

-continuation- centuries ago in the kryptonian race. Although it wasn’t a very Nice sign, some kind of black pointy caricature like creature, it was More than anything they expected since they expected nothing. When Kal-El was sent to Earth Jonathan and Martha just couldn’t be more proud of how special their son was, they always told him that he will be/do something extraordinary, big and good, and that bat like mark was only an indications of it. As he grow up and was forced to hide his power

-continuation2- he had to also hide his soulmark worried that this was another alien related blood thing and hoping with all his heart that there was someone out there for him. As they grew up Clark would stare at the sky wondering if his other half was out there, if there was another one like him or if he/she/it was on Earth, meanwhile Bruce would try to hide and destroy the strange sign, going to far as cutting his skin. For Clark the mark was hope, for Bruce a reminder of the damaged human

-continuation3- being he was. Teen years were the worst, people always talking about their wrist names. Clark would always blush and let his shyness talk telling his friends that it was his secret, a thing he would only share with his special one. Bruce didn’t had friends, he didn’t have to worry about this, though there was always the Gold digger who tired to look at his bandaged wrist hoping that his/her name was the one. They graduated HS And went to college, Bruce dropping out after his

-continuation4- second semester, travelling the world, trying to look for redemption, training his mind and body and for the first time looking at his wrist liking his damaged side since there would be no one who would suffer for him -apart from Alfred -. Clark went to college, a happy and easy time though his heart ached for that special one. He would look around and see the couples, how happy they looked around they soulmate, and he would stare at the bat praying for him to appear soon.

-continuation5- it was around this time that for the first time wished to have a normal soulmark, damning his alien blood. This feeling intensified when he met Lois Lane. That night he tired to burn his skin with his heat vision, ending up burning the shower curtains, crying and sobbing while gripping his wrist whispering how Sorry he was for trying something so foolish. That night he took a red hoodie, jeans and run through Metropolis spotting every crime that came in his way, trying to forget.

-continuation6- Bruce came back from the dead with his wrist burning and the S brighter than ever hearing rumors about a blue and red hope running through Metropolis. He didn’t Wait to put a cape and a cowl and start kicking asses, his eyes sometimes stopping on the criminals wrists, seeing names, even the Joker had one. He gave up that a long time ago. It didn’t took very long for his symbol to shine on Gotham’s sky. Clark swore that he didn’t breath for the rest of the day when the sign that

-continuation7- he had tattooed on his wrist was painted on the picture Jim was showing to him. He spent the rest of the day edgy, impatient and agitated wanting to fly to Gotham and find him. Perry sent him home early, Lois giving him a concerned look. When he arrived home he opened the closed and looked at the uniform hanging there and for the first time feeling ready and fully prepared to use it. He spent the rest of the day waiting for the night to fall watching himself at the mirror

-continuation8- the El house shield shinning on his chest. He found him on the rooftop crouched, looking at some warehouses full of mafia gangs, the sound of his heartbeat music to his ears. He landed next to him, his red boots and blue pants the only visible thing for the Bat from his position- the blur I suppose- he didn’t look at him. That ticked Clark off, making him grab his arm and turn him, the white lenses landing on his face and then chest - wha- he couldn’t finish since Clark kissed him

- continuation9- The kiss was passionate, full of need and want and desperation, not only from Clark But also from Bruce - you..- whispered the bat - me - the alien answered - so… Superhuman? - he could feel the comfortable warmth emanating from the other body - More like superalien - he chuckled, feeling the bat relax in his arms, their souls connecting. He kissed him again, his body on fire wanting more, the vigilante stopped him though - so… how about we kick some asses before you ravish me?


I swear!

With you and the lovely yjiheroesfan coming up with these wonderful and creative and long ass headcanons, you might be running me out of business! I fucking love this beautiful HC! My favorite part is in continuation 2, where Bruce is cutting his skin because of hatred. I like that. It really shows how much he despises himself. Another part I also like is how even though he cut his arm when he was young, he continued to cut and wear a bandage around it said in continuation 3 where he’s a young man by then.

Another part that I enjoyed was how Clark was so upset that he tried to burn off his own tattoo. That definitely says something about Clark and how it really effected him as well. Finding out that all you got was a sign and not a name or a letter must be really fucking frustrated.

Then one day he sees the fucking sign in the sky and he’s like, “Holy shit!” That must of been quite a fucking surprise. I can see him almost breaking everything in anticipation and he just wants to lose his shit.

Then they meet up and they start making out on a roof top and Bruce is silently freaking out because, “HOLY SHIT! THAT’S THE SIGN THAT’S ON MY WRIST! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” And then they go kick some bad guy booty and then Clark gets a taste of that Batman booty.

But I think afterwards, they decide to take it slow, talk to each other and start dating before shit gets out of hand. I can see Alfred crying happy tears that his son had finally found his soulmate and he’s just so happy to meet this mysteries S. Their wrists would grow bright whenever they made love.

Ugh! This freaking HC gave me feels I never even thought I had! This is wonderful, great job!

My heart can’t take this

So, here’s the second entry in my “try to write a fic every day of november” challenge thing. Today it’s Supercorp/Kara x Lena and “5 times Lena imagined Kara in a sexy costume, and 1 time she didn’t have to.”

I am still very open to prompts/pairing suggestions, and i apologize in advance since i didn’t actually proof read this fic:

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