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This isn’t a story about a client from hell, but I know for a fact that it is advice that comes from dealing with them.

When I was studying 3D animation and visualization, we did customer projects as a part of our education. For each project we had a tutor, someone who worked in the industry and knew the ropes. This is legitimately one of the lessons one of our tutors gave us:

Tutor: In our company, we have what we call an “Ugly Red Blob” method. When a design has been finalized, and it’s time to send it to the client for final review, the last thing we do is we add a big, red blob somewhere in the design. The client will look at the mock-up and say: “Okay, that’s good, but take out that red blob, it doesn’t work with the rest.” The client gets a feeling that they’ve contributed to the design in a significant way, and we can get on with our work, without the client trying to micro-manage every font and color.

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You can't tell me you aren't thinking of Jay when you see Shiro, pff.

Don’t be r idicul ous,,,,, I don’t,,,,,,,,


…I have a Type.

(In all seriousnes, when I first saw Shiro, I immediately thought of Jason… They’re like skunk hairdo buddies with scars on their faces. But their personalities are pretty different. I’m not sure they’d get along very well if they ever met…)


Daytime temperatures in the Australian outback can soar, creating a harsh environment for life. Red kangaroos use several methods to regulate their body temperature during the hottest part of the day. They shelter under trees to escape the sun, they dig away the solar-heated topsoil and flop down in cooler soil, and they lick their forearms. Like our wrists, kangaroo forearms have a network of blood vessels near the surface. As their saliva evaporates, it cools the skin and the blood vessels beneath it. Humans are cooled the same way when our sweat evaporates, but a more kangaroo-like trick for cooling off is running cold water over your wrists. (Video credit: BBC/Planet Earth)


My hair evolution since September. My hair was soooo damaged with bleach! I can’t stop cutting my hair because of dried ends! The three last pictures are recent, I’ve finally redyed my hair with henna because it’s so much healthier. It’s feels so much soft just with this and now I’m using sidr powder for wash my hair, it’s less drying than a classic shampoo and more economic!
And look at my undercut, it’s grow so much during less than 5 months (the last trim was in the beginning of September, I’ve trim this in 0,6mm with my hair clippers)! Let it grow!


‘’ MARVEL’s Hip-Hop Album Variant Covers’’…..

1. Silver Surfer #1/Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same”

2. All-New Inhumans #1/Future’s “DS2”

3. Black Panther #1/Jay-Z’s “The Black Album”

4. Nova #1 / J. Cole’s Born Sinner

5. Red Wolf #1/Method Man’s “Tical”

6. Guardians Of Infinity #1/Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly”