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( 0 7 . 1 0 . 1 7 ) these post-its and stickers from aliexpress are just gorgeous 🌟 and i got a new multibarrel pen that holds my fave uniball jetstream cartridges in black and red and also a mechanical pencil barrel, it’s perfect!

Hey guys! Over the years I’ve sort of have my own way of taking notes, but have finally ‘settled down’ during university. Some of my friends who took a look at my notes asked about how I write them and found some useful tips after I told them about my note taking technique. If it’s useful for my uni friends, then maybe it’s also gonna be useful for more people (I hope)! By no means this style would work for everyone, but you guys are welcome to copy my method if it works for you or develop your own style after seeing mine.

I’m going to break it down to some parts, which are:

1. Basics

2. Header

3. Symbols

4. Color Coding

5. Note taking (sort of an analysis of my notes)

6. Tips

Before we get into the explanations, here’s a mock page of what my usual notes looks like (plus a mini summary if you’re too lazy to read under the cut haha). You can refer to this as you read through the explanations below.

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27 July 2016, 22:14 || because i’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof || MY NEW PENCIL POUCH CAME IN TODAY! it’s a beautiful, black lihit lab teffa pencil case, and i’m in love already. i also got a new clipboard and finally got a 2016 - 2017 planner!!  

here’s a what’s in my pencil case:

front pockets: post-it page flags, two paper clips, half sized post-it notes

inside (front): 12 - 0.5 muji gel pens, two washi tape, pilot metropolitan fountain pen, hero fountain pen, miniso 0.38 blue gel pen

inside (back): pentel hi-polymer eraser, tiny clear tape, sandisk flash drive, 0.5 pencil lead, muji 15 cm ruler, muji clear acrylic mechanical pencil, two cute mechanical pencils, red swingline mini stapler, two mini binder clips 

Dracula teeth

1. Lipstick on the pillow

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1200 words. Many tags: taekook, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, asshole!taehyung, bad!jungkook, Mystery, Murder, someone gets tricked and then they die oops, little to no dialogue, Jumps in Time, kinda horror, Implied Smut, Disturbing Themes, Jealousy, Unhealthy Relationships.

The bed dips, and he can feel his excitement building up. He can feel him closer, and he wished he could move to shorten the distance that much faster.

Jungkook kisses him once, perfect soft lips that slip into his with ease. Taehyung doesn’t try to bite his lip, he doesn’t try to lick his tongue. He just sighs happily, relishing in what could be one of the best nights of his life.

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My pencil case is honestly one of my most prized possessions. I carry it around in a bag with me everywhere on a daily basis (except Saturdays), sometimes to places where I don’t even need a writing utensil. (Kind of strange right?)

Well, let’s not waste any time get started looking through!

Basic Information

I bought this pencil bag at a Korean stationary store called Morning Glory. It has a denim exterior with the words “Becoming Simple + Smart Pouch” on a leather-like cutout. It also has some brown zipper and fabric on the sides. I don’t remember its price (perhaps about $20 or more), and unfortunately it is not sold anymore. But Morning Glory still has a lot of cute pencil cases in all shapes and sizes, so if there’s one available near you, you should definitely check it out! (It’s a bit pricey though)

Front Zipper Compartment

On the front there are 5 pockets in total. However, I only use the left side because 2 of the 3 pockets on the right have ripped because I used it too much. (Hopefully it can be sewed back on). On the left side I hold:

  • Sharpie highlighters (in pink, orange, florescent yellow, green, and blue)
  • Paperclips in assorted colors

Back Zipper Compartment

This is the main compartment of my pencil case, and the one that holds the most stuff. The front section of the back compartment consists of one big pocket and 3 rings for pencils/pens. In the big pocket I hold:

  • LINE Friends fine point gel pen from Korea (size not specified)
  • 0.7 Uniball Jetstream pens (in black, blue, and red)
  • A mechanical pencil from my orthodontist (0.5mm)
  • HB #2 Steadtler Norica pencil (in black)

In the three pencil rings I hold:

  • BIC HB #2 mechanical pencil (0.7mm)
  • Papermate G-Force mechanical pencil (0.5mm)
  • “Girlie Dots” purple mechanical pencil from Morning Glory (0.5mm)

The back section of the compartment is the bulk of the pencil bag. It currently contains:

  • Swingline mini stapler (in pink)
  • Teal Post-it notes
  • Pullable Post-it notes (in green and pink)
  • Pentel Ain Hi-polymer plastic eraser (in white)
  • Pentel HB Super Hi-polymer lead (0.5mm)
  • Swingline standard staples (for stapler)
  • Staples black USB flash drive
  • BIC Wite-Out (EZ Correction Tape)

That’s basically all that’s inside in my main pencil case!

I actually have two other pencil cases. One a friend got for my birthday which I use for other highlighters, pens, and pencils I don’t use as much. Another is a cheap binder-ring case for color pencils and large sticky notes. All are pretty small and easy to carry in my backpack. ^^

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I know you're doing name associations so I wanted to get in the vibe and ask for a suggestion. I'm trans and rn I'm struggling with a new name. What do you think sounds better? Max, Lin or Kai? Also... If possible, could you do a name association with Kai? Thanks!

Ooo ya! Personally my fav of the three is Kai- but they’re all great choices!!
Kai: soft brown hair, trusting eyes, red ears, mechanical pencils, white roses, bruised knuckles, cinnamon gum (mod Luna)

🍁 III / XXX 🍁
What’s in my Bag:
Stationary I have:
• black, red, and purple pens
• mechanical pencils
• ruler, eraser, & sharpener
• a few paper clips
• glue stick and stapler
• post it notes
• coloured pencils
• fine liners
• maths set (compass etc.)

Non-school related things:
• painkillers (I get frequent headaches)
• bobby pins
• bobbles
• hand cream
• tissues
• mirror & comb
• chewing gum
• purse
• sunglasses

• notebook
• book (need to buy a new one)
• lined paper
• small diary
• calculator

Edit: I bring too much to school haha
I finally got some colored lead for my mechanical pencils!

And I’m excited because like… I have this messy sketch right? Blue underneath and then drawn over the top with a regular lead.

BuT THEN BOOM! EASY CLEANED UP SKETCH THAT’S EASY TO SCAN IN DIGITALLY and either just have it or have it to turn into a finished drawing.

This might not be that special to some, but I’m so excited to have blue and red mechanical pencil lead.

23.JAN.2016 » What’s In My Pencil Case

» Stabilo .88
» Black sharpies in all sizes
» Pilot G2 .7 Pens in Black and Red
» Pilot G2 .7 Mechanical Pencil
» Pilot Frixion Highlighters
» Sharpie pens
» Muji Task Box post-its
» Post-its notes and page markers
» Lion Plastic Eraser
» Pen drive
» Whiteout


‘No Half Measures’ 

Drawing/painting made with green, yellow, white Colorex ink, red chinese ink,

0.5 mechanical pencil with 4B, H pencil leads, green, red colored pencil leads, gold watercolor pencil

and a bit of white spraypaint, on 640g Arches paper, size 38x29 cm.

My part of a collaboration with horrible-device

Available at my Society6 store.

Half was done during oh so super busy day at work (which explains lack of actual likeness. I had one crappy picture on phone) second half was done yesterday at school. Even if my lil sketchbook has rather crappy quality and watercolors kill it I’m happy with outcome :)

media: red pencil, my trusty 0,3 mechanical pencil, red watercolor and white rapidograph ink for touchups.

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I love buying school supplies but I'm going into high school and I don't know what I need. Any ideas of what I should get would be greatly appreciated

Hi there! This is my organization & supply list: 

1. Binders: I only have a one inch binder for all my classes. I use it to keep all my handouts and extra loose leaf papers. I have a 5 section divider in it to separate each class. Some people have a binder for each class but it depends on your preference. I use one for all my classes because I have very little time in between classes so having my binder already with me helps me get to class on time. 

2. 10 Pocket Folder: This method has helped me a LOT. I use this to put all my worksheets for homework to bring home. Instead of bringing my binder home, I lessen the weight in my bag by bringing a folder home. I really like having a folder to bring all my homework in, and then I put the worksheets back in their corresponding section in my binder before class. 

3. Notebooks: I try to get a lined notebook for each class because I like to take notes in notebooks instead of loose leaf paper. However, I find that some of my classes don’t usually have notes so I end up having extra notebooks (which will be beneficial in the future). 

I use a grid notebook for my Math and Accounting class because I find it easier for numbers, equations, and graphing. This is just my personal preference. 

4. Planner: This one is pretty vital to have as my school supply. I always make sure it has a monthly and weekly overview. I write down homework I need to do that night, upcoming quizzes and tests, project deadlines, soccer practices, work shifts, and a general to-do list. This helps me remember everything I need to do and I highly suggest getting one. 

5. Writing Utensils: I get a simple pencil case just to keep all my pens, pencils, and other necessities. I keep black/blue and red pens, mechanical pencils, an eraser, highlighters, coloured pens, sharpies, a ruler, scissors, and a lot of post it notes. 

6. Random journal/notebook: This is for my personal preference. I have one to record ideas, thoughts, and other miscellaneous things. 

This is essentially the supplies I get for high school, as I try to keep everything organized and neat. 

Good luck! xx


Dhdhjsdhkcchhsbxjd this took me two days of school to do qvq me so proud

Just wanted to try drawing with pen. Again. :3

It’s really fun! I should do more :)

So yeah, I kinda changed Spadrus’ shoes(boots? Armors? Idk) to be more cooler, I even made a sword for him! :D(well technically I took the idea from Dante’s Rebellion sword but hhhhhh it’s just 2cool4me ;v;)

Anyways, hope you like it!