red mechanical pencil


27 July 2016, 22:14 || because i’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof || MY NEW PENCIL POUCH CAME IN TODAY! it’s a beautiful, black lihit lab teffa pencil case, and i’m in love already. i also got a new clipboard and finally got a 2016 - 2017 planner!!  

here’s a what’s in my pencil case:

front pockets: post-it page flags, two paper clips, half sized post-it notes

inside (front): 12 - 0.5 muji gel pens, two washi tape, pilot metropolitan fountain pen, hero fountain pen, miniso 0.38 blue gel pen

inside (back): pentel hi-polymer eraser, tiny clear tape, sandisk flash drive, 0.5 pencil lead, muji 15 cm ruler, muji clear acrylic mechanical pencil, two cute mechanical pencils, red swingline mini stapler, two mini binder clips 

23.JAN.2016 » What’s In My Pencil Case

» Stabilo .88
» Black sharpies in all sizes
» Pilot G2 .7 Pens in Black and Red
» Pilot G2 .7 Mechanical Pencil
» Pilot Frixion Highlighters
» Sharpie pens
» Muji Task Box post-its
» Post-its notes and page markers
» Lion Plastic Eraser
» Pen drive
» Whiteout


Dhdhjsdhkcchhsbxjd this took me two days of school to do qvq me so proud

Just wanted to try drawing with pen. Again. :3

It’s really fun! I should do more :)

So yeah, I kinda changed Spadrus’ shoes(boots? Armors? Idk) to be more cooler, I even made a sword for him! :D(well technically I took the idea from Dante’s Rebellion sword but hhhhhh it’s just 2cool4me ;v;)

Anyways, hope you like it!


Still working on no half measures, reminder that is my 2nd attempt and I make this post for the curious ones who want to know why it is taking so long! This resume the steps, which must be done in a specific order.

The main difficult part here is the complex pattern on the hoodie and especially with the smoke in the foreground.

The mistake I did on my 1st attempt was to add the smoke at the end (using white ink) and above the red ink and black mechanical pencil work, it ended with a ‘dirty’ colour that I couldn’t fix. I had to avoid to mix white with colours and to add the black at the very end.

So on my new attempt, I let blank spaces for the smoke at the sketch and only work with red coloured pencil lead at first. When I’m sure of the good pattern, I use red chinese ink to paint in detail. Beside that for the gloves, I use yellow watercolour ink and a gold watercolour pencil for the different shades. I also add some white for the smoke.

When I finished all the colours, I can start to work with the mechanical pencil + 4B lead for the shadows/black tones.