red maze

  • Minho: What do you think Thomas will do for a distraction?
  • Newt: He'll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That's what I would do.
  • [building explodes and several car alarms sound]
  • Newt: ... or he could do that.
When I start reading a new series
  • Me: *immediately falls heads-over-heels in love with that one beautiful,broken character who is damned with pain and suffering with death looming over him*
looking for blogs to follow!!

hellu!! I kind of left this blog for 4 months or so but i’m gonna try to be more active sooo first i need to liven up my dash:))

please reblog/like if you post any of the following:

- harry potter
- fantastic beasts
- the mortal instruments
- the infernal devices

- hunger games
- maze runner
- percy jackson
- red queen
- chronicles of narnia
- any other YA/fantasy type books

tv series!!
- the 100
- shadowhunters (not the movie pls)
- skam
- 13 reasons why

- yuri on ice
- shingeki no kyojin
- tokyo ghoul
- kimi no na wa
- kuroshitsuji
- haikyuu

- poetry!!!!
- aesthetic?? photos??
- character posters/graphics

characters + otps!!
- nico do angelo
- magnus bane
- alec lightwood
- malec
- touken

please list what you post in the tags if you don’t mind!! ill really appreciate it
+ also pLEASE have a proper tagging system!!!

thank you for your time:))

i got a new shelf today!!

here are all my books, ft. part of my polaroid chain display ♡

(ps; don’t fret, all the hp books are with my brother heh)

When you finish reading a book or television series but you just can’t get over it

  • Person: what's so great about YA dystopian novels anyway
  • Me: *clears throat*
  • Me: *shifts scene into meeting room*
  • Me: *hands out excepts from books as well as copies of books*
  • Me: *cues powerpoint presentation with laser pointer*
  • Me: *rips off sweatshirt to reveal a dauntless tshirt*
  • Me: *rolls up pants to reveal peeta mellark socks*
  • Me: *shuffles notecards*
  • Me: Well,