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[Femslash February]: Frenemies

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last chlonette prompt for the week! 

(pst. you should read @sadrien‘s nail polish headcanons bc they’re a+)

Day 7: Frenemies (Chlonette)


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“Round 20, Bourgeois!”

Marinette slammed open the classroom door and dramatically pointed at Chloe who was sitting quietly in her seat for once, answering her text messages and catching up on the homework she didn’t do last night. Chloe looked up in disinterest until she realized that it was Marinette issuing her a challenge. Chloe immediatley brushed her books onto Sabrina’s desk and slammed her hand down on the table. “You’re getting your ass kicked today, Dupain-Cheng.”

“Judges!” Marinette called as she dropped her bag off at her desk and went to stand in front of Chloe’s. “Front and center.”

Nino groaned and slumped in his chair. “Uggghhh, I don’t wanna do this. This has been going on for over a month.”

“Say what you want, this is hilarious,” Alya snickered. “Let’s hope it ends today.”

“Keep saying that, and you’ll jinx it,” Adrien warned. 

Sabrina laughed when the three of them came over. “Alright, everyone. Rules have not changed. In the event of a tie, we’ll get a neutral party to split the vote. Agreed?”

Nino, Alya, and Adrien each held up a hand and swore. “Agreed.”

“Alright, Marinette,” Sabrina smiled. “You go first.”

Marinette slammed her hand on the table right next to Chloe’s. “Matte red polish. Ladybugs and roses for the nail art. Rhinestones on the accent nail.”

Chloe smirked. “Tri-color glitter-infused gradient with bumblee nail art on the accent nail.” 

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anonymous asked:

I just spent a half hour researching nail polish instead of being productive so I could figure out what the Akatsuki could have feasibly done their nails with(Naruto has inconsistent tech levels and I curse Kishimoto Every Day) & how it would look irl. Ive concluded henna dye & charcoal-based matte paint. It looks kind of dull instead of shiny like modern polish. So my new headcanon is that the Akatsukis 'nail polish' is that. A matte dark red/brown or black color reapplied about once a week

Very interesting!!

anonymous asked:

fluffy stephew au where one of them works at a flower shop, please?

Matt thought the new tattoo parlour across the street was… odd at best and completely incompatible at the least. The neighbourhood was about as edgy as one expected a place that boasted a cafe, bookstore, and Matthew’s flower shop to be. All in all, it lacked the kind of mood he’d associate with a tattoo parlour. But ever since the place opened last week, he’d seen countless people walking in and out of the building as he set about arranging bouquets and, well, spying on his new neighbour. Sue him, it was the closest Matthew had ever been to anything that didn’t directly relate to pastel flowers and satin ribbons. So clearly it had to be doing well?

An explanation for the success came in the form of a customer. A man had come in two days ago to get some flowers (soft blue daisies with baby’s breath, a nice choice in Matt’s opinion) and had shown him the tattoo he’d gotten at the parlour a few days earlier. Even with his limited experience, Matthew could tell it was beautifully done. The sketchy outlines of the crows seemed to flap off the man’s skin, their eyes were dark and full of intelligence and he half expected the feathers to rustle as he leaned in to take a closer look. ‘Maybe I should get a tattoo.’ He’d quietly mused after the man left, only for a ringing phone calling for a birthday arrangement to steal his attention away from the mysterious tattoo parlour.

Speaking of, Matt found his scattered midday thoughts whisked away as his front door opened and the cheery alert bell went off. “Welcome to The Garden, how may I-?” His usual mindless greeting was cut short as he saw who had walked in; she was about his age, dressed in paint splattered jeans, a black tank top, and leather boots. Her long, dark brown hair was pulled back into a messy bun and studded with pencils. Almost immediately, Matthew was captivated by the vibrant tattoos that covered her arms and arched across her shoulders. Carefully coloured drawings of Zelda characters and beautiful swatches of backgrounds he recognized from the franchise decorated her skin and drew his eye to the triforce emblazoned on her collarbone that was so detailed, it almost looked as if she has somehow inked herself with actual gold.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” The gentle tease made Matt tear his eyes away and he felt the floor under his feet shift as he saw dark red lips quirked in a smile, a nose wrinkled slightly from the strong scent of pollen and soil that he barely noticed anymore, and two brown eyes outlined in thick, smudged eyeliner that were brimming with laughter. ‘Oh.’ Matthew thought, his heart beating a little harder and his palms sweating.

“Sorry! I don’t mean to stare I just… I like your tattoos.” He managed to stammer out, his heart rate skyrocketing as she approached his counter and seemed to lazily sprawl her upper body across it. “Zelda fan?” The woman asked, raising an eyebrow and resting her chin on the palms of her hands. It was all Matthew could do to nod mutely as she nodded in approval. “Cool. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Stephanie Cordato, I run the new parlour across the street and I wanted to come grab some flowers to spruce the place up.” Stephanie held out a hand and Matt took a moment to admire her red nail polish and multitude of rings and bracelets before he shook it, praying she could feel how sweaty it was. “Matthew Patrick. Nice to meet you.” He said, his mouth going dry as she smiled wider. “I think I have some cool coloured roses you might be interested in.”

Anna’s Favourite Things Writing Challenge

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and seeing as I’m almost at 3k I figured why not do it now. I’ve seen a couple of these types of challenges and I thought it would be a good one to start with, nothing too complicated about it. All the choices will be under the cut. 


Due Date: 1st November 2017

Sign Ups: Open now up until there are no more prompts left. Please send me an ask detailing what fandom you are writing for and what prompt / prompts you would like. 

Fandoms: Can be either Marvel or Supernatural. Characters or RPF

Word Count: Minimum of 500 words. If over that please put in a keep reading line.

Style: It can be a drabble, oneshot, or the very start of a series. 

Genre: Anything !! Smut, fluff, angst or an AU - go nuts with it. 

* It has to be a reader insert fic
* I will not tolerate any hate given to wives, girlfriends, family or friends in rpf’s

Posting: Tag me in your A/N and state that it is for my (missxavenger) Anna’s Favourite Things Challenge. Please also use the tag: #annasfavouritethings in the first 5 tags

If I haven’t liked / reblogged your fic it means I haven’t seen it. Shoot me an ask that you’ve posted your fic and I’ll check it out. All fics will be added to a masterlist after the due date. 

If you can’t post by the due date please let me know so I can give you an extension. 

Anyone can join in on this, even if you’ve never written anything before !

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

You can choose a prompt from each section or just one, it’s up to you. If you choose more than one prompt they all have to be used in the same fic. 

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