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Every Character I Love: Matthew Murdock (MCU)
“When I was a kid, before the accident… I’d lay awake at night listening to the sirens. I liked to put stories to them. Trying to figure out what they were for, ambulance or cops, robbery or fire. I don’t know, just a stupid game. But after I lost my sight, after my abilities developed, I realized how many sirens there actually were… how much this city suffered every single night.”

Someone Talk To Me About This

Voltron Rant/Theory thing

Are we not going to talk about the families the paladins left behind? Back on Earth? Like we have a general understanding of what the paladins feel about Earth, but we don’t know anything about their families and friends they left behind, do we? And what about the Garrison? 

“Oh yeah we lost three students that night we had alien visitors and a weird, high tech blue lion flying around for a bit before engaging a big ass ship above our planet, but then they disappeared so….”

Like is that how the conversation went when the Garrison told Hunk, Pidge, and Lance’s families that their children just disappeared while alien war ships were flying around?

What do the families think? Were the paladins’ disappearances on the news, were they presumed dead? Do the families search the stars at night, hoping their kid will come home, hoping that they’re even still alive? What about Pidge’s mom?!?!? She has lost her entire family, as far as she knows. 

Why is no one talking about this? Seriously, can someone please theorize with me?????